A sculpture of Jesus, left, was recently vandalized at the Church of the Condemnation. (photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Israeli police have reportedly arrested an American tourist for vandalizing a sculpture of Jesus Christ at the Church of the Flagellation in Jerusalem’s Old City. Images of the damaged statue on the ground spread across social media on Thursday, February 2, showing a fracture around the shin and a break at the nose.

The Associated Press reports that a security guard helped police arrest the tourist, who has not been named, after he allegedly knocked the statue over.  In a video, the detained suspect screams, “You can’t have idols; it’s in the second commandment,” referring to a line in chapter 20 of the Book of Exodus in the Bible.

Reports say the man is undergoing a mental health assessment.  On social media, some users made reference to the so-called “Jerusalem syndrome,” a psychotic state triggered by proximity to holy places and typically characterized by religious delusions.  There is no information confirming a case of the syndrome at this stage.