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Sunday, January 29, 2023



World was blessed with one of the greatest scientific person, Nikola Tesla was a Serb born in Austro-Hungarian Empire, now in the Republic of Croatia on 10th July 1856. (Circled in photo)

He did his initial studies in his native place and had later immigrated to United States of America.  Overall, all higher studies were completed. Nikola Tesla, was one of very successful engineer. Specifically, Electrical Engineer and Physicist. Nikola Tesla, had passed away on 7th Jan. 1943. 


There are many images of Nikola Tesla, below, in edited form and some real, that i had collected from several Tesla dedicated sites. 

Wedding of Mr. Hobson 1905.  His(Nikola Tesla) navy friend Mr. Hobson was one of the rare person who managed to get Nikola out of the lab for a little bit of entertainment.

He considered sitting for portraits unlucky, and only did it once, according to the New York Times. The artist was Princess Elisabeth Vilma Lwoff-Parlaghy.

Tesla Coil Giant Mechanical Eye 

If Astor had not died on the Titanic, it was certain that Wardenclyffe would not have been destroyed at that time. 

Story of Nikola Tesla apart from being highly devoted to humans and really working with scientific experiments to invent things for them all, but at the same time was most tragic in the scientific world. 

Recent times demonstration of Tesla Coil, which is now widely understood by most.

Vegetariansm is one really important and everyone should practise it, at least if not Veganism, later on one may start practising Veganism. Nikola Tesla was a complete vegetarian. 



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