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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Take your dirty hands off Turkiye | HOLES IN HEAVEN


HAARP – The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

HAARP - The High-frequency Active Auroral Research ProgramBrooks Agnew – I don’t think there are many people who missed the series of events in Turkey. On February 4th, the USS Nitzi arrived in Turkey. It carries more than 100 cruise missiles and a special electromagnetic weapon known as HAARP. This model is not intended for weather control. It is intended as a tectonic weapon. If the geological faults are under tension, which they almost always are, HAARP has the capability of finding and inducing resonant waves that will build up in energy over a series of hours or days until that tension is suddenly released.

The same day the USS Nitzi arrived, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu issued an angry statement on to US Ambassador to Ankara Jeffry Flake, demanding: “Take your dirty hands of Turkiye.”

According to Haberturk newspaper, Soylu added: “Every US ambassador who arrives in Turkiye is hurrying to find out how to make a coup possible in Turkiye.”

Addressing current US Ambassador Flake, Soylu asserted: “I address the US ambassador from here. I know the journalists you made write articles. Take your dirty hands off Turkiye. I’m being very clear.”

In other accusations to the US ambassador, the Turkish interior minister stated: “I very well know how you would like to create strife in Turkiye. Take your grinning face off from Turkiye.”

“Every US ambassador asks themselves how they can harm Turkiye. It has been one of Turkiye’s greatest misfortunes for years. They gather other ambassadors and try to give them advice. They do the same in Europe as US embassies run Europe,” Soylu noted in response to the US Embassy’s recent warning to its citizens in Turkiye against the danger of terrorist attacks in Istanbul. This came in a statement published by Western countries’ embassies. Some countries issued separate statements but relied on the direct US warning.

The Global Media Empire would have us believe that the Interior Minister was referring to a US Embassy’s statement was issued last week in light of radical right-wing individuals burning copies of Qurans in Europe. It was not what he was referring to. He was referring to the arrival of the USS Nitzi to use HAARP against them.

Western countries had been secretly briefed on what was coming, so they immediately closed their consulates in Istanbul for “security reasons” and in anticipation of the attack including Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. On Friday, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu considered some Western countries’ decision to temporarily shut their consulates without discussing it with Ankara as “deliberate”.

“Why did they close their doors? They say there’s a terrorist threat. Now if there’s a terrorist threat, shouldn’t they – especially if they are allies – tell us where this threat originated from?” Cavusoglu asked.

For weeks, the WEF has been terroristically threatening Turkey that if they did not stop trying to broker peace in Ukraine, they would suffer a terror attack.

Cavusoglu denied any concrete information-sharing with Turkiye by the Western countries, accusing them of only thinking of their own interests. He added that the ambassadors of these countries were summoned to inform them of this.

These incidents caused diplomatic tensions between Turkiye and certain European countries, especially Sweden, which witnessed the burning of a Quran in front of the Turkish embassy. The latter stopped a tripartite meeting to discuss Stockholm joining the NATO alliance.

I know many of you have seen the videos of the attack. I showed them to you last Wednesday. Thousands of posts have gone viral with the excerpt from my demonstration of HAARP in the 1997 documentary called Holes in Heaven. VIDEO  

I never thought when I made that documentary, directed by Wendy Robbins, that it would have been seen by so many people. I think you for that, but then everything we do will eventually affect the universe. I am glad that the world is now aware that there is such a weapon.

It breaks my heart that more than 20 thousand innocent people have been killed by cracking the ground open from Turkey to Syria without leaving so much as a fingerprint.

Civilian and news cameras captured the clear night sky igniting with electrical discharges as HAARP reached its peak power. Within seconds, the ground began violently shaking while thousands of buildings came crashing down on the people. The crack that opened up is 650 feet wide and more than 100 feet deep and stretches all the way to Syria.

The news actors are trying to make us believe that triggering an earthquake is impossible to prove. You are wrong, Joe Biden. We have the proof. You will burn in hell for what you have done. Turkey is no longer our ally, thanks to you. There are dozens of nuclear warheads in Turkey that are now in the hands of leader who is red with rage right now. Joe, you have put America in harm’s way just to cover your crimes and to follow the orders of the Global Syndicate.

SF Source Brooks Agnew Feb 2023

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