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PREVIEW: Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte



---Book one---



--- Book Two ---


Twin books from the creator of TuTu Hockey

trace. lara. hentz


Native American Studies | Creative Non-Fiction

Mental Midgets | Musqonocihte © 02018 Trace Lara Hentz  (01956— ).  All rights reserved.
This TWIN book is a collection of factoids, thoughts, quips, code, quotes, photos, thought bombs, creative non-fiction, Native American history and prose. And it’s short.
 Musqonichte translates Blue Sky.
Photos by t l hentz… Quotes sourced.
ISBN: 9781731074010
First Edition

Advance Praise

"Prepare yourself for a short journey into a long reality.
Do yourself a favor and read and reread with an opening mind.
This author knows of what she writes....."
Author-poet-medium MariJo Moore

Right on.  Right on.  Right on. With clarity of heart and soul, Trace Laura Hentz writes poetry and prose that resonates and illuminates the unfortunate typical burdens of our time.  Mental Midgets is filled with an astute perspective that is missing from mass media stories. Through the resonance of her writing, those of us who feel weighted by the burdens of our era, Hentz’s words help lift us up as we feel less alone and less singular in our attempts to reassert the values for non-greediness, non-racism, and non-bullying in our multicultural society.
As well as perceptive observations of the tRUMP crisis, Hentz writes of our enduring indigenous spirit that lives on and on even as the impact of centuries of human rights abuses against Native American peoples remain intertwined amongst us.  Hentz writes of the spirit, love, and light that holds us together; within ourselves, with one another, and amidst our beloved ancestors.
Poet Anecia Tretikoff

Writer KC Redding emailed:  I like the format of Midgets, the way each work sneaks up on you by yelling in your ear first.  Kind of reminds me of walk softly, big stick words...

Has my brain shrunk already?  —Jake’s dog walker, Rhode Island.

Can you hear me now?
We humans are made Mental Midgets for a purpose.
First it’s funny  … then it’s not and then it hurts.
Tick Tockelectronics are actually shortening our life.
CODE:  Our Shrinking Brains (and covfefe)


For your personal safety





The tools we think we are using also use us: They push us around, make us think new things, do new things, even be new things.  Language is no different, of course, although in its supremacy and ubiquity, it is even more elusive, difficult to perceive.  The very words you are looking at right now are like compact little cryptograms—a written convention, talking back at you in codes.  Poetry is language speaking for itself.  —Jamie Allen

Neil Young
“I'm not sure that everything I write is mine,” the musician claimed. “I think some of it just comes through me.  Writing is not like thinking: thinking involves logic, and when I'm writing a song, I try not to judge what I'm doing until I'm finished.  I try to be open and follow the muse wherever it goes.  And if it's not around, I don't push it. There's no sense in trying to fan a flame if there's no flame.”

Do you speak in code?
Here is another reason why communication between people is so darn difficult.  We all have differing backgrounds, experiences, preferences, biases, needs and wantsand all of these things affect how we string words together to express our thoughts.  This is the reason why several people who have heard the same person speak will take away very different messages.  Each person listens through her own filters of experience and may apply different meaning to the same sets of words, or may place different levels of importance on one part of the message over another.  —Author Catherine Wakelin
Pig Latin is a pseudo-language that is another way of speaking in code. It's a little more common and a little easier to deduce.  "Pig Latin" would become ig-pay Atin-lay.
(I’m AceeTray)

Mental Midgets
(everything in six words)
They want us all dead, right?
You cannot grow spiritually this way
Injustice is their way of control
Globally... locally...centuries of dishonor
Welcome to the soul factory

Nine words
(everything in nine words)
you do not know
what? what
you do not know

I am abnormal normal not
i break rulers rules apart
i bend spoons minds backwards

hope is skin-thin paper-thin
hope is waterproof tear-proof  gone
hope cracks creaks buckles
lost all my hope

**coming in 2021 "WHAT JUST HAPPENED"

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