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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Too many of YOU actually (ARKS)

Transcript 1776 website gone

1776: Alan Watt CTTM (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) “Post Democratic World Order Coming Into View: Sustainable Austerity Power Held by the Few,” May 31, 2020.

Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May 31, 2020.  I hope you’re all just hanging on, and hanging in, but not hanging yourselves hopefully during all this chaos caused by the reaction to a virus.  As time goes on of course [Alan chuckles.] we’re watching more pandemonium being created as part of this ongoing revolution that we’re living through.

The revolution was written about at the United Nations.  It was written about from the Rockefeller Foundation.  It’s been written about too from the Club of Rome and all the… And the World Economic Forum constantly telling us and telling us that we’d have to go into sustainability for a new world order. And by the way, the United Nations has come out with an article called the “United Nations New World Order”, for those that like to joke about it. But they say it themselves. They always say it themselves from the horses’ mouths.

Just like George Bush senior, and junior, both said the same thing, but everyone else is taught to just laugh at anybody mentioning it. Isn’t it strange how this idea of conspiracy theory works on those of low intellect? They always jump at it, oh that’s a conspiracy theory. Even though you can give them the exact same quotes from, and even the videos in fact, from those who say it and bring it out at the very top. Presidents for instance. 

It doesn’t matter. As I say, facts don’t matter in this system we’re going through right now. But we’re living through it and they keep telling us, you won’t listen to us, you’ve got so many minutes to midnight to stop the world from just going into self-destruct with too many people.  Too many of YOU actually, you see, all of you, you know, the peasant class.  Everybody below a Baron and a Sir and so on is basically a peasant. And that’s most folk. Even the folk who think they’re middle-class, because they can go down just as quickly, believe you me, if they’re not necessary.

Again, you’ve got to look into the past to get to the present and into the future. George Orwell of course summed that whole thing up in 1984.  Because they control the past, and IF YOU CAN CONTROL THE PAST, YOU CAN CONTROL THE FUTURE AND THE PRESENT IN FACT. In the present you can rewrite the past if you want to as well, which they do all the time. 

We’re living through this all, all… In fact, there’s never been a time like right now with this Covid lockdown and the complete censoring across the whole Internet and social media by the new, the new information czars, unelected czars in a totalitarian system naturally. It really, really is. You can watch articles disappearing in real time [Alan chuckles.] when you’re looking them up… if you can even GET to them.  Because they shadow ban and you timeout and all the rest of it trying to get to it, to different articles that have been there for years, and they just disappear eventually.  Rather quickly in real time.  As they go all out with this war on free speech. And free thought. And free exchange of ideas. You can only get their ideas that are authorized at the top from the czars and their teams, but not from anybody else.  Or even from yourself. I’ve looked up stuff I’ve said in the past myself, I can’t find it either. 

But there you go. It’s quite amazing isn’t it, the times we’re living in. It doesn’t surprise me because I’ve been waiting for it for a long, long, long time. Because I did study, and I really did…. I didn’t, not like the person who copies my bio… [Alan chuckles.]   I really did study from a very early age and went to the library and found the old books and so on. Excellent libraries they had in Britain and Scotland, and especially in the old reference libraries. Even in school you could dig up some because we didn’t chuck the books out then. They didn’t have what they call the weeding, the social librarian weeding that they have today where they weed out books that are now politically incorrect.

You had different versions of history that were more in tune with what really happened at the time, when I was in school. Right down to money.  It was fascinating, when you’re about seven years old, or six, and you start thumbing through a school textbook meant for young children, very young, about money, and armies, and empires. Because empires just don’t come out of nowhere. It’s got to have structure and management and organization to manage it all. Right down to quartermasters and so on that dealt supplies for the armies and so on. Now, where did they get the money from? Well, they told you in the book, and it went right back into ancient Rome and before. It was fascinating to see the peoples who went along with the armies and dished out the food and kept accounts, and they went back to the emperors in Rome and so on or the Senate to get all the money paid back to them.

Nothing’s changed. It’s just astonishing.  Life is really rather simple because it all comes down to economics, eh?   And we’ve been living in an economical system, like a monetary economic system for an awful, awful long time. So far removed from any natural little tribal collectivist society.  The collectivist society they’re trying to bring us into today is a global society, but is the socialist type run by, really those who’ve, who are the successors of Marxism, maybe the third or fourth generation of Marxists.  They call themselves progressives now, if you haven’t figured it out. They use all of the techniques that Marx talked about using and then they were refined again by Trotsky.  Then with the revolutionaries in America too, like the Weather Underground and so on, they further restructured how to have revolutions, and fragmented revolutions within society of different groups all combating each other to get to a particular goal, and how you create it and use it. All that kind of stuff is going on right now to an amazing degree across the planet. 

And folk never figure out who’s behind it.  They’ve got little clues where you’ll see certain people’s cropping up all over the place. Just like now, we do, when you look at the CDC. You can see Fauci at the CDC. You can see Fauci too at the Institute of course for Infectious Diseases and Allergies [NIAID] and so on. And we see Fauci again dealing with the World Health Organization, the WHO and so on. It’s the same names cropping up all over the place. And again, it’s Fauci who decides what medications you’re going to get, and he advocates who they’re going to be. And there’s definitely, definitely, um, what you would call it, he’s not impartial. He’s not impartial enough to be advising what we should have since he’s too closely affiliated with these companies, these corporations that are going to churn out the medications and the vaccines and so on.

I mean, at one time you used to call these folk gangs. It was a much better and pleasant term to use. It’s very short, you know, gang, quite easy to understand.  And in the gang, you have the leaders of one part of the gang, but it’s specialized lieutenants that would deal with other facets. Like for instance, vaccinations and so on and big Pharma companies.  Hm?  And then other ones that would deal with the government.  We call them fascism, really when it’s fascism running government, it’s really making sure that governments and agencies work together with the government. Technically to make everything to work together, to make it work. But in reality, it’s to force it upon the public, that’s what fascism really is, when governments are in bed with big private corporations, and the money boys at the top that dish out imaginary money. It’s not even just paper or plastic anymore, it’s just blips on a screen. A good magic act, a really good magic act.  But we’re living through amazing times, through magic, isn’t it?  Because most folk haven’t a clue what’s real anymore, what isn’t real anymore. 

Let’s get back to revolution, right, and the New World Order of the United Nations. And sustainability. And again, the World Economic Forum. All these big groups ALL attend the World Economic Forum.  All the corporations, all the top members of the WHO, the CDC, the Club of Rome and every other group out there that runs our lives, and then the Rockefeller Foundation and so on, they all go to this WEF, you see.  They decide, with the Futurists, how they’re going to run the next part of their agenda. Not our agenda, because we don’t have one. We have to follow their agenda; it’s forced upon us.  And it’s announced to the public just like it comes down from heaven.

Even the idea of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, in Davos, you always think of it in the mountains, you see. You get a picture in your mind of the mountains.  And just like in ancient times in Sumer and so on, and they put food into the caves in the hills and that because that’s where the gods lived, you see.  They put the food up there and ask for the blessings.  It was always up on high, something above you, you see. But today you imagine it too like the Ultima Thule of the high, high Nordic mountains, you see, in Switzerland, and way up yonder they all meet on the top of the world, eh, the World Economic Forum.  The overlords.  That none of them are elected of course.  Because they’ve conned the public that somehow, they’re a natural appendage to government, you know, they graft themselves on. But they go there, and they decide your future.

I…. I’m always astounded of folk that say, we’re Democratic, we’re progressive. Progressing towards what?  Eh?  Whose progression are you progressing towards?  Because you certainly are not told, most folk aren’t told about it. The leaders of all the radical groups are well-paid and funded. I mean, they get salaries that are like CEOs of corporations, a lot of the leaders of these radical groups, you know, if you don’t know that, they get lifelong pensions and everything. Incredibly well organized.  And if you think they’re not part of the Mossad, the CIA and MI6, you’d better think again. Because this strange organization called the CIA has been running the world since the end of World War II really.  And overthrowing countries and nations. And plundering countries too for the rich men in their own countries. This is how empires really work, you see.

But yeah, back to Davos. You’re thinking about them and they’re waay up there having their meeting. And they’re having big, massive, you should see, it’s incredible. Never mind the money that gets them there.  And the money, it’s not meant for the average Joe. It costs a fortune to get a hotel for the night there, apartment, or room, or even a little slum for the night.  [Alan chuckles.]  I suppose you could maybe bribe the person to get his St. Bernard out of the kennel and you can get in there for the night.  But no, it’s for the rich, you see. They don’t want the peasants around there.

But they decide what they’re going to do in the agreements, and they draft… And again by the way, most of these big corporations have got their hands out to governments, for handouts and public-private partnership deals, energy commissions, all these kind of things.  So here we are, the people who are going to pay for it all are the general public of the planet, we’re not allowed to get, we can’t get there, you see, and get a ticket to get in or anything. But these people at the top, that live OFF OF US, like parasites, at the top, with their big think tanks and their big, big bureaucracies, just like civil servants, for each company, that’s what they have, decide how we are going to live. Of course, they always make sure that we are going to be dependent on what they actually have and what they preside over, you see, whatever, like energy supplies and all that kind of stuff.  And we’re supposed to all follow along.

And most folk do. They never think about it at all. They think it’s somehow natural. You know? If you… [Alan chuckles.]  If you… [Alan chuckles.]  If you suddenly noticed a third arm growing out of your chest, would you think that was natural? Well, how come these organizations just appear, you know, and then you’ll hear it repeated on the news and you see important people there, and you think somehow, it’s quite natural that this new appendage to it all is making decisions that we are all going to have to live by or die by.  You see?

And strangely enough, just like Bill Gates, eh, and just like the Lucky Gene Club, I like to call it because that’s what they used to call themselves, their nickname for them when they meet together, the eugenicists, the richest people and all that, and the influencers of society, Oprah was a member of it too.  They influence society, you see. They are persuaders, you see. But here they are, you know, the same people are at the WEF and they have, they are quite open about their agenda.  Too many people, and so what we’ve got to do, then the UN repeats the exact same stuff. Because it’s one clique with a lot of faces, folks.  Like the different departments at the United Nations.  It’s the same group really with different faces.

Forget Janus, you see, Janus is the old God idea, and much more than just that. of the one who looks forward and rules in front of them and sees and rules.  But also behind him, he’s got another face looking backwards as well. If you could imagine just a circle of them, ha, with all different kinds of names, huh, looking outwards and inwards, and you get the WEF and the Club of Rome and you’ve got all the different organizations and all the big foundations there, and you have also the big top Corporations all around it as well, education committees and the UNICEF and blah blah blah blah blah.  This all, it’s just a club with specialized branches, that’s all.

But they all meet. And they’re all on board with the same agenda, too many people, too many of YOU.  And they would like to bring down the population of the planet to fit their goals of a wonderful future for themselves, and their own progeny, you see.  Their progeny is worth it because they have better genes than you. And they know that, if you look into the eugenic societies and how they formulated the better types and the inferior types. 

And the better types, you can’t just join their club. They were quite brazen about what it took to join their club. You had to prove that you, and your mother and your father, had at least seven generations before you of good breeding, you see.  Who’d always interbred with the better families, you know.  And had the proper, they kept on the straight and narrow.  They didn’t go into drugs or booze or whatever.  They kept an even keel in society.  And they had their children.  And they would run the militaries. They would run the armaments companies. They would run the big corporations. All that kind of stuff.  But they’d always marry within their own groups.

And they were very, very, they were sticklers about it, keeping tabs on genealogies and the families to see if they had any bad genes or… Oh, you know, there are, seven generations ago uncle so-and-so was a, great-great uncle so-and-so was a bit of a lush, and things like that, you see.  And they literally talked about that. They actually talked about that in their little meetings, and their little tittle tattle behind each other’s backs. Because there’s always a bit of rivalry amongst them at the top, you see.  But they all knew each other’s family histories. It’s astonishing. That’s how the British upper-class were.  And the British upper-class often had kind of emigrated into the country and married very, very, very broken-down lords and so on who had lost their money through gambling, because they were not fit really to run anything. 

But nothing’s really changed.  You see, that’s how you the eugenic societies were formed. I’ve mentioned before with the histories of Charles Darwin.  He was one of many families, his family was one of many families that were already practicing, practicing especially selective breeding within certain families that they claimed, or they really thought through their constant checking of genealogies, that they had the better chance of a more superior offspring than the general population, that married because they like the shape of some girl’s… ankle, you know, back in those days.  So they’d arrange their marriages. 

There’s many ways to look at it, because psychopaths can also marry psychopaths, or the offspring of psychopaths.  It’s true, they’ve done studies on that too and found out that going way back you could find that really the nobility’s came out of warrior classes that were really families that started to slaughter families round about them. They had a big family, you see, and you start slaughtering, you take them over, and all the peasants underneath them then were yours. And you got a bigger base to draw an army from an you’d build it up and build it up.  But the leaders, then you would marry some other psychopaths daughter, you see, another warlord’s daughter from either your own country or a different country and amalgamate. You see, that’s how they accumulated wealth and so on.

It’s quite an old, old history but that’s how it used to be for many, many centuries. We saw it too going way back into the pharaohs where they often married their sisters for instance, to keep everything, you had the proper blood, right, so you didn’t want to marry inferior blood, so you called yourself a God and you’d marry your sister, the goddess, and have children, little goddesses and gods and stuff. Maybe it was ‘Godlings’, eh, for the little ones. But anyway, it’s interesting to see how it’s always been much the same.

Even when they try to put a scientific spin on it like they did with the Darwins, and the Darwins just married for generations into the Wedgewood family, that are well-known for their ceramics and pottery and so on.  But they kept marrying them, and so much so that I think it was when Charles’s wife died, he then married his wife’s mother or sister or something. But they kept, all they did was marry into the same families over and over and over.  Of course then you end up with unfortunate traits as well that are very predictable. Because all of the Huxleys too, who were also related to the Darwins later on, you’d find they’d all have terrible headaches and things like that.  And depressions.  Even Julian Huxley used to have depressions that came on him.

They got it all from Darwin’s bulldog. Of course that was Thomas Huxley, I think it was, he was called Darwin’s bulldog. He took over when Darwin died and pushed the whole idea of eugenics and superior breeding and giving it a scientific slap instead of the usual blueblood stuff, you know, to make it more scientific.  If things are, if you quote things in science or the terminology of science it seems more real and more genuine, put it that way.  Credible. So that’s what they used for it. 

So right down to today you find the same things going on. The same people, right, you’ve got the same people with the same agendas that they had centuries ago, who now believe it’s time to have their great leap forward and get rid of all the peasant stock that they don’t need anymore.  So much so they say they could even re-create a peasant stock genetically if they need to, if they really had to.  It isn’t just… [Alan chuckles.]  


You’ve heard about the arcs that they have, right?  Back in the 90s I gave talks on this, about the arcs (arks) that they have. They have one in the States, in Louisiana, and another couple inside the States, other ones across the world. But these scientists, and they have scientists in charge of them, lifelong, these arcs.  And it isn’t just seed or plants that they have. They actually have the semen and the ovum of different animals, all animals, and humans by the way, in cold storage. Every so often they take them out of the cold storage and will bring, and actually fertilize them, then insert them into other mammals.  They have all this documentation, it’s fascinating, and they can actually bring whatever mammal it is to term by using a different kind of animal as a mother to bring it to term. And they’ve been awfully successful.

Years ago I put up links on the documentaries that were put out about them, by themselves because they did that back then.  They said it was for a great catastrophe like an end-of-life extinction experience that could happen.  They gave all the different scenarios like nuclear war or again, a disease that would wipe out most of humanity. Where the elite would live underground and blah blah blah, and survive, but then they could come out and then repopulate the planet. Including a working-class stock that they could basically create there from sperm and ovum that was frozen.  It’s just astonishing what they’ve done to make sure that they can survive for themselves, you see.

It wouldn’t, it doesn’t matter if most of the people just perish. In fact, they’d be quite happy in this day and age if most folk perished.  [Alan chuckles.] They’re rather outspoken these days about that. But now, it’s always put under sustainability, it’s for the good of the planet, you know, and for the good of the animals. Just too many folk competing with animals, and yada yada. So it sounds again all scientific. And it’s always for the betterment and the good of something, you see, whatever they do to you, hm, it’s always for the good, the greater good.

They never come out and say, we just want to get rid of you for goodness sake!  So they couch it in nice cozy documentaries and things like that, nice, wonderful, we’re here to help you.  And bring on different university graduates and professors that dedicated their life to helping, you just don’t realize that. No, it wasn’t for the money.  It wasn’t for the power and all the prestige.  And it wasn’t so that they’d get picked for survival for themselves when the rest of us go down the tubes. No, no, no. These professors, they come out openly now saying IT’S TIME THAT THE PEOPLE AROUND THE AGE OF 65 JUST DIED AND TOOK EUTHANASIA like the professor in Australia [Philip Nitschke], they draw him out every few years, you know, to give these talks on television apparently.  I’ve only seen clips that folk have sent me. But he gets all the publicity he wants.  Because he’s a spokesperson for those at the top.

They do their best to persuade you… It’s for the greater good, you know... That you shouldn’t collect that pension.  And you’ve had a good life, you know, you’ve watched lots of television. They gave you lots of good TV programs to watch most of your life, that’s what you did with it.  Then you emulated what you saw on TV and if you didn’t have any children, you’re really good, good, good, you see. But even if you were very good, good, good, they still want you to just self-annihilate at about the age of 65. Leave the pension money because the government then could use it for good scientific endeavors for the future of the planet, and those that are chosen to live on it.

So this is how it really is, folks.  I’m using a bit of the satire to put it across, but the satire has got, it’s completely loaded with the truth. You’re so used to being talked to like a child.  You can present anything through a good documentary using psychologists and behaviorists, you can put something across in no time at all and have most of the folk having tears in their eyes and at the end of it say, okay, okay, yeah you’re right, okay, where do I sign on for elimination at 65? I’m not kidding you.  It can be done.  It can be done.  You have no idea the power of the television.  George Orwell talked about it too, you know, the TV can convince people of anything and to do anything or behave in any way that they wanted them to. Yep. It’s been done.  But the folk don’t know.

So getting back to the third arm sticking out of the chest, what’s that thing called?  The World Economic Forum. Well again you don’t vote for it.  It just created itself.  The rich folk of the earth created it for themselves.  And you don’t matter, you don’t count because they are the ones who are going to make the changes in the world. Not you, you little peasant. All you do is change the channel on your TV.  These folks literally decide what you’re going to get on TV and what you’re going to believe and not believe, and how you’ll behave, and what’s good behavior and what’s bad behavior.  Hm.  And what they’re going to teach the children. Yes. Not to have any children either, you see, good, good, good, yep.

But you can, unfortunately, it’s so true, you’re so well understood as I’ve said so many times and studied more minutely than any animal or ant has been studied. And constantly, and more, there’s studies going on all the time. Even now under the Covid thing. I mean, look at the billions getting thrown at different endeavors of universities’ psychological operations and so on, and studies on all kinds of things to do with us during this pandemic. It’s just astronomical. It’s amazing. It’s amazing.  Because you see, that’s how you rule the world is by understanding the peasantry. 

If you put, if you got the peasants in a room and you walked a tiger in, the dog would freak out right away, naturally, that’s a natural response, you see.  But they find other ways of doing it that wouldn’t elicit the same kind of fear.  They could train you to go up and cuddle that Tiger, you see, if they wanted to do that. They could, yeah, sure they could do it.  You’ve seen the people; I’ve done the articles years ago.  There was a woman in I think it was Canada, or was it Alaska, I can’t remember.  She took her two children, and she was a greeny, you know, into greeny-greeny, hug the trees, and Disney, Disneyland makes you love all the animals, you see.  Her daughter, that when they saw a bear, her daughter ran towards it. And the bear swiped her, I think killed her.  And the son went to try to help the daughter, he got hit as well.  Then a few days later they talk to the mom. She says, I don’t want the bear to be put down, you know. She says, it’s not the bear’s fault and so on.  The saddest thing was, she couldn’t see it was HER fault. Because you don’t let children go and run towards and cuddle bears in the wild.

Anyway, I mean, that’s… They get that from TV. They really think it’s a cuddly Disney world out there. These animals, have you seen bears fighting each other?!  Woah.  You won’t want to be around that. Each swipe could pretty well put whole slashes through a house in seconds, just whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof, they wouldn’t even notice it, the bears.  So you don’t go and cuddle them, you know. They’re wild animals. Leave them. Leave them as they are.  And give them a good berth, they’ll give you a good berth too in the wild.  That’s how you do it.

But no, you can convince the people of anything. And unfortunately it really does work with the people. They’re almost ready to sacrifice the children and themselves to the nice bears, you know.  Do you understand? Don’t look at any particular problem or event in one direction.  Uni-directional. Look at it from different angles. Because there’s many things you’re seeing at the same time there.  M-hm.  How did that mother allow the children to do that? Why did the mother allow them to even go and run towards it? What was the mother thinking? What was her impression of what a wild bear is like? Where did she get that impression?  Huh? 

Now, if you pushed a child towards a bear and it got mangled, you’d be up on a charge.  But to train children to run and want to cuddle bears in the wild, from television, nobody gets up on a charge for that, do they?  That’s the power of persuasion, again, through very, very expert videography coupled with soothing voices. You always have these soothing voices talking over in the documentaries they churn out. Canada’s quite amazing for the women who do these documentaries.  You never see them generally, but there are certain ones with a certain voice and accent they use, and Canada is famous for using them, for, oh, 25-30 years.  They talk in a certain, it’s not monotone but it’s lower than the average woman’s voice, and they can talk at a very paced talk, very paced like that, hypnotic. And a little bit of the music at the back there to put you into the alpha state, which is hypnotic, you see. TV will do for that; you go into the alpha stage. Then the voice is hypnotically paced… and mentioning… and dut…  and dut… and dut… and dut.  And you’re getting sucked into it. With the music and the tempo of the music which will vary according to the scene, and when they give you that nasty, nasty thing of a poor bear that’s lost his home, because someone’s moved in that area or whatever, then the music will change and dun-dun, dun-dun, there’s man, dun-dun, dun-dun, dun-dun.  You see? 

Then they’ll show you a clear-cut part of a forest, from the 1950s, which they don’t do anymore, but they always show the same thing when they want to train the radicals, you know, and a radical generation like the Antifa movement.  That’s what they’ve been brought up on in school, make sure they see that kind of… Oh my God, oh my GOD!  There ya go.  It really works wonders, doesn’t it?  It really does.  You always create the society you want for the next 20 years. You start now for the ones you want in 20 years time. They’ll be young adults and fully trained, fully indoctrinated. They’ll have a common opinion, for every topic they’ll have the same uniform opinion. Because they’ve been trained that way. There’s never been a time in history when you have so many people at the age of 20 all saying the same things, believing in the same things.  It’s never been done to this extent before.

Before, they’ve tried it for revolutions, they know what works.  You train them for, like, the Bolshevik revolution.  You make things as bad as possible with wars and famine and so on, to make it worse so’s that folk will revolt.  And you trained them that you’re going to work for a better utopia for the future, and they jump on it.  The young always fall for the same things, you see. They never realized that once the revolution is over those who really wanted the revolution to occur go after the leaders and annihilate them. That standard.  For those… [Alan chuckles.]  it’s just a little warning for those who are doing it right now. They don’t realize this. But that always happens.

You find too that Yuri Bezmenov who was the ex-Soviet spy they came out in the 70s and 80s and talked about it, and the cultural espionage. It was cultural espionage, it was successful. That’s all you had to do was destroy the culture. The Frankfurt school knew that too.  But Bezmenov said that the leaders that agitate and do the agitprop’s and so on, and they do the organization for the riots and all that, they really think that there’s going to be a wonderful system. But when they find out the conquerors don’t give them the wonderful system, that there’s a different agenda there, they start complaining and so they get wiped out.  Because they won’t shut up. That always happens.

That’s what we live in, it’s a world of constant intrigue run by powerful institutions, well-funded institutions. So well-funded in fact that most folk are completely misled as to who runs it all. That’s the beautiful trick of say the CIA.  It has so many revolutionary forces across the world on the go, all age groups too, and always disguised under political reform parties or revolutionaries or whatever, that the folk never catch on to the true functions. Even the folk who participate and actually do the fighting never catch on.  That’s why you have the old movies and even modern ones about the disillusioned freedom fighter when they find out it’s all bogus. 

You see, everything is run by the masters of disruption.  Because that’s how you have control, is by causing disruption.  You guide the disruption; you cause it to happen. You guide the outcomes of where you want it to go. The thesis, antithesis, and synthesis.  You can’t fail by doing things that way, you see. You can’t fail. It’s done all the time.  The beauty of it is that it’s so well camouflaged that even those who participate never really catch on, to the bitter end, as to who is really behind it and what it’s really, really for.  To get great change for those who rule the world already, you must always plan the change, manage all sides to force the change on them, and all combating forces too, and then bring them into the new system that you planned at the very first.

Because it would not have happened by itself. Folk are quite happy generally by the way things are. Even though they moan, and they complain, they’re generally quite happy the way things are. 

You see it now with the agenda for the whole 21st century, with its different parts, 2015, 2030, etc. Different segments of it where things must be accomplished in each segment throughout this century. They mean it, they mean what they say.  You have to go back to the old idea of no private property. No private property. I used to…  get kind of excited when I realized that Freemasonry, for instance, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and Albert Pike talked about it, what was THE CURSE OF PRIVATE PROPERTY.  Then you find that Karl Marx of course wanted THE ABOLITION OF PRIVATE PROPERTY, AND MARRIAGE as well, hm.  So they give you what they’ll call is a slightly different, a slightly different, a more watered-down version. We’ll just call it socialism, national socialism, eh.  Which is just the same thing again, you know.  It takes a longer trek to get there.

That’s what Stalin also said when they asked, what is socialism, what is communism? He says COMMUNISM IS SOCIALISM IN A HURRY. It’s just a quick, a quick revolution and then you’ve got it. Then you can call yourself socialist if you want to, but you had the revolution.  Whereas the Fabian Society, set up in Britain and funded by the richest folk on the planet at the time, like the Astor families and others that were all part of it, [Alan chuckles.] and the Rothschilds, because they own all sides. You’ve got to own all sides if you want competing and conflicting parties that will fight and push and argue to get changes. Because YOU plan the changes.  You get them to argue it out in Parliaments and so on, this party versus that party, and you bring the desired conclusion along, you see.  That’s how it’s done.  Folk never catch on to it at all.

But the Fabian Society literally boasted, if you get the old books from it when George Bernard Shaw and HG Wells were the top members at the time, amongst others of course. They had lots of correspondence with the Soviet Union.  The early Soviet Union too. They boasted THEY HAD A DIRECT LINE TO THE DESK OF LENIN, AND THEN STALIN. Then of course Trotsky. They had a little tiff, you can still see the old, old letters from Trotsky addressed to them.  If you bother to read through them. Most folk don’t read this stuff. But it’s interesting to see the slanging matches, they call it a slanging match, where they’d criticize each other.  Trotsky wanted instant rebellion and stop this playing the political game to achieve your goals by the Fabians, meaning the slow technique.  He says, have a revolution. But they wouldn’t go along with it. They were tempted at times to try and go along with it, but they didn’t think they’d get away with it at the time.  The public, they couldn’t get the public ready for revolution so quickly. 

They did the same with Germany of course. Germany, you found lots of articles put out by the top Soviets at the time who before World War II, and even leading up to World War I, they hoped to bring Germany into a revolution for communism, as they were going to do with Russia with the Bolsheviks. They thought by having a revolution, they tried to couple of ones which failed there.  But when you read how they analyzed the data when it all failed, they said that the German people, they says, EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE MAINLY WORKING-CLASS PEOPLE, VERY ROBUST AND HARD-WORKING PEOPLE, THEY JUST WOULDN’T FALL FOR THIS IDEA OF COMMUNIST SYSTEM. A lot of them were still religious by the way, you know, in Germany, so they couldn’t get them to just overthrow their governments.  They really hated it when the Germans would take up arms when told to go and fight for the country. They hated them, for the working class for doing that, they never forgave them for that. 

Of course Britain also had little revolutions that they attempted at the time in London.  You can still see the old photographs of Winston Churchill in his big top hat at the time, with policeman standing with shotguns around a building near the Key and the Thames, where the Communists had hoped to get a revolution started were holed up.  But yeah, it’s quite amazing, when they were doing that, they always have the standbys, the trusted method of doing it, which is the Fabian technique of slow, slow incremental changes.  Until, yeah, sure, after World War II…

I mean, Britain went into World War II giving the excuse to the public, you know, because you always give excuses and never the truth, of why they’re going to fight Germany. They were going to fight supposedly to SAVE THEIR WAY OF LIFE AND THEIR CULTURE AND THEIR TRADITIONS AND EVERYTHING, you know. So they were going to fight national socialism, which was Germany, the National Socialist party and at the end of World War II, supposedly, supposedly the victors, they were worse off than Germany in fact.  Germany got on its feet far faster too with economic aid from all the countries, and through the United Nations and the World Bank, they got Germany on its feet much faster.  But Britain emerged from World War II AS a national socialist country.  The very opposite of what it, actually what it was fighting initially.

So, you understand, you’re taken for a ride when you lose your sensibilities and you start parroting propaganda and you start believing the propaganda. You’ve lost your sensibilities.  You won’t actually see what’s really happening. And the folk don’t see what’s happening as they go through it, let’s save ourselves. They lose all sensibilities when its panic mode, you know, whether it’s a pandemic or it’s a war.  You’re all going to die, give up your rights and freedoms, do what you’re told and starve yourselves through rationing, and obey. And they all do it dutifully.  That never fails.  Hitler mentioned that too, so did Stalin. Stalin was more vocal about it, that the techniques work so well for terrorizing the public. GET THEM TO OBEY YOU TO SAVE THEIR LIVES, AND THEN YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH THEM.  It never fails. But folk always forget.

Most folk lose their sensibilities right off the bat.  They really do.  I remember the Green Party, I’ve got an article somewhere, it was quite a few years ago, in Britain, where she said that, she LOOKED BACK WITH NOSTALGIA AT THE WAY HER PARENTS AND SO ON PUT UP WITH WORLD WAR II AND THE BLITZ IN LONDON.  She said, THEY SEEMED SO HAPPY AND RESOLUTE TO GET THROUGH IT, EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE ON TERRIBLE RATIONING, IT WAS LIKE A STARVATION DIET, BUT EVERYBODY OBEYED THE LAW AND THEY DID WHAT THEY WERE TOLD. That’s what appeals to those in power, when you do what you’re told and obey them.  [Alan chuckles.]   And put up with all kinds of hardships, which you shouldn’t be putting up with in the first place.

Nothing changes. And what does that got to do with anything today? Well, you’re going through it again. If you really think this pandemic just came out of the blue, fine, you can toss that up in the air and argue about it forever if you want to.  But the preparations for it certainly did not.  And you can’t, I keep saying this, you know, in the 1990s the Project for a New American Century, the PNAC group, that eventually got in with George Bush, you know.  In the 90s when they met more informally, even though some of them were in governments at the time too, they wrote their list out, the list of countries they wanted to invade and take over, and plunder, across the Middle East and so on and Asia.  We’ve been doing that ever since actually.

They got little George Bush in there, and the same members of course.  And 9/11 happen. They even said it in their articles, they needed something…  The first thing you must do is get the public opinion on your side. You must get the support of the people if you want to go to war, you see. So they said they would NEED SOMETHING ON THE SCALE OF A PEARL HARBOR EVENT. Well, no one is going to complain about Pearl Harbor, oh, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  Of course there’s lots of things about that, but regardless, they did attack it.  That’s what you need to get to go to war, you see. And bingo! I mean literally within two years, or one year, they got what they wanted, 9/11 happened. What luck for them, eh!

They actually say, to get all this agenda done, eh, THEY WOULD NEED A PEARL HARBOR EVENT TO GALVANIZE THE PEOPLE TO BE BEHIND YOU FOR WAR. And bingo, they get it!  They get it.  Then all your freedoms get tossed out.  Not just in the US, but across the planet. Everybody’s in the same mode. Oh, we’re all allies, oh, let’s all sign the same things into law.  Let’s use high technology to censor speech and monitor the people. Let’s build big, almost cities to collect all the data and for everybody’s chitchat, etc. Like the NSA and all the other organizations they’re using.  And then you train the people not to mind it. And sure enough eventually they get used to it.

Do you ever wonder why folk put up with the Soviet Union?  For so long?  They got USED TO IT. We can get used to pretty well anything.  You get used to it.  [Alan laughing.]  It doesn’t mean it’s right or proper.  And once you get, they know it too, that once you get, say, 20 years of constant surveillance and facial recognition and thumbprints, iris scans, dut, dut, dut, dut, dut, and dut, they can push it to the next step, because they’ve all accepted that it’s normal.  You normalize anything as a new normal. I came out with ‘the new normal’ years ago, and here’s another new normal you’re going through now. Because here’s the second phase of it.

At the World Economic Forum you have all these big industries and electronic companies, all work with, they’re all part of, by the way, of the military-industrial complex.  All these different ones that are going to churn out your bracelets and apps and so on for monitoring you for Covid and all that, can you get out of your house, can you not get out of your house, you’ve got to get this app, yada, ya.  These are the same people who are part of, these people are part of the military-industrial complex.  Each corporation that you hear is a part of it.  So they get big money from the taxpayers, again because you’re in a fascist society, and then they make more chains for you. You’ll adapt into it as well.  Well, I can’t, I’ve got to get that flight, I forgot to get my app upgraded for my immunity passport and blah, blah, blah, and I need it.  That will be common phraseology given three years from now.

Here’s one example right here, one of many actually. Just with the bracelets alone, never mind the apps that they have for your phones. Of course everybody’s got to run towards it, I’ve got to get the app for my phone.  And give it snob appeal and they give it more, we have to buy this one, it’s expensive, meaning, oh it’s a better one than the commoner’s one. Folk are really pretty dumb, you know.  You really see it coming out in times like this, like these.  Anyway, this one here is…

Coronavirus Monitoring Bracelets Flood the Market, Ready to Snitch on People Who Don’t Distance

globalresearch.ca / 25 May 2020

(Alan:  Wow!  There ya go.  [Alan chuckles.]  They’ve even got them for factories by the way and they’re adapting themselves that they’ll go off with alarms if you’re closer than 6 feet away. Even though I’ve got articles here today where I think in Britain and elsewhere, they’re dropping it to may be, well maybe 3 feet away is okay, you know. As they adjust the magic slide rule.  [Alan chuckles.]  Because it’s all magic, it’s got nothing to do with reality or science. So anyway here they go, it says…)

Surveillance firms around the world are licking their lips at a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cash in on the coronavirus by repositioning one of their most invasive products: the tracking bracelet.

(A: That’s the one that Tam in Canada is pushing of course.  Of course she mentioned that years ago. It would be interesting too, to find out how many at the top have got shares in the products as well, by the way. They’ll be given shares, I’m sure, to promote them in their own countries.)

Body monitors are associated with criminality and guilt in the popular imagination, the accessories of Wall Street crooks under house arrest and menace-to-society parolees. Unlike smartphones, de facto tracking devices in their own right, strapped-on trackers are expressly designed to be attached to the body and exist solely to report the user’s whereabouts and interactions to one or more third parties; they don’t play podcasts or tell you how many steps you took that day to sweeten the surveillance.

But a climate of perpetual bio-anxiety has paved the way for broader acceptance of carceral technologies, with a wave of companies trying to sell tracking accessories to business owners eager to reopen under the aegis of responsible social distancing (A: [Alan chuckles.]) and to governments hoping to keep a closer eye on people under quarantine.

It goes on and on. But this is one example.  That’s from Global Research, it’s a longer article of course. But I know they’re also putting into them more data, and of course they’ll report you if you’re out of…  You see, when they put you into a certain area, which of course all totalitarian systems do eventually, and of course under Agenda 21 they don’t want you moving outside your area that you live in.  Hm?  Did you know that?  [Alan chuckles.]  I hope you know that. Under the agenda for the whole 21st century they actually mention eventually they’ll PHASE OUT ALL PRIVATELY OWNED VEHICLES. 

You will be locked down basically with or without pandemics in your own little area. It’s more tidy that way, your masters like it to be tidy and efficient, you understand. And if you’re taking time off to go holidaying across the countryside, that’s awfully untidy, and you should do what you’re told and be good and stay in your own little area, where you’re monitored, and your little bracelet will go off.  That’s what we’ll all get. I mean, this stuff really is all for…    

This is never going to go away; I hope you understand this. They are licking their lips at the top.  Just like the 9/11 with the incredible surveillance laws that they just rammed down everybody’s throats without asking, do you mind.  It’s never going to go away because it’s so lucrative.

We’re slaves, you understand.  We are slaves, and as far as those at the top, the WEF, the World Economic Forum are concerned and the Club of Rome, we’re obsolete slaves.  We really don’t have any rights because they don’t need us anymore. They’re only suffering us, you know, we’re in sufferance at the moment, that’s how they put up with us, not because they really want to, and they don’t really need us so much now, you see. They really don’t.

They planned their great leap forward into the future, into their modern utopia that they keep telling us all about, that’s just for themselves with a vastly reduced population. Like the Georgia Guidestones prattle on about, and that people like oh, Jacques Cousteau is one and David Attenborough.  Jacques Cousteau is awfully good about it. He said quite openly, in between, you know, cuddling his fish and everything, he mentioned that THEY’D HAVE TO KILL OFF MAYBE ABOUT 140,000 PEOPLE A DAY, EVERY DAY, RAPIDLY, OVER THE NORMAL DEATH RATE, TO BRING THE POPULATION DOWN OVER SO MANY YEARS TO A MORE ACCEPTABLE LEVEL. I guess to get more room for his fish and things I suppose, you know. Yep.

They always give you the same characters, that are eugenicists, you know, when you look at the organizations they belong to.  They always put them out to get the children to like them.  Because the children follow the heroes that they see.  They had David Suzuki in Canada who would, he said WE WERE MAGGOTS ACTUALLY, WE’RE JUST MAGGOTS LIVING ON THE DROPPINGS OF HIGHER INVOLVED MAGGOTS ABOVE US, you see. That’s what he said, eh.  And David Attenborough has been very blatant about it. They made him a Sir for being so blatant about it. Which tells you a lot right off the bat too who runs the show at the top.  And Prince Philip’s organizations of course, ‘eh. 

It’s astonishing what we live in and how people hear everything that they should be wary of, they hear about it and should take action, but they don’t. They think, well, they can’t mean what they say.  Do you understand, that happens before every terrible catastrophe in history?  Oh, they won’t do that, nobody would do that. You know?

When you look at the Crusades, the Crusades were horrific. Horrific ordeals. For every side that took part in it. And yes, you had the Muslim invasions into Spain and so on, and you get them driven back again and so on. But then you had them following onto that thinking that they go into the holy lands and really quell Muslims and so on, and plunder, do a bit of plundering at the same time, that’s always beneficial to those involved.  But some of the cities that Christians were holed up in when they were conquered over in the Middle East, they would take the women and then behead everybody that was left. Like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people getting beheaded and that was…  And the Christians did the same thing in some of the cities they took over.

I guarantee you, when the cities surrendered eventually, the people would all be looking at each other thinking, what are they going to do, are they going to kill us? No, they wouldn’t do that. No. They wouldn’t do that. It’s unthinkable that people would do that.  So you cling to that little bit of hope of, well I wouldn’t do that personally, so they won’t do it either. Well of course they’ll get slaughtered.  How many times down through history do you think that’s happened?  Hm?  It always happens. Well, they’d never do thatWell, we’re civilized now. Every generation down through centuries have said the same thing, we’re civilized now, you know, we’re more civilized. No, no. It always happens.

Do you know in Scotland, in Scotland when they had the rebellion for Prince Charles, not the present [Alan chuckles.] Prince Charles, I’m talking about the guy who wasn’t quite so deformed. He was a young Charlie and he led the rebellion, supposedly. They could have maybe even won, it’s even, they speculated too because they got down to Derby, and London was evacuating when the armies went down there. But then they got bad news, and there was an awfully good spinner of tales sent out to deceive them and says, oh the English army’s arrived on the coast. Theyhad not arrived on the coast, but they believed that and started retreating back up to Scotland.  Well, that was decided by England, or London really who ran everything, that they would annihilate the Highlands. Annihilate, absolutely annihilate them.  The troops they sent up there after the battle were really convicts and murderers, but they were given permission to go slaughtering through all the Highlands. And they did.  They wiped out thousands of families. Thousands of them. Now, that wasn’t ancient history, y’know. It wasn’t that long ago, just before the American Revolution in fact.

And it’s happening in your own country.   Right?  And I’m sure they’re all saying the same thing, it could never happen, they’d never do that. But they DID. They did. Then for a hundred years after that they were deporting them off the land to Australia and Canada and everywhere else. For the males especially that were of fighting age they could always join the British military and go off and fight and win the wars for the City of London, who ran everything, that’s where all the money was that was involved.  And the average English person was just the same because they had, they were just as basically [Alan chuckles.] in the dark about how things really ran as the peasants in Scotland.  But London was the center of it all.  Very old, old center indeed.

But yeah, down through the ages that’s how it is. Oh, they’d never do that now. They’d never do that now. Then again as I say, once Britain had its Empire on the go, you have to look at the official secrets act. Every country uses it now.  Lord Kitchener, his record couldn’t be open for the general public to see for over 100 years. Now, he was the troubleshooter of the day for the Empire. He went across Africa; North Africa and he was sent into India and so on after rebellions and he would just have them slaughtered. He would just use martial law, and what was it, every fifth man, you know, in a village or whatever it is, just grab them, it doesn’t matter who they were, and pull them out and in front of the rest of them shoot them, you kill them. That was the lesson that you put out there.

The war of terror didn’t start with Lenin. Lenin really understood it perfectly well, the Bolsheviks understood it awfully, awfully well. When it came to running empires there’s nothing new in this. It’s total brutal force, that’s what they do. So, Kitchener’s record wasn’t open up for about 100 years.  And yeah, this bemedaled character with high, high rank who did his best supposedly for the British, this strange, the entity, it’s a corporation called the Empire. Because only a few thousand folk in London really benefited from it, that ran all the businesses, you know. But he was the guy that they sent for to deal with the problems. That’s how it’s always been. That’s how it always will be.  But the folk don’t, again, look at all these little places in India, that were rebelling, or even about the lack of food or whatever it was, or, you name it, stuff getting taken from them, resources and all that, and that’s enough to get them killed. One out of five, and that’s it.  The riot act, you see.  That will teach for them for a while, and then they’ll be quiet again for a while. They did the same across Africa and so on.

And I’m not saying that all these countries were deadly peaceful either. Because they weren’t. The same as Africa. Africa has had the warring tribes for, well, phew, probably thousands of years.  M-hm.  And the Zulus certainly were efficient warriors, but they were also mass slaughterers as well.  And eugenicists by the way, great story there, really fascinating when you read it.  How Shaka the Zulu formed them, and he literally had everybody under, you couldn’t join them, he would kill everybody under about 5 feet 11” I think it was. Including the females, until they got a people growing up that were really strong and tall and all the rest of it. A eugenicist. I often wonder where he got the idea. But he certainly was.  And getting information from traders certainly who would supply him with goods from, I think it was Holland, or parts of Europe anyway, who maybe gave him the idea, I don’t know. But he certainly was very efficient in what he did. And utterly ruthless.

But things really are much the same across the world down through the centuries with the techniques that are used on the people. They’d never do that… They’d never do that. Think of the people during the bubonic plagues who were burned out of the villages, as the nobility all came from scattered around the countryside and their biggest estates, and ran into the castle, you see, for protection, and they’d bring in what food they could and yada, yada, ya.  But on the way they’d have the remaining peasantries burned down and out of their homes. And during the winter and so on.  They would die, with the winter coming on, and their food taken off them into the castle, and their homes burned down. In order to stop the plague getting to the castle. That was standard stuff, you know.

Life is a pretty horrific thing. And we have to acknowledge it. Because when we forget how horrific it is, especially when it comes to those who want power, and then are given power, you can’t take your eyes off them for a second!  You really can’t.  And the megalomaniacs, megalomaniacs that you’ll see craving the power, openly, you should really, really be, humph, on their utmost guard to make sure these characters never get into power. If they’re in power, get them out. I don’t care what party they belong to. Because behind them, today as you well know most of them are just fronts with bigger powers behind them all. They know that too. 

But for the ordinary people, you’ve got to start to… Hhhch, the way that you watch those nature programs that are getting you used to the idea that, oh sometimes you know when all these deer move in there and you know, the wolves have to come in behind them and thin down the herd a bit. Because it’s a culling. Or else, you know, the big landowner has to do a culling, the Lord. Like Prince Philip used to give a great speech about that. He loved to repeat it, how they used to cull them, the excess ones, the deer, you know.  In the speech he was referring to people by the way, that was used as an analogy.  When there’s just too many people about, it seems the practical thing to do is just cut off the food supply.  M-hm.

Then the people who sit and they watch their Disney programs and their happy, happy programs on TV, when they hear Prince Philip saying or they read the articles verbatim from the top magazines on the planet, who are putting the speeches in that he gave at some of the Sierra Club meetings and so on, and world meetings, would say, oh, he didn’t really mean it, he’s just a bit angry today, you know, he’s a bit off.   M-hm.  You see, they don’t have to make excuses for themselves. Nice people make excuses for them.  Terrible isn’t it?

But look at what’s happening now. As I say, 9/11 took so many rights away, and now the folk accept it. The next phase of the new system, which again the Rockefellers came out with in 2010, for the foundation, of course by the big foundation. Remember that the Rockefellers were the ones who really ran the Council on Foreign Relations on behalf of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, this private club that runs the world. He’s up there, he was the chairman for it for the US branch for years. Then an assistant there as he was getting older. But he also was up there picking the Trilateral group, the real movers and shakers, starting with Jimmy Carter.  They’re on the go today. For efficiency’s sake, they bypass and get around democracy and public debate.

So they’re out there today doing their thing. During a pandemic. And bingo, you’ve got, they bring out Dershowitz. Oh, you know, like he’s…  What is Dershowitz? I mean, who appointed this guy to be anything?  Hm?  Hm?  Sometimes you have to toss this book of law out the window, you know, and do what’s needed to be done to survive. You have to pull him out of the closet every so often to tell you, and that you’ve got to take some kind of vaccination according to what is it, Leviticus wasn’t it, he said in his little talk there.  Well, good for him that he believes that.  Then leave that to him to believe in, you don’t have to believe it.  Or go along with it for that matter.  But I didn’t hear GOD saying to let some corporation stick its brew in anybody’s arms.  I haven’t seen that anywhere.  Np.

And by the way I think Mr. Dershowitz should really read his Bible a bit more, his Torah. Because in there there’s a whole bunch of things they’re not supposed to take into their bodies, and when you look into what’s in the vaccines, [Alan chuckles.] it’s worse than some of that stuff. So I think, you know, I think there would be actual rules against the concoctions that they’re bringing up altogether. 

It’s the same thing, they used to pull out Alan Greenspan, like he was some kind of deity. And I really mean that, the way that the media would, Alan Greenspan is going to come out and address the nation tonight.  They’d have this kind of stage thing, and up would come the lights, and you’d see him walking out of the darkness onto the stage. He would look very firm and stern. And really, it’s really all for effect, it was very dramatic, you see. He knew what he was doing.  He looked left and right, and stare, and still wouldn’t say anything. And everybody was sort of breathing and holding their breath.  And he’s talking about, it was to do with the stock market, and he would say, COOL IT.  That was all, COOL IT.  Then they’d all immediately go to the printing presses, HE SAID COOL IT, HE SAID COOL IT, THE STOCK MARKET IS TOO HOT, brrrrrrrrrrr.  God has spoken.

A complete fabrication of nonsense.  Because the whole system is so bogus. The stock market has been propped up by the taxpayers every night under a particular act for the last, what, 30 odd years or 40 years.  So there’s nothing real about it. Anymore than there’s anything real about the Federal Reserve in the States, hm, which is owned by outside forces too.  [Alan laughing.]  There you go, we live in fantasy.  A very carefully contrived fantasy, isn’t it? The stock market is contrived and rigged completely.  The financial system is completely rigged completely as well.

I can remember many years ago the Bank of Canada had a little, there was a little documentary on it. Just a very short one, probably on the national one, the CBC when they used to do the occasional little bit of stuff that was a bit, I wouldn’t call it testy but interesting rather than fallacious.  They said DID YOU KNOW THAT THE BANK OF CANADA ISN’T A BANK AT ALL?  They showed you the building where they’d meet, and it’s the appointee, the government appointee that represents the Bank of Canada that would meet there, with other members of government, to arrange loans on behalf of outside sources. That’s what it was. There was no bank there at all.

Now, at one time there used to BE a bank and I did a talk on that years ago, when Canada used to literally issue its own currency, and spend it into circulation, that’s how it was done by the government.  Even during the Great Depression you can still see the old articles that were put out by, in other countries as well as Canada, because the countries would come to Canada to see how it was… Canada was the only country that wasn’t really suffering badly in a Great Depression because it printed its own currency. The government printed it; they didn’t put it out to a private company. Now it does, you see.  Since again, Pierre Trudeau came in, he changed it.  That was Justin’s daddy.  Since then we were loaded with massive debt like everybody else.  But before that it didn’t have debt.

We’re under a common system run by the same folk, the same gang.  They always say, well it’s too complex for average people to understand. Well, no kidding!  Since I said last week, it’s like voodoo, you know. It’s not based on anything at all. I mean, I could, I COULD, I’m pretty sure I could, if they let me near, just for a day, into say a Federal Reserve Bank or the Bank of Canada, when they’re arranging their loans for the week for the country, right, from the private ones. I’m sure I could print in, I could just look up the main sum that’s owed, you see, or say it’s supposedly in your checking account, it’s all borrowed money, for Canada, for the government, and I’m sure I could add one or two zeros to the end of that number. Just to stretch it out a bit further. Because that’s all they’re doing at the time. They’re not handing any cash over when you borrow money from the private sector. It doesn’t happen.  It’s all just, you just add zeros to the end of an actual number. That’s how you do. Keep extending it, that’s what the Federal Reserve does.  They don’t put up, there’s no gold in Fort Knox.  That all want a long time ago.  Quietly too.

It’s just fascinating to realize we live in a fantasy world. And everybody, everybody’s, it’s like the air you breathe, it’s just natural, you’re brought up using this thing called money, and everybody expects it to circulate.  And sometimes you’ll notice you need more of X amount of dollars to buy the same handful of groceries that you buy every week or whatever, and sometimes you need more dollars, and sometimes it’s maybe about a little bit less, but generally it’s always more. And it’s set to be that way, you see. And we accept that as normal too. 

There’s no reason for it or given to the public. Well, it’s inflation.  Really? What it means is, since your money’s based on nothing but they pretend it’s still based on some kind of standard.  It’s all pretense.  I mean the whole system is pretense.  If it was, if it still was, say the British system used to be a pound sterling, sterling silver, eh.  That’s how things were worked out.  And there was little physical money, they used to have gold coins too, which is like guineas and so on which they would use for the big banks and so on. But the currency was based on sterling silver, and you had pound shillings and pence, and half crowns and florins and shillings and so on, but silver, all the way down to silver sixpences and things like that. But it was real wealth. It was real silver, you see. So that was passed around, that was real wealth.

But when eventually they took it off the standard, they kept saying you know, sterling silver, and they were pounds sterling, but they took all the silver out of circulation and gave you substitutes, you see, of fake rubbishy… Look at the pennies you have today even in Canada. They did away with them in Canada, but they weren’t copper anymore. You see, everything had a real value. Copper, your pennies were real copper.  So you had to get so many of them to make up X amount, the equivalent of X amount of sterling silver for a pound.  That’s how it was worked out. So it was a real type of currency.  It really had value.

But once you took them off even a gold standard, that was all put again, supposedly in the Bank of England, they had massive vaults with the gold in it.  Then it was based on nothing to back it. Then they took the silver out of circulation. There’s nothing, the whole thing is built on faith.  And the priests that run the faith system there, literally decide what it’s going to be worth that day, you know. Your pound is worth this today, meaning you’ve got to get more of it to buy the same, as I say, handful of groceries or something like that. It’s the whim of whoever tells you that. It’s not really based on anything.  But they run it today as though it was still based on, backed by gold or something.

Do you realize that if you went back 40 years, say, in the UK, you could probably live pretty well on 20 pounds a week 40 years ago? Now you need hundreds and hundreds of pounds, maybe even just to pay your rent. Because they’ll say, oh it’s inflation.  Because they keep devaluing the currency because supposedly the country owes that much abroad or to the lenders or whatever it happens to be. So they keep devaluing the currency and you end up having to pay more and more and more. So you need more and more of that paper or plastic or whatever it is to get the same amount of stuff. And we’re taught that this is normal. And yet nobody can explain it to you properly. Because as I say, it’s as though it was still to do with real value. There is no real value since it’s backed by nothing. You can’t compare to anything. It’s just somebody’s idea what the price of anything is today.  I’m not saying, well we all owe so many billions abroad and here’s the exact amount so therefore we have to value… It’s not even that anymore, you see. Because it’s nothing, nothing’s based… All they do is put blips on computers across the planet.  That’s all it is. 

Greenspan said one thing that was true.  He did say that WE CAN NEVER GO BUST AGAIN, IF WE DON’T WANT TO GO BUST, BECAUSE WE JUST KEEP PRINTING MONEY UP. That’s what he said. Because it’s based on nothing.  It doesn’t… At one time the paper money used to be, represent what they actually had in actual gold or silver in the big bank vaults.  That’s what it represented. So technically you weren’t supposed to print more money than you had gold, real gold and real currency to back it with.  It was a representative; a note was a representation of something that was real and tangible at one time. That was all done away with too.

Anyway, I’m getting off the topic. What I’m saying is, we live in a world of fantasies, where we don’t realize how fragile everything is, because it’s bogus. It truly is bogus.  Today for instance, and we all know this, we’re supposed to go through another phony war with China.  Just like we had the big phony war with the Soviet Union.  In a great respect it was phony.  There were little battles and skirmishes at the bottom to make it all real for those near the bottom, or those who participated at the bottom level.  We’ve got to remember that the presidents and prime ministers talked to their counterparts in the Soviet Union, every day, from Britain and the States and everywhere else, on their special phones, you know, to make sure that nothing went wrong.  They’d have their little tit-a-tats and little spats and things, but it didn’t amount to much at all.  At the bottom level you had to put the occasional troops in behind enemy lines here and there, who would get caught because you had spies on all sides turning them in. But above that, it was really well-run to make sure nothing really happened. It was so lucrative for all sides, for the weapons industries, that they wanted it to go on forever. They really did.

Russia eventually couldn’t keep up with it, you see. Russia is just as crooked as everybody else, like the West was. They had their elite livings so high on the hog, in this socialist paradise that was meant for those in the top, that even when the wall fell down, preplanned of course, they rushed out.  In the newspapers at the time they showed you even a relative, I can remember, of Lord Rothschild in England was leaving the Soviet Union, and his family, this particular member of the family had been managing the top banks in Russia for a generation at least, you know. 

Folks thought, well I thought everything was centralized, and they got all their nonsense we’re told of the Soviet system. They didn’t ban private banks, folks.  They didn’t, of course they didn’t. Who do you think set it up? And they even made sure that most of the currency that went through their hands was American currency. The Americans helped, Americans gave them their plates, do you know that, during World War II? Anyway, again I’m getting way off topic. Because sometimes [Alan laughing.] it’s staggering [Alan laughing.] when you think of how the world is really run. It’s staggering.  But you must always keep tabs on it all. Otherwise you’ll get back into Disneyland and, well they’d never do that again, eh, and so on.

The Best Enemies Money Can Buy, I think Anthony Sutton put out books on that. He was awfully good, Sutton.  He did incredibly well documented investigations into the systems that we really live under and have lived under. Right down to Wall Street and The Bolshevik Revolution, how the top bankers financed them. But they also financed the Japanese, by the way, for those who don’t know that as well.  To even rearm and even showed them how to build the ships and so on for their navies and so on. That was all done by money from America mainly. And London, but America at the time. Well documented. 

So, The Best Enemies Money Can Buy, and we financed and set up the Soviet Union. We fed them. We kept selling them grain right up through the 1970s and 80s, you know.  Even after the revolution as they were slaughtering what was left of the middle classes, to wipe them out, like Trotsky said, WE HAVE ANNIHILATED AND WIPED OUT AN ENTIRE CLASS, he’s talking about millions of people here.  And the West through the whole time was putting out charity stuff to send them food, clothing and shoes and so on, lots of woolens for their cold winters.  They make the best enemies money can buy, eh?  Again you have, Who Financed Hitler. Anthony Sutton again.  Excellent book to read for those who don’t know about it.  Others did the same things too, good investigative work. 

But the thing is, what I’m saying is, nothing is ever as it seems. And we people, we poor people never get a proper education at school. You’re not meant to know these things; you’re supposed to get the basic Disney version of things and believe it.  On the one hand I can see some, even psychologists say that it’s important we believe the fairytales, or we would get so depressed that we would become suicidal, if you realized how bad the world can be.  And the psychologists today and the behaviorists certainly should know that since most of them are working for the government against us [Alan chuckles.]  to manage our thoughts, etc. That’s where the money is, isn’t it? Managing our thoughts and our behavior.

But yeah, I’ve been going through the talks when we did the GATT treaty with China, for China, and got them into the World Trade Organization. We financed them too, China didn’t pull itself up by its own boots. They were financed completely and trained by the West. Thousands of students per year came to Canada and Britain and elsewhere and in the States to get trained in engineering and design, all these kinds of things, electronics and so on at universities. We bent over backwards to make sure it happened, even brought them in, before they could even go home and find enough work for themselves, in those days.  All done in advance. Then with the World Trade Organization, we gave them the factories and signed for them to get moved over to China. We paid for the top, all the factories to move to China.

It was astonishing at the time living through it and realizing that no one was concerned about it.  The people really believe the media is going to tell you what to worry about. They really believe that, that it is there to do their reasoning for them. That’s what Brzezinski said in his book, you know, THAT SHORTLY THE PUBLIC WILL BE UNABLE TO DO THEIR REASONING FOR THEMSELVES, THEY’LL EXPECT THE MEDIA TO DO THEIR ACTUAL THINKING AND THEIR REASONING FOR THEM. Like warn them. Well, they don’t warn you.  Even when they’re doing drastic things like, hey, do you realize the massive unemployment you’re going to have when all these factories have gone to China? And how helpless you’ll be if you ever get in a tiff with China, if they ever decide to make it the big bad Dragon again? Well, how are you going to make anything? Look at us today, you can’t even make the facemasks for goodness sake.

You always plan the future and the disasters and the tiffs of the future, that’s what we do.  You make the enemies your friends, you finance them up to be strong, those who have the money who live high on the hog and bring in big, big cash bonuses of cheap labor for a long time, and then when the military-industrial boys say, well you know we’re really missing the lucrative era of the Cold War, can’t we make another war? Well, here you go. So then you start to say, oh, that China is bad again, and so is Russia.  You understand? That’s what the economy is there to serve, it’s not for us.  It’s not for us.

Those at the top, they’d love to have it all done by robots and machines.  Because they really resent you having to get a wage to even keep yourself and feed yourself, you see, they hate that. It’s just not efficient enough, you see.  But with robots, robots wouldn’t have to vote for anything or be kept happy and given entertainment too, you know.  They wouldn’t get up to no good, you know, and say, well, that’s terrible, we’re slaves.  Only humans get to that stage, and they really resent that. They’ve got to have… It’s a big psychological operation to keep us all, just under the surface, of bubbling through into discontentment.  That’s what all the bureaucracies are for that involve all the surveilling on the Internet and on all your chats, about constantly analyzing the mood of the public.

So, this particular member of the Rothschild family was leaving the Soviet Union and going to Britain [Alan chuckles.] to meet his cousin.  With lots of loot of course. And a small private army by the way too that escorted him to the airport. So, it’s just astonishing that they can accumulate wealth regardless of the system or the name the system is particularly called. That was the beauty of that too, that you could make money and profit as long as it wasn’t off of people’s labor, that’s how they worded it, through legalities as usual.  They got around all the different laws of the supposed centralized banking system of this day. There’s always a way, isn’t there, for those who are cunning enough, and with enough experience too, to pull the wool over folks’ eyes, with terminology and apparent understanding of things which most folk had never seen in that particular light before.

We can’t imagine it, you see, we think things are much more simpler than that. It’s just astonishing to us. It kind of entertains us too and puts us into a hypnotic state when they start telling us, giving us big words and long phrases that muddle up our thinking using terminology. And before you know it, you’re pointing in their direction and you’re, well I guess they know what they’re talking about. Because you DON’T. That’s just it. That’s the beauty of conology. It’s quite an art, conology.  That’s the world we’re living in.

So, as I say, I’m going to mention some articles here anyway regardless, because we’re going through amazing times. We’re living through history, and governments doing all the things we were warned about over and over by folk who knew, who knew better, from previous centuries. We hear it from George Orwell. We hear it from Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. All these different people, down through the ages, people who actually lived and helped create the systems to break away from the old system of corruption and royalties and nobilities and aristocracies that ruled, and banking systems too. 

And certainly, yeah, we always end up getting taken over by the same institutions step-by-step, often with different names and so on, but the same things by the same peoples who understand these things. They took over again and you’re right back to where you started eventually. Sometimes worse, it depends.  I often look at America and the potential it had, it was astronomical for doing good for its own people and giving some peace and so on. And how it was totally destroyed over time by a very clever, quiet, intellectual wars which again were really fomented at the University levels by outsiders, they came in with their doctrines of revolution and to overthrow the people.

No system has ever been perfect, remember. Never. But in the US for a period of time regardless of what you decided you want to do or how you wanted to live, you were allowed to live like that for a long time.  Until government stepped in. You could go off and live in a shack in some forest, if you wanted to, and you’d be left alone to do it. But not anymore. They want money off you no matter where you plopped down your behind on a chair, they want money for it, for that little space you’re occupying.  And taxation, and for taxation you’ve got to then get a job to earn their kind of coin to pay them back with. It’s such a racket. We’re just slaves, as I say.  And it’s always used, terminology is what confuses folk. It’s all just the terms that they use, you know.

Here’s a few quotes just from Thomas Jefferson. Again, little, littles statements have such profound meanings, and are so simple to say, and so simple even to just let flash through your mind. But when you just dwell on it for a little bit, this is, these are statements that were made long before he came up with them. He was simply repeating them from previous centuries. And nothing is ever diminished by time when it comes to these particular things to do with humankind and governments and so on. He said here…

There’s no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.


There’s NO justification, NO justification. He didn’t say generally no, he says there IS no justification for taking away individuals’ freedom in the guise of public safety.

Because you understand, all the tricks and cons had been used in the past, are used today. It’s the same thing. And they knew it so well back then, they had a better education back then in reality than we have today. And they didn’t have TV to brainwash them with teams of psychologists and neuroscientists and behaviorists all working to bring you wonderful dramas, that through fiction will bring you to the right conclusions and adopt the right opinions.

He also said…

When you abandon freedom to achieve security, you lose both and deserve neither.

When you abandon freedom to achieve security, you lose BOTH and deserve neither.

The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.

That’s also what, of course Thomas Jefferson was a Mason, but that used to be the argument they had in Freemasonry for the US.  And they called it the big experiment. It was the first experiment to see if people could govern themselves. And if not, they would be ruled by a powerful elite. And that’s what you’ve got, the latter.  The second experiment of course was the Soviet Union where they took it for granted you could never have the wherewithal to properly govern yourselves, so it would be done by experts. That’s what you’re in today, by the way, if you haven’t figured it out.  M-hm.  The experts are all employed by the small elite, the tyrannical elite that took over.

He also says…

I think myself that we have more machinery of government than is necessary, too many parasites living on the labor of the industrious. Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have … The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases. The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.

And isn’t that the truth?  And that’s what it was meant to be. There was nothing that’s happening today, really, that would have surprised these founding fathers. Again, who had a better education into history and how the world really ran, [Alan chuckles.] and how it had run in the past, and the different tricks that had been used on the public before to take the rights away. That wouldn’t surprise them that they were using different techniques today, or different excuses today, to take them away again. 

Again, Jefferson warned about the powers of the banks and the private banking monopolies. He said they were more powerful than standing armies to take your rights away.

When I think about it too, as these trillions have been dished out to the same people, Wall Street, etc., and the military boys at the very, very top, the big corporations… And don’t forget that Pharma is highly associated with the military-industrial complex, folks, including vaccines. Because the biowarfare industry is completely, intricately involved with making vaccines as well. That’s how they… They actually use the exploration of bacteria and viruses as, to help you all, but it’s really for the military-industrial complex. It’s a two-way street.

So, we’re going through it big time right now. Most folk don’t figure it out. But yeah, look at the rights that the people lost with 9/11.  Oh, you’re all going to die, again. Well, they weren’t all going to die.  But we can’t have you, you can’t have rights anymore, we’ve got to keep you safe, eh.  [Alan laughing.]  So that you end up having no rights to keep you safe. If you don’t, if you have no rights, how on earth can you be safe, folks?!  Hm?  It’s your….  Ah, it’s quite amazing.  What a paradox, as they say, how they can confuse and muddle the brains of the ordinary folk. Poor souls. Aren’t we all poor souls really living through all this nonsense?

And yeah, the powerful elites have taken over the Hamilton version of America, it’s what prevailed.  Hamilton and Jefferson used to go at it a little bit, you know, and they had their little differences and so on.  But Hamilton had been brought up with a silver spoon, it would be a gold spoon in his mouth, on an island, it was one of the islands off, it was St. Kitts, I think it was on Nevis.  I understand even opening up or rebuilding his old family home and making a kind of monument to it for visitors. But they had a big slave plantation there. 

Hamilton was all for the British system in many ways, and the private banking system, absolutely, he was all for that too.  Jefferson apparently had visited his quarters at one point. Jefferson commented on, HOW COME ALL THESE PORTRAITS AND PAINTINGS ARE OF TYRANTS? Like Alexander the great and so on.  That’s who Hamilton admired.  He admired all the tyrants in history that just took history by the horns, you know, and pulled everything through the hole of time into new systems. The ones who just took imagination and made it all come into reality. That’s what Hamilton really admired, tyrants. He didn’t believe in the common people at all. That was the differences between him and Jefferson’s way of looking at things. 

Quite interesting. It would be interesting actually to have them, ha, have them on a program today on TV, like a debate thing. It would be quite interesting to publicized that, if they saw what was happening today. You can pretty well tell where both sides would be, both parties would be. 

So, getting back to these bracelets that’s going to have your whole ID on them.  Initially they’ll use your phones of course. But they really want you to be tracked with something permanently, that you can’t take off.  That’s why the whole idea of the type of vaccination that would also be a kind of tattooed imprint IN your skin, keeping a record of all your vaccinations up to date, it’s going to be a permanent thing. You have to carry your whole history with you, to be accessed by your betters, the ones who rule over you, you see, and their henchmen. Because folk, it’s just henchmen who end up working for them. You know that. Under different names, well, they’re, they keep, they are peace officers, or they’re this, that.  No, no, no.  These are henchmen, folks, and you’re a slave.

Don’t forget what a manacle is. I don’t care if they want to call it a bracelet, it’s a manacle, electronic or otherwise. That’s really what it is.  That’s a sign of a slave. So is the tattoo forced upon you, it’s called a BRAND.  That’s what you do with cattle, you brand them. You’ve got to start seeing things for what they actually are. And what they want to do.  But yeah, I gave these very talks in the 1990s, of their whole vaccination record, where it would have to be up to date, you wouldn’t get into a store, alarms would go off with something on your body if you weren’t up-to-date with your vaccinations. And here we are!  It’s just amazing. But there you go.

We’re all going through this stuff too. We know from the beginning as I’ve said before, one of your telltale signs of something being awry and not quite right was when Fauci immediately said, well, after he basically changed his mind about the pandemic just being, IT COULD JUST BE A BAD FLU he said, in the New England Medical Journal. I’ll put that link up today too if you want to read it for yourselves, as proof of it. He said, IT MIGHT NOT BE NO MORE THAN A BAD FLU, initially. Of course once they saw the dollar values, and all the big corporations were calling him up and, you know, we’re onto a good thing here, then he changed his mind and immediately said, WELL NOTHING’S GOING TO FIX THIS EXCEPT THE VACCINATION AND WE CAN’T COME OUT OF LOCKDOWN UNTIL YOU’VE ALL GOT YOUR VACCINATIONS UP TO SCRATCH.

You’re talking about perpetual lockdown, folks.  Do you understand that? This is the whole, this is the revolution I’ve been talking about. It’s THEIR revolution into the new paradigm of scientific management of society. Although it’s all bogusly run really but under the guise of science.  Total lockdown, new way of living, sustainability, all the things they couldn’t get you to just simply go along with, post consumerist and all the rest of it. Here you go with it all.

I mentioned that last week and it’s interesting, the next, a couple of days later one of the biggest shows started mentioning the very same things I was talking about, verbatim from my talk. Which isn’t unusual actually from that particular one.

But here we go through this big agenda here and everybody’s on board with it. But yeah, pretty well at the start he was all for this permanent lockdown.  Along with the World Health Organization, and every chiefly appointed health officer for every nation pretty well is on board with the same thing. Isn’t that a bit of a coincidence? …the exact same thing?  Hm?  You’d think it would be something, well, there’s a few countries that didn’t go totally along with the same thing, that did very well actually without even lockdowns. So facts don’t matter. The agenda is what’s important, to bring in a new way of living, into austerity.

I used to give the talks on austerity, that the countries all signed on at the United Nations for, for sustainability. They called it austerity programs.  And here you go. This is how you bring it in. And any excuse will do, ‘eh.  Once you get the food, well, who’s growing the food? Who’s planting it? Where’s it coming from?  Hm?  When do you think it will start to really run out?  The big boys at the top know. They DO know. They’re not sitting stupidly at the top. They have other well-paid professionals, experts as they say, looking at all the different scenarios here. They know what they’re doing.  But there’s a big agenda to bring you into line, into this new system.  And it’s horrific. 

Many folk will refuse to believe it. They’ll live in that kind of, oh they don’t plan to do this forever. If they have their spike, which obviously they will DO, even with the flu it dies down in the summer, the viruses do. And coronaviruses die down in the summer.  Then they come back, and they hit again around the late fall, for the wintertime into the next spring. So, you always get a bit of a spike, you see, returning. And they know that. That’s why they say, OH, IF WE GET A SPIKE RETURNING, WE’LL HAVE TO LOCK YOU DOWN. Because they KNOW it’s going to return!  That’s the agenda.  Remember, they wanted, and Fauci wanted a permanent lockdown into next year from the beginning. That’s what he said.  So, they always get what they want, because there’s a whole agenda to fulfill here, you know.

Now, facial recognition is a big part of being a slave too.  The big corporations all attend the World Economic Forum.  Look at the basket, we’re all the eggs in the basket, you see, and they’re all deciding how to make money off of each egg.  And here they go, the state of facial recognition…

Mapped: The State Of Facial Recognition Around The World

zerohedge.com / 25 May 2020

(A: The whole world is their oyster now. It says…)

In its most benign form, facial recognition technology is a convenient way to unlock your smartphone.  (A:  Again, they always give you a good reason, oh that’s plausible, you know.) However, as Visual Capitalist’s Iman Ghosh notes, at the state level, facial recognition is a key component of mass surveillance, and it already touches half the global population on a regular basis.

North America, Central America, and Caribbean

In the U.S., a 2016 study showed that already half of American adults were captured in some kind of facial recognition network. More recently, the Department of Homeland Security unveiled its “Biometric Exit” plan, which aims to use facial recognition technology on nearly all air travel passengers by 2023, to identify compliance with visa status.

(A: It goes on and on and on about…)

…59% of Americans are actually in favor of implementing facial recognition technology, considering it acceptable for use in law enforcement according to a Pew Research survey. (A: But at least…) …some cities such as San Francisco have pushed to ban surveillance, citing a stand against its potential abuse by the government.

(A:  You’ve got to understand what Jefferson said too.  He was always on about government will always abuse power, if you let them, on behalf of a small rich elite, you see, who always take it over. And that’s where we are.)

South America

(A:  It goes into Brazil and how they’re cracking down on crime and they’re using more and more facial recognition surveillance.  Europe of course.)


East Asia and Oceania



(A: And China is way above there with their special glasses too, that literally read up whoever is walking past, you know, even about a dozen at a time, they all come up at once in special glasses that the cops can wear at the train stations and so on.  They’ve shown that on little clips.)

So that’s, yeah, this is the fantastic time for making money off the slaves.  And you’re owned.  You understand, with each right that you have to even be, to have privacy, once it’s gone, you’re completely owned. These are the reasons you had things like privacy and laws and rules and regulations and so on, because once they take it away from you, you’re just an open slave with no rights at all, folks.  M-hm.

Your “Immunity Passport” Future Begins To Materialize As Airlines Call For Digital ID Tracking Systems

activistpost.com / 26 May 2020

(A: Well, let them call for it all they want. Once again, you can’t give in for big corporations of any kind. I don’t care who they are.  You can’t give in because they want to take more and more rights away.  Eh?  Freedom of movement, hm?  It won’t be just for airlines. It can be, it will go into a few streets from your own home will eventually. This is where it WILL go, and I really mean that.)

The world’s largest airline trade group has called for immunity passports, (A:  Again, that’s where all your vaccinations…) thermal screening, masks, and physical distancing to be a part of the industry’s strategy for returning to “normal” operations.

(A:  Once they start that it’s never going to be normal, eh.  Hm?)

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents 299 airlines, recently issued their publication, Biosecurity for Air Transport A Roadmap for Restarting Aviation, which outlines their strategy to open up air travel as governments begin to lift travel restrictions.

Under a section titled, “The passenger experience” and “Temporary biosecurity measures,” (A:  Nothing is temporary when it comes to money and technology and making money off you.) the IATA describes their vision of post-COVID-19 flights. The organization calls for contact tracing, a controversial method of tracking the civilian population to track the spread of COVID-19.

(A: SURE. [Alan chuckles.])

“We foresee the need to collect more detailed passenger contact information which can be used for tracing purposes,” the report states. “Where possible, the data should be collected in electronic form, and in advance of the passenger arriving at the airport including through eVisa and electronic travel authorization platforms.”

Interestingly, this call for pre-boarding check-in using “electronic travel authorization platforms” coincides with the recent announcement of the Covi-Pass (A: They call it the Covi-Pass. [Alan chuckles.]) and the Health Pass from Clear, both of which call for a digital ID system using biometrics and storing travel, health, and identification data.

Alexandre de Juniac, IATA’s CEO, told Arabian Industry that “a layered approach” combining multiple measures which are “globally implemented and mutually recognized by governments” are “the way forward for biosecurity.”

(A:  Any excuse will do, eh?  Any excuse will do, folks.  What was it Jefferson said about giving up your freedoms for security?  [Alan chuckles.])

The IATA also calls for temperature screening at entry points to airport terminals. They envision the airline experience involving physical distancing of 3-6 feet throughout the airport.

(A:  Ah, this whole distancing thing is completely bogus, folks. I’ll touch on that later too.)

Although the organization acknowledged that there is not currently a fast reliable test for COVID-19, (A:  It doesn’t matter.) they believe that once an effective test is developed it could be applied on entry to the terminal. They call for this measure to be “incorporated into the passenger process as soon as an effective test, validated by the medical community, has been developed.”

(A: Expert groups and medical communities, eh, all in charge of you. Anthony Fauci naturally is on the topic of immunity passports do with the World Health Organization and Bill Gates…  all this cabal, this gang, eh?  The very same kind of gang, like the criminal gangs that Jefferson talked about, eh?  They always have nice titles and stuff, but it’s a gang nonetheless.)

On the topic of immunity passports — an idea discussed by Anthony Fauci, the World Health Organization, and Bill Gates — the IATA states that “immunity passports could play an important role in further facilitating the restart of air travel.” The organization believes that if a person is shown to have recovered from COVID-19 and developed immunity they will not need protective measures. Once medical evidence supports the possibility of immunity to COVID-19, IATA believes “it is essential that a recognized global standard be introduced, and that corresponding documents be made available electronically.”

(A:  This is a prison; I hope you understand they’re setting up a whole world prison here. If they don’t like you eventually they’ll just, you’ll be surprised how, immediately, if they don’t like what you’re doing or what you’re saying or whatever, you’ll just suddenly be diagnosed going through a thing as, oh, you’ve got a temperature. I don’t think that, my own personal temperature thermometer says I’m okay. Oh, well, our one says we can’t let you travel.  They’ll definitely harass you so you can’t go anywhere.  Do you think I’m kidding? Do you really think I’m kidding, eh?  Do you think that doesn’t happen in real life, that kind of thing?  [Alan chuckles.] Oh, I-yi-yi.  N-n.  So, they’re talking about bringing in…)

Biometrics would include facial recognition, retina scanning, and/or thumbprints.

Coronavirus: NHS app paves the way for ‘immunity passports’ – bbc.com / 27 May 2020

Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted – New England Journal of Medicine (Fauci) – nejm.org / 26 Mar 2020

Remember, these folk will have your DNA and everything on record here, folks. Your whole history.  N-n-n.  I’ll put these links up too. That one is from The Last American Vagabond, that site. It’s not bad at all.

California doctors say they’ve seen more deaths from suicide than coronavirus since lockdowns

washingtonexaminer.com / 21 May 2020

(A:  Again too, they knew from the beginning, they had all the psychologists on board with their hands out, everybody who studies you all, you know.  We’re the ants, you see, they’re all studying us.  They’ve got their hands out, we’ll do another study on this and the whole bit and see how we can do… and dut-dut-dut and dut and dut.  Great times to do big experiments on the general population, that’s what they’re doing right now.  All to do with future control, you see, more effective control.  So, there’s more suicides with folk at home and all that.)

Doctors in Northern California say they have seen more deaths from suicide than they’ve seen from the coronavirus during the pandemic.

“The numbers are unprecedented,” Dr. Michael deBoisblanc of John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek, California, told ABC 7 News about the increase of deaths by suicide, adding that he’s seen a “year’s worth of suicides” in the last four weeks alone.

DeBoisblanc said he believes it’s time for California officials to end the stay-at-home order and let people back out into their communities.

“Personally, I think it’s time,” he said. “I think, originally, this was put in place to flatten the curve…”

(A:  But it really didn’t!  You understand, this whole idea of flatten the curve is a novel thing too. Because every other coronavirus before in history, and flus as well, you see, you go through it and then you get herd immunity. Folk get sick, there’s always the elderly that die, that’s standard every year, folks. I hate to break the bad news but that’s often what happens. Then you get over it with herd immunity.)

(A: But if you lock people down, they’re not mixing to pass it on to get the herd immunity. Remember, most folk with this Covid 19 don’t even know they’ve had it. They have no symptoms. Others, the smaller minority that have a few symptoms are very, very mild. It’s the elderly who have other complications that get hit hardest, and that happens every year with every kind of virus that comes out at that time of year, in the wintertime into the spring. You know that. That’s the standard history.)

(A: But the lockdown is stopping the children from mixing. The children are the greatest carriers of all these things. They always spread colds and flus and viruses throughout the community, bring them home and into the streets and so on, that’s what happens.  Then everybody picks it up one way or another, whether they know it or not, and then they get immune to it. That’s HOW you get herd immunity.)

(A: This lockdown, this experimental lockdown for it, when for the first time in history, which makes no sense unless it’s deliberate for a different reason, you see.  I think it’s the latter.  But the total lockdown of the healthy, stops them getting herd immunity, so it’s pretty well guaranteed to spike again in the fall, the late fall. This is what, this is planned to happen.  They’re not stupid at the top.)

(A: But they say, yeah, you don’t lockdown the healthy people. That’s how you would GET herd immunity, hm.  So anyway, this is talking about suicides and so on…)

By late March, more people had died in just one Tennessee county from suicide than had died in the entire state directly from the virus.

A study published in early May suggested that the coronavirus could lead to at least 75,000 deaths directly brought on by anxiety from the virus, job losses, and addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Another study conducted by Just Facts around the same time computed a broad array of scientific data showing that stress is one of the deadliest health hazards in the world and estimated that the coronavirus lockdowns will destroy 7 times as many years of human life than strict lockdowns can save.

Earlier this week, more than 600 doctors signed their names on a letter to President Trump, referring to the continued lockdowns as a “mass casualty incident” and urging him to do what he can to ensure they come to an end.

Well unfortunately, look at all the other articles I read there about all the different surveillance systems and tracking systems, that are going to make billions of money off us all. Well, they’re going to make this drag on as long as, and probably, possibly if they can get away with it, forever, folks. As they bring in a whole new way of existing. I won’t say living.  It won’t be living; it will be existing.  This system, a post consumerist society, the austerity agenda.

Another one too similar to that one…

Coronavirus pandemic may lead to 75,000 “deaths of despair” from suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, study says

cbsnews.com / 8 May 2020

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Well Being Trust reported that more lives had been lost to deaths of despair in 2017 than ever before.

“The primary response at the time was to look at the opioid epidemic, but that didn’t even come close to cracking all of the issues of mental health related to deaths of despair,” Miller explained.

(A: Then they go through the different things that can contribute to it and all the rest of it…)

Many things can contribute to deaths of despair, including loneliness, isolation,

(A: So they know when they lock folk down, guess what they get?  They get lonely, eh?  They get isolated… Well, they can’t meet anybody and mingle.)

 a lack of belonging, limited access to affordable health care,

(A:  No kidding you, stay at home if you’re sick.  [Alan chuckles.])

systemic racism, trauma and financial concerns, like a lack of housing and food, according to the Well Being Trust.

Well, it’s just wonderful when you give them a lockdown and you watch it go up and up and up causing it all to happen, folks, eh?  For something that most folk don’t even know that they’ve had.  Hm?  And another one…

Stress from virus response will destroy 7 times more years of life than lockdowns save: Study – washingtonexaminer.com / 5 May 2020

…another study repeating the same stuff. But HERE’s the happy news, there’s a happy news from your lovely communists, you know, that are all happy to work for the elite who own you, you know, because you are owned you understand, and that the real truly left-wing elites are really just the managerial class for it, and called socialist or communist, that manage you for the wealthy elite.  The United Nations, are you getting fuzzy already what I’m saying, you feel all warm don’t you…?

United Nations NWO (UNNWO) Launches COVID 19 Coronavirus Focused International Day of Happiness 2020 Campaign Theme HAPPINESS FOR ALL TOGETHER

Thriveglobal.com / 19 March 2020

(A:  Now, take the tears out of your eyes, and I know you’re all in ecstasy just hearing that there, so I’ll repeat the last part. If you can handle it, right.  [Alan laughing.])


(A:  …right.  And by the way, the NWO is the New World Order from the United Nations. I’ll put that link up too.   It says…)

 COVID 19 Coronavirus Focused International Day of Happiness

(A:  I really feel like I’m back in the womb here, you know, just kicking my mum’s belly there, you know, it’s all fuzzy and warm and everything.)

International Day of Happiness 2020 Campaign Theme HAPPINESS FOR ALL TOGETHER

(A:  Isn’t that wonderful? Isn’t that amazing, eh?  N-n-n.  This is the stuff they’d put into comedies. But I mean, this meant to be SERIOUS.  This is the stuff that communists turn out. You know, they’d have these events that, you’re all to be happy and come out and smile and everything.  And here we go, from the United Nations, no wonder, eh.)

New York – Responding to the unprecedented, sudden threat of COVID 19 to the health, happiness, and wellbeing of all humanity, as well as the worldwide quarantine, and disruption to the global economy across every sector, industry, and the everyday life of billions of people, the United Nations International Day Of Happiness (UNIDOHappiness)

(A: [Alan singing.] U-n-i-d-o, i-d-o…)

is launching the HAPPINESS FOR ALL, TOGETHER March 20, 2020,

(A:  So there you are. We’ve already had it. I didn’t even get my share of happiness, you know that. I didn’t even know it was even happening. I wonder if they can claim it even, you know, after the event may be?)

International Day of Happiness global campaign theme, to promote and advance worldwide solidarity

(A:  There’s that communist term, solidarity… and, unity again…)

and unity, in winning the global fight against COVID 19 coronavirus.

(A:  There you are.  So, it’s a WAR.  They always use wars, and, WE’RE ALL IN IT TOGETHER. That’s always the slogans in warfare, eh, as those at the top take all your rights and freedoms, and your food away from you, while they stuff their faces at the top and celebrate with their champagne. It says…)

The #HAPPINESSFORALLTOGETHER 2020 United Nations #InternationalDayOfHappiness campaign theme is a call on all 7.8 billion members of the global human family, and all 206 nations and territories of planet earth, to unite in solidarity, and steadfast resolve, in fighting back against the COVID 19 Coronavirus, by taking the (A: [Alan chuckles.] …it’s like a 10-step program.)  #TenStepsToGlobalHappiness challenge to celebrate the 2020 #InternationalDayOfHappiness, and ultimately defeating the COVID 19

(A:  You see, all you need is happiness.  [Alan singing.] All you need is happiness, ba, de, te, de, te, de.  And that’s it, cured, right, just be happy. Don’t worry, remember that stupid one too, that other stupid song, Don’t Worry Be Happy? So, there you go, that’s your… I wonder how much it cost us all to pay for this nonsense, a few billion here probably as well, eh.  But it goes on and on, it says…)

‘It always seems impossible until it’s done.’  (A:  …all these big, big agendas.)

Let us unite and work together to win this global fight, and to achieve the happiness, wellbeing, and freedom of all life on earth,” said Ndaba Mandela, UNAIDS Global Ambassador, (A:  So we’ve got global ambassadors, you see, sounds very pompous, eh.  Probably gold braid and everything and all that eh.) Co-founder of the United Nations New World Order Project(A: That’s what it’s called, and the link is here.)

United Nations New World Order Project, and Chairman of the Mandela Institute for Humanity.

(A:  I remember old Nelson Mandela, he used to put a lot into humanity too, especially the children, by attacking school buses and things. But now he’s a hero.  Now, it depends, eventually you become a hero. It’s okay now. It’s wonderful. He wasn’t a terrorist at all.  I don’t know where that thought came from but, I have to put it out of my head for goodness sake and rehabilitate myself.  So, it says here that, yeah, it goes on and on and on about…)

…collective global action of every individual, organization, and nation. This year’s #TenStepsToGlobal Happiness

(A:  Wow.  We get…)

…a 7-day virtual event uniting 80 countries and thousands of experts and activists

(A:  You didn’t know they had that many revolutionaries out there…)

at the intersection of happiness, wellbeing, education, health, technology, politics, economic development, and social impact, among other fields and sectors.

(A:  Wow.  Eh?  There you are, just be happy.  As your stomach is rumbling and you can’t get food, just be happy, folks. Just be happy.  M-hm.  My, what trash is this though, ‘eh?  What trash is this?  It’s so collectivist. And they really see you like a bunch of children, eh.  Mind you, if you smile and show your teeth, they’ll give you a little pat on the head for being good. But if you disagree with them, they’re completely intolerant.  And that’s the nature of the beast actually, and that’s what you’ll see.)

“The United Nations New World Order Project is a global, high-level initiative

(A:  A high-level, ‘eh?  Again, I guess they’ll join them in the snowy mountains up in Switzerland, the high-level.)

 founded in 2008 to advance a new economic paradigm, a new political order, and more broadly, a new world order for humankind, which achieves the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050,” the about section of the scheme explains.

(A:  Ohhhh, wow, eh.  They call that…)


(A: [Alan laughing.] I wonder how much that costs them, the marketing company, happytalism.  But I’ll repeat that for the hard of thinking, because it’s kind of important that.)

“The United Nations New World Order Project is a global, high-level initiative founded in 2008 to advance a new economic paradigma new political order(A:  Again, I’ll say that…)

a new political order, and more broadly, a new world order for humankind, which achieves the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030, and the happiness, well-being, and freedom of all life on Earth by 2050,”

There’s always a future utopia, when you starve yourself to death.  You’re working for us a better tomorrow, you understand.  So, here’s a whole new system, folks, getting announced to you. It’s a happy thing, HAPPY, you see. And a Communist is the head of it, somebody who was all part of the big communist family, and for the United Nations. Do you vote for the United Nations? Of course you don’t. You don’t get to vote for the United Nations.  You just get told what to do by them. Well, maybe it’s time you told the United Nations where to go!  Eh?  Huh?  …with its new world order Project, eh?  …and its new political system …and its new economic system …and a new world order and so on …and it’s global goals for sustainable development. Maybe you should tell them where to go with it all, eh?!  What d’you think about that?

Tell them where to stuff it and then you could be happy.  Hm?  Because somebody has to. This is tyranny, you’re looking at tyranny, folks. I don’t care how they try to dress it up for their childish nonsense, the fact is, these are tyrants talking here. The UN is completely staffed with communists ON BEHALF OF the elite at the top who own the world’s cash system.  They use the communists and socialists to run it all in their socialistic fashion, you see.  But you’re looking at hell.  You won’t be too happy with this, believe you me.  N-n-n.

Remember, sustainable development is no private vehicles, you’ll have no travel, you’ll have no darn rights, you’ll be part of your community, and will have to turn up at the community events, for good socialists. If you don’t turn out, where were you, you’re supposed to be there, says your commissar, you see.  Then of course for, you can’t heat yourself with that, you’ve had your quota for heating fuel for the winter!  Etc. etc. That’s what you’re looking at here, folks.  N-n-n.  Nasty nasty.

So I’ve got two or three articles on the new world order here, from them, themselves, not made up about them but from them.  And the UN has got the website called, New World Order.

On first International Day of Happiness, Ban calls for inclusive human development – news.un.org / 20 Mar 2013

There you go. I’ll put it all out mind you for you guys tonight.  I do a lot of work for other people, that just parrot my stuff for the rest of the week, but they never mention where they get it.  [Alan chuckles.] But I do a lot of stuff for that, for nothing, that’s obvious.

This other article here too, how they can sneak in things during these crisis to familiarize you with other things to come, obviously. Now remember, Canada is sadly beyond socialistic, and they call it progressive, we’re so wonderful and caring, we care about everybody yada, yada, ya. But when you see troops getting used for civilian purposes, um, you’ve got to be very wary. I mean, troops are a blind force.  Troops are supposed to be men, they are meant, the whole job of being in the military is for combat. But Canada being so socialistic, and throwing money across the planet, money we don’t have, as they take it off us of course to throw it where they want it to go, often to their pals and corporations across the planet, that’s what socialists always do, you know.  And they do all their social, I call it preening, it’s not just virtue signaling, it’s actually preening.  It’s like Trudeau comes on and he, I guess he has his own makeup team or something because they try to make him look sexy for the women and stuff like that. It’s just sad. To me that kind of thing is so sad.  He strives to be all things to all people, to all left-wingers, all things to all left-wingers, I should say. 

But in reality, Canada is a mess right now. It’s been a mess, going downhill ever since the free trade with China. We lost all our factories, just like the US and other countries did too.  Millions got put out of work, you know.  Millions of people. We’re not all supposed to sit home and work on silly computers. We’re really not meant for that.  Obviously. The same with universities. Universities are just a waste of time for most things today. Really.  For the ridiculous courses that they teach. And it’s so expensive too.

But there used to be stacks of people, millions of folk used to work in factories and made things and were productive. And they enjoyed making things.  And it gave them purpose. And it gave them some pride in themselves to bring in a good income for themselves and so on. Purpose, we can’t live without purpose, you know.  We personally need it ourselves.

We’ve been a mess ever since. And with Canada like everything else too, has been selling off everything, it’s healthcare systems quietly bit by bit, to foreign international chains. The healthcare industry now and hospital industry is like chains of hospitals. Just like supermarkets.  The mess Canada is in with the old age homes and so on, was also because the bids were put up for these homes to outside forces, outside the country, that came in and took them over and maximize the profits and don’t give a darn about the patients.  I really mean that. They hire the cheapest labor possible.

What happened with the massive panic during the terror campaign caused by the media, they were supposed to give us a terror campaign to get us all to believe it, you see.  They terrified the public so much into obeyance that people stopped going into the old folks homes, the actual workers, and some of them deserted them.  I know they did that in Montréal for instance and elsewhere too. Just terrified the workers, who were not really medical staff.  They were caretakers but they’re not medical staff as such. They were terrified for their lives as well. They were given no protective gear. A lot of them just didn’t go in, and the folk were left in terrible conditions.

Well, this is Canada, we outsource everything, and we sold everything off. Because we’re so wonderful in Canada, we’re so goody-goody to the whole planet now, you see, we’re so communistic that things are becoming nonfunctional, or dysfunctional.

Facing an invisible enemy, Canadian troops lend a helping hand to seniors

thestar.com / 7 May 2020

(A:  So, you’ve got people who are trained to go out and kill folk, this is how desperate it is, bring them in to help the seniors in the homes, eh?  Again, it’s a public relations thing as well naturally.)

OTTAWA—It’s not the front line they signed up for. It’s not even a deployment they prepared for. But for some 1,500 Canadian military personnel, their mission now is helping care for elderly residents in long-term-care homes hit hard by COVID-19.

(A:  It’s mainly by the effects of it and the staff getting petrified.)

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan conceded Thursday that the deployment to facilities in Ontario and Quebec is “not a typical” Canadian Armed Forces operation.

“They will do whatever they can to help health-care providers in these long-term-care facilities maintain the health and well-being of vulnerable Canadians.  Canadians need their service and they have stepped up.

(A:  So, they brought some medical staff in I suppose.)

Deployed to the homes following requests from Québec and Ontario for help staffing long-term-care homes, which have become Covid 19 hot stones with widespread deaths and illnesses.

(A:  Well, there’s a lot more to the deaths and illnesses too by the way than they’re telling you here.  Naturally. And I tell you, when things are so politically correct now that you can’t even speak about truth anymore, and get to the bottom to fix things, you know, just to fix things.  I said before, we’re so far gone now we couldn’t say what we have to say and do what we have to do to save ourselves. That’s literally what’s happening.)

1000 troops deployed at 22 facilities in Québec with 670 medical and support personnel working in the homes while another 350 provides support such as deliveries of protective equipment.

The operation is expected to increase to 1350 personnel and 25 homes in the coming days.

Another thing too, you see, here’s the thing too, as you start to selloff… You start something up like your own healthcare systems, like Britain did. Now, Britain, it’s the same, Britain was collapsing totally in its healthcare system, national healthcare system, for years, and last year one of the biggest sales off to the private sector was done in Britain too.  The same thing is happening in Canada naturally too, big American corporations, that are actually foreign owned, it’s not even American, they might have a place based in America, like an office, but they’re often outside the country. But they’re buying up the hospital care of the planet.  And things become dysfunctional as they cut and slash and burn, and they bring in by the way the bioethics teams, which they promote through universities. The big private corporations decide what is going to get taught, and out come the bioethicists who decide what life is worth and what your life is worth and not worth the blah blah blah, who’s going to live and who’s going to die and yada ya.  This is where you end up, with these kind of messes, with the slash and burn techniques that they use.  They’ll cut the staff and cut the staff until they’ve got people who literally have no care at all in the work that they’re doing.  And you end up with chaos. 

In some ways this is related to the same international multicultural system of the United Nations and the global agenda of interdependence. It really is. When you’re not treating people inside your country, and you’re bringing in the cheapest labor from outside the country to work in places…  They have no interest, often they can’t speak the languages in the places either.  Britain’s got an awful job with that as well. It’s just astonishing how cheap, cheap, cheap they can do…  These places and hospitals are part of your infrastructure. These are essential for the community, for the people who live there in the nations.

It’s the same as selling off your resources, your necessary essential resources. You don’t sell them off to foreign companies. And then you fall out with them down the road and then you can’t get anything that you need. That’s what happens with China right now.  But it’s the same with your healthcare systems. You should never sell it off to international corporations, who have nothing in common with the people or the nation that they’re supposedly going to end up serving – I hate that word serving – as they plunder your bank account and tried to give you the cheapest care possible, for massive profit. You can’t do that.

Everything in the system is NOT profit. You’ve got to understand that too.  And governments, you see, have to accept that there’s a cost of running, just like a business, there’s a cost of running a business. Businesses today don’t, they get taught in business school try to have no cost at all, they want it all profit. Governments are just the same.  Think of all the money they’re taxing off us all, ALL THE TIME.  And the money they’re throwing abroad, rather than spending it at home.  Now you have to bring the military in the help out in old age homes? 

Today, folk are scared to get old because they know about eugenics. They know that they’re getting written off now with the hospitals.  Well, why don’t you just take this pill, you know, and end it all, it’s a lot cheaper than treating you. You might live another 10 years if they treat you. You might live even more. Why not do the right thing and just take this pill, you know, this little…  You know?  This is what they’re advocating in the hospitals here now. Why on earth would you?  Folk are terrified to get into the hospitals now. You’re written off, if you’re a nobody.  And I really mean that.  [Alan chuckles.]   

They’ve published it enough in the papers here, you know. Québec, by the way, where they’ve had so much of the problem, even the old age homes being deserted by the staff who are terrified.  Again, a lot of them were sold off to foreign companies.  All these people who bought them are gung-ho for all this, come in, right from the countries and bought them up… and Québec is gung-ho for all this, they were at the top, the elite, for euthanasia, they were the first ones to really push it big time. There’s articles out there where the rate’s going up and up and up of folk who are just accepting, they’re being convinced to accept euthanasia for God’s sake, you know. Convinced.  They have teams all trying to convince you.  They also got teams to fly all over the countries that try to convince relatives that you should make sure the persons organs are left to good use to get sold abroad or something.

This is incredible what’s happening. It’s a horror show for God’s sake.  As we are really lost. This guff you got from the United Nations, the world order thing, eh, about their happiness, will all be happy-happy.  What guff!  Get back to reality and outside of these marketing campaigns and see what is really happening here. It’s a damned horror show what’s been happening. And disgusting. Heads should be rolling for what’s happening to the public here!  Where it’s all money and cents and dollars, and then their bioethicists get churned out of universities living off the taxpayers’ purses, since they can decide which taxpayers are going to get the chop when they go into hospital. Well, you know, you’re old now, you don’t deserve to live anymore. And that’s how they’ve been trained to look at you?  Hm-hm.  We have to get back to a nation, or even leave to go to other nations where there’s still a value in human life, eh.  For everybody not just for celebrities and so on, right.

Another article in Canada…

Canada’s military exposes ‘extremely troubling’ conditions in Ontario long-term-care homes

thestar.com / 26 May 2020

(A: No kidding, eh?  Hm?)

Cockroach infestations, residents left to wallow in soiled diapers (A: That happened when all the staff just fled the place in Montréal.), COVID-19 patients allowed to wander around, forceful feeding of the elderly, and a “culture of fear to use supplies because those cost money.” 

(A:  Hm.  You see, they’re all for high profit, high profit, high profit, so don’t use the supplies we’ve got.)

Those are some of the horrifying findings uncovered by Canadian Armed Forces personnel dispatched to help in five Ontario nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a searing 23-page military report by Brig. Gen. Conrad Mialkowski made public Tuesday, Ontario’s troubled long-term-care system — where 1,538 residents and six staff members have died of COVID-19 — is laid bare.

(A: Of course, Trudeau expressed outrage, all that nonsense, eh.  Yeah, sure.  He was saddened and shocked and disappointed and he was angry.  Yeah.  Hm-hm-hm.  I guess they just noticed these things, like it’s just happening now, eh?  [Alan chuckles.]  They weren’t caring a damn before all this hit.)

Premier Doug Ford from Ontario was visibly upset as he spoke with reporters.

Sure, sure, sure. Again, we’re getting independent, one of these endless commissions that Canada’s famous for to examine the long-term care crisis.  And there will be a full public inquiry, which of course will go nowhere because a lot of the folks who own these big homes, these chains in the medical system, are important, they’re very wealthy, and they back the politicians, you know, when they run for office and so on. You know that. You know how the system is so corrupt, that’s how it works, folks.  Hm.  Hm?

So anyway as I say this is what they give you.  I can remember when Obama was running for office and he said in his talk that, he mentioned, he kept using the example of his grandmother, and WAS IT REALLY RIGHT THAT WE SPENT SO MUCH MONEY KEEPING HER ALIVE AND SO ON. He was talking about euthanasia!  He was pushing for that.  The left wing, they’re all for euthanasia. There’s no religion, no God, no nothing. And human life, just like Julian Huxley said they’d have to do, has BEEN PUT OFF OF THE PEDESTAL AND BROUGHT DOWN TO THE LEVEL OF THE ANIMAL, and usefulness and non-usefulness.  That’s what you’re all getting taught. 

Money rules and corporations that own all these chains and chains of nursing homes and that, they rule.  They own the hospitals too. They’ve been privatizing big chunks and chunks and chunks of hospitals for a long, long time in Britain and elsewhere.  As I say, Britain just sold one of the biggest sell offs and privatized it last year in fact.  So now they’re making them all into temporary superstars through all the PR nonsense. That’s all fiction, people.  The reality is.  It’ll go back to where it was again.   Because the agenda, the same in Canada, is to sell them off to these very expensive, ah, um, what you call them, their tycoons that own chains of hospitals across the globe. And that’s a fact. That’s what they’re doing here.

Our life is becoming nothing. Unless we’re productive they don’t see us as anything except just, just, just a purse until the purse is empty.  That’s how we’re seen. That’s what life is now in this system.

Another article…

Statement from SEIU Healthcare President Sharleen Stewart on Disturbing Revelations from Long-Term Care by the Canadian Armed Forces – newswire.ca / 25 May 2020

Well, there’s nothing disturbing about it. It’s what was expected really because it’s been going down the tubes for the last 25-30 years apparently. All the deaths too are through, a lot of them are through neglect, folks, there’s no doubt about it.  And again, the complete chaos to do with who should get into hospital in this day and age, and in a system, in Ontario especially, and in Québec, in a system as I say that’s run by eugenics.  That’s run, as I say, according to the age that you are, regardless of how ill or well you are, as to whether they’re going to let you into hospital or not, or if they’re even going to treat you.

This is completely dollar and cents now, folks. I’ve given talks on this.  It’s disgusting how we’re all labeled as to our value into society, our non-value, and if you even get in to hospital now and get treatment.  They’re not going to… I even read the articles that they came out with when the Covid hit and says, WELL WE’LL HAVE TO DECIDE NOW WHO WE’RE GOING TO TREAT AND NOT TREAT, you know. Dollars and cents, yada, yada, ya. That’s what’s wrong with our system. And it can only get worse in the communist/socialist system run by supposed professionals and experts, you see.  N-n-n.


Ontario takes over 5 long-term care homes, extends emergency orders to June 9 – cbc.ca / 27 May 2020

[Alan chuckles.] There’s how good we’re doing in Canada right now, eh.  Ah, quite amazing.  And here’s the thing too, in New York…

Andrew Cuomo gave immunity to nursing home execs after big campaign donations

theguardian.com / 26 May 2020

Critics say data proves New York’s liability shield is linked to higher nursing home death rates during the pandemic.

As Governor Andrew Cuomo faced a spirited challenge in his bid to win New York’s 2018 Democratic primary, his political apparatus got a last-minute boost: a powerful healthcare industry group suddenly poured more than $1m into a Democratic committee backing his campaign.

(A:  Well, that’s just coincidence, folks.  It had nothing to do with it. I mean, he wouldn’t let that interfere with his work and so on, and his decision-making. What’s interesting too, you’ve seen, come on, you’ve gotta stop being so naïve.  You stop making excuses for people who are in charge of things. You know what you would do if you were in charge of certain things, but you always make excuses when they do the wrong things at the top and think, why I guess they just made big mistakes.  Stop doing it.)

(A: You’ve watched, and you read the articles, you’ve even heard Dr Birx give her talks there about how they’re basically putting everybody down who might have Covid AS a Covid death, and they might not have it.  No matter what they really die off, heart giving up or whatever, or kidneys packing in or people with chronic, chronic illnesses who are dying, being put down as Covid deaths.  Even when they haven’t even been tested and so on, it makes no difference. They have padded and padded to get the numbers up and up and up, and you’ve all seen it, you’ve seen the articles, these are verifiable articles, folks.  Not from conspiracy theorists, eh.)

(A: But then you saw Cuomo ordering the old age homes to take in active cases, people who had tested positive, and putting them into the old folks’ homes.  I mean, d’you think he’s just stupid?  Are you going to just, oh I guess the man is just stupid, eh?  You put them into the old folks’ homes, and you order the homes to take them in regardless, or you charge them, and they take them in, and then it spreads right through the home, and they die.  Do you really think that’s just incompetence? No, that’s deliberate.  To pad the numbers.)

(A: Because they don’t care about the lives that are getting lost. They don’t!  They really, really don’t. These are politicians, eh.  These are the people who score high on the psychopathic score testing. That’s who go into politics, these kind of people.  Hm?  So $1 million backed his campaign last year, eh.)

Less than two years after that flood of cash from the Greater New York Hospital Association (GNYHA), Cuomo signed legislation last month quietly shielding hospital and nursing home executives from the threat of lawsuits stemming from the coronavirus outbreak.

(A:  Well, that’s nice of him.) 

It’s great though how birds of a feather, a crooked feather, really do stick together, isn’t it? I mean, they do look after each other, don’t they? So, you’ve got to admit it, they do, gangs look after gang members.  I have noticed that.  Another article…

“Madness” – Focus On The COVID-19 Death Rate

zerohedge.com / 26 May 2020

The most frightening aspect of the coronavirus-19 (COVID-19) epidemic in the US is that it brought about exaggeratedly heightened fear of death. That fear, once magnified to proportions which become palpable to the individual, became the basis for dreadful economic and medical policies from governments and crushed the natural optimism of the public.

(A:  But don’t worry, the UN is making up for it with its new world order happiness day and all that.)

In early days, we were caught in a squeeze of conflicting information. Was COVID-19 a bioweapon gone rogue and destined to indiscriminately wipe out young and old? Or, was it another bad flu or perhaps an extremely bad flu? After all, initial information showed the victims were concentrated in a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington.

No cases were reported amongst the homeless on West Coast streets. No deaths among children were reported. And in the closed world of cruise liners and later a military ship, there were lots of early cases and some deaths. As time passed, there was little more bad news. We should have been suspicious of the data.

We were mainly focused on the case fatality rate (CFR: deaths as a percent of diagnosed cases) which were frighteningly high. We worried about the infection fatality rate (IFR), but there was too little data and testing available to have any idea how many people were or ultimately would be infected.

But those concepts – CFR and IFR – are not the most important strategic measures of the severity of the disease. It is the death rate, properly defined and understood, that should matter for long-term policy makers, our erstwhile more level-headed thinkers, in determining policy.

In the past few weeks, we have obtained more useful data in the US. There were secrets lurking in the data, waiting to be uncovered, that could help ascertain what was really happening. The purpose of this report is to do just that – to ascertain what the data are telling us. It also gives us the basis for judging the appropriateness of past and present policies

(A:  So they go into the definitions…)

There are many definitions in the epidemiological world such as the CFR and IFR mentioned above. My focus is on the overall death rate…

We do not even have accurate data on how many people have died from COVID-19 alone versus COVID-19 plus some other complications that were already present such as diabetes, morbid obesity and prior respiratory complications, any one of which might equally have been the proximate cause of death. There is ample evidence, especially in the Northeast region that there has been “over classification” (a euphemism for data bias). (A:   …meaning, lying [Alan chuckles.] fudging, that’s what it means, folks.)

(A: Because yeah, we’ve had them all admitting to putting them ALL down as Covid.  They even sent, the AMA sent out forms to doctors showing them how to fill them in, regardless of what they really were going to put them down as, the causes of death, but put them down as causes of death anyway as [Covid].  And also, you had them, eventually they gave up even testing and said even if they suspected they had the symptoms, or may have had the symptoms, put it down as definite.  So, they’ve padded the numbers.)

(A: And by the way, can you find the flu? The cases? You can’t find flu cases for the year, because they’ve lumped them all in as well.  Try to find how many folk have been diagnosed with the flu this year. You won’t find it. This has been an amazing padding job to boost numbers.  I’m not saying hasn’t, it has killed people.  But they’ve lumped in all the other deaths too from other things like the flu for goodness sake, and as I say, folk who have got comorbidities already, existing morbidities.)

To understand how our minds have been misdirected in understanding the real risks associated with COVID-19, let’s begin with a brain teaser. It will awaken our numerate minds in preparation for understanding the data deception and misunderstandings that prevail.

When is 1.7% greater than 98.3%?

In the bizarro world of COVID-19 reporting that is the case – 1.7% is greater than 98.3%. Specifically, deaths among a narrow 1.7% group of the population are greater than deaths from the other 98.3%. Numerically a death may be a death, but from a policy point of view, to be blunt about it, not all deaths are the same.

Fact #1: 1.7% of the population in the US resides in long-term medical care facilities(A:  …you see.) (LTMCFs) and total 5.7 million.

Fact #2: The residents of LTMCFs accounted for 38,800 or 53% of all COVID-19 deaths (A:  It’s mainly old folks’ homes.) (based on recent data). The rest of the country, the 98.3%, have experienced approximately 34,600 deaths, or 47% of the nation’s total COVID-19 deaths.

The Death Rate at LTMCFs Is Stunning

That means the death rate, deaths expressed as a percent of those living in medical care institutions, is 0.682%, more than 50 times the death rate of the rest of the population at 0.012%. The death rate for the overall populations is 0.022%.

That should leave you speechless.

We have a COVID-19 problem, but we have an even greater and more serious LTMCF problem that is clouding our understanding of the contagion and therefore what our best public health policies should be. Shutting down the economy, the world wherein the 98.3% live and prosper was too draconian. The feared overloading of the hospital system with emergency patients, which was short-lived, was disproportionately coming from the residents of LTMCFs, not the general public.

That’s what I’ve said before, they’ve locked down the vast majority of the healthy people. The first time in history. 98.3% [Alan chuckles.] locked down. But pretty well so many of the deaths have been in the long-term medical care facilities.  And by the way, I wouldn’t stop there because there’s more to this than meets the eye. There really is more to it. And I know at the top they’ve seen what I have seen.  They have to have seen.  But they won’t go there because it’s so dangerous to even go into it.  And I really mean that. It’s very dangerous to go into it.  Yep.  M-hm-hm.  But I’ll touch on it before I’m finished tonight.

By the way, remember folks you can help me tick a long by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website. That’s my main website. But I have all the other sites. They’re all really main sites of mine, but they’re all listed on the .com site.  You’ll see how to donate to me, how to do it. You can send cash or a check or use PayPal and there’s other methods too, and how to get it to me. My email is there too. You can always email me. It’s alanwattcuttingthrough@yahoo.com if you ever have to email me. You’ll see the link on my website. But again, list all my official sites which are on the .com website in case anything goes down.

Because the people who are running the world right now, even if this thing disappeared tonight and you never hear Covid again, they’re not going to stop the agenda.  Every part of the agenda puts them another 2 miles ahead, another 5 miles, another hundred miles ahead, or 100 YEARS ahead, folks. They’re not going to backtrack on it now.  This is a perpetual monitoring system for life, including where you can travel, can you travel, will you be allowed to travel, even drive, or even walk outside your own area eventually. This is where they want to go with it all.  Track and trace and monitoring.

You’re owned and you’ll be subject to all these big corporations that have all your data on you.  And who have been assigned all the new responsibilities of deciding how, where you can go, where you can’t go and should you go at all or should you stay in your home, yada, yada, ya… because you didn’t take your latest chickenpox vaccine or whatever it happens to be. Because this is a mandate for every, you’re going to be a pincushion for everything they’ve ever designed, and stuff they haven’t come up with yet.  Yes, you are, because you are profitable.  If you have no other purpose, you’re going to be profitable for that, folks. No kidding you.

You have to understand what’s happened in old folks’ homes and keep that in mind. Keep that in mind, remember, how so many of the deaths have come from the old folks’ homes and long-term healthcare homes as well they call some of them.  You have to get, that’s very important, that is why, why, why?  Hm?  I gave talks years ago and I said, I’ve noticed, I keep noticing that the flu every year was always breaking out in old folks’ homes. I read reports, studies that had been done on them, because initially they would say, it must be visitors bringing in the flu into the old folks’ homes. But then they said, no, they found that some of them were breaking out in the homes and traveling with visitors outside into the community.  [Alan chuckles.]   Very important little thing, you know. I’ll be mentioning that in a little while.

Let me see now…

Is Mandatory Vaccination Legal in Time of Epidemic? – American Medical Association’s Journal of Ethics

journalofethics.ama-assn.org / April 2006

(A:  Of course. Here they go with the usual legalities trying to take away rights and so on through legalities, and much-speaking as I call it, much-speaking.  This article goes into should they or shouldn’t they, or should they have rights to mandate that you take these and so on and so on, and the 14th amendment…)

The 14th Amendment asserts that no state shall make or enforce any law abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States or deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law.

(A:  I love how they, George Orwell mentioned it in Animal Farm, where the pigs of course that were in charge, they were the bureaucratic class for the animals after the rebellion. The pigs had written their Constitution down, you see, and their Bill of Rights on the wall. Then of course some of the animals noticed in the middle the night there, if they weren’t quite sleeping, that pigs would sneak in there and put a ladder up on the wall and go up there with paint, and they didn’t just score things out. What they did is add little amendments to the ends of sentences.  So, I’ll say this part again here because it’s what we’re talking about.)

… law abridging the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States or deprive any person of life, liberty, or property

(A:  …and then pretty well in quotation marks in a way, for the purpose of this talk…)

without due process of the law.

(A: It’s like that has been added on.  [Alan chuckles.] Do you see what I’m saying? Just like the pig did in a sense.  Because the whole point of it is, is to safeguard you. You don’t need, ‘without due process of the law’, which negates the whole purpose of it.  You understand? Meaning it can be done. What’s the point of writing the first part if you’re going to negate it with the latter part? Hm?  So that’s how it’s done.  That’s how it’s done. Jefferson talked about this very thing too.  So, then they come up again with…)

In 1905 the Supreme Court addressed mandatory vaccinations in regard to smallpox in Jacobson v Massachusetts.

Yada, ya, and that’s how they go on and take your rights away by confounding the people who listen, without going into the fact too of what were their actual results of the vaccination programs that were on the go at that time. You know, you had bigger plagues when they had the vaccinations out.  That’s in the history books.  [Alan chuckles.]  It’s quite amazing what you can dig up in fact. Nothing is ever exactly as it seems, eh.

How many trillions have they dished out so far? To keep folks staying at home? And to keep Wall Street afloat? How many trillions have they tossed all over the place?  Even billions to some of the big foundations.  And the private advocacy groups inside America got billions given to them, some of the ones that are actually censoring the media.  [Alan laughing.]  Ah, I tell ya.

Here again, you understand, in a crisis is a great opportunity time for making billions, when governments are panicking and throwing cash all over the place, eh? Money that won’t even be asked to get paid back by the companies. They’re like cash grants, just like presents.  It’s a great time for these guys. Because this is the type of war and that’s when you make the money. That’s what Rothschild said too.  He says, THE BEST TIME TO MAKE MONEY IS WHEN BLOOD IS RUNNING IN THE STREETS. When folk are panicking, and they need but you’ve got. A bandage you can jack up 100%, you know, or 1,000%, or 10,000% percent, they’ll buy it.

It says here that…

Media Ignores Israel Connection to Eric Schmidt’s Push For NY “Smart Cities”

thelastamericanvagabond.com / 20 May 2020

In recent weeks, considerable media attention has been given to the decision by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to tap former Google executive Eric Schmidt to lead a 15-member panel tasked with “reimagining” New York’s post-pandemic tech infrastructure as well as its education, economic and healthcare system. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was also recruited for this initiative by Gov. Cuomo, leading some American media outlets to criticize the venture as turning New York “into a Silicon Valley science experiment.”

(A: It’s a small world, it’s the same names that keep popping up everywhere, isn’t it? The gang, the type that Jefferson would talk about.)

However, it is much more than merely a Silicon Valley experiment. As The Last American Vagabond reported last month, Schmidt currently chairs the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), (A: So he’s in charge of the commission.) which discussed plans last May regarding how to re-make American society (A: This is important actually because I’ve read other articles about it too.)

  to re-make American society to foster the mass adoption of AI-driven technologies, including so-called “smart cities” and related systems of mass surveillance. That commission includes key people, not just from Silicon Valley, but also the U.S. military and intelligence communities – a testament to how the divisions between Big Tech, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence have become increasingly blurred in recent years.

(A: It’s been longer than just recent years I’m afraid.)

Unsurprisingly, one of the main initiatives that the Schmidt-chaired New York panel is set to promote is the fast-tracking of “smart city” implementation as outlined by the Schmidt-chaired NSCAI. The use of the term “reimagining” (A:   I first saw it when Bill Gates used it because he wanted to reimagine education, where through his systems and his program, and of course his education system, they would bring up the children without the use of schools using this pandemic as the prototype system to test it out on, you see. Reimagining education. So this is reimagining…)

  “reimagining” in the announcement that Schmidt would chair this panel also underscores this point, given that Google’s “smart city” subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, describes itself as “reimagining cities from the Internet up.” Smart cities are more accurately defined as cities that are micromanaged by technocrats via an all encompassing system of mass surveillance and a vast array of “internet of things” devices that provide a constant and massive stream of data that is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI).

(A:  That’s your electronic prison system, folks. A hell on earth, that’s what it is. That’s what it is. This article goes on to say that…)

Notably, Cuomo’s appointment of Schmidt to lead this panel aimed at “reimagining” life in New York (A: [Alan chuckles.]) came right before news broke that a Google subsidiary was scrapping its plans to build a smart city prototype in Toronto. Schmidt still chaired Google’s parent company, Alphabet, when that deal was first negotiated in 2017. At the time, Schmidt had said that Google’s effort to turn Toronto into a “smart city” had come “from Google’s founders getting excited thinking of ‘all the things you could do if someone would just give us a city and put us in charge’.”

(A:  That’s true, they want us to pay for it all in their public-private partnerships, where the public pay for it all and its upkeep and maintenance, and they just take the profit and manage it all, you see.)

Though smart cities have been largely unpopular among Americans to date, the coronavirus crisis has led to a spate of positive PR (A:  …public relations…) pieces promoting their implementation, (A:  Oh, we got to get it in to save us all, got to save us all!) such as a recent piece in Wired which claims that “smart city planning could slow future pandemics” (A: We’ll just make prison camps and throw them in, do it all fast, there you go.  It would be cheaper too.  But anyway, it would be rather obvious what they were then, eh?  They don’t want it to be so obvious.) and an article from Forbes about how “smart cities are protecting against coronavirus.”

(A:  No kidding you, what rubbish is this, eh?)

While the current coronavirus crisis and Schmidt’s increasingly public role in ushering in AI-driven technological “solutions” throughout New York have given a boost to the smart city agenda, the plan to create these cities in New York was in the works well before coronavirus. However, those pre-pandemic smart city plans intimately involve one key actor that has, thus far, gone unnamed in recent media reports – the state of Israel.

(A: [Alan chuckles.]  Because that’s part of their big agenda in technology, it’s one of their sales things.)

Who will build New York’s Smart Cities?

Last June, NY Governor Cuomo announced a $2 million partnership agreement with the Israel Innovation Authority, a branch of Israel’s Economy Ministry, that aimed to “further strengthen economic development ties between New York State and Israel.” The agreement was specifically related to the “co-development and commercialization” for technologies related to smart cities, cybersecurity and drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), among others.

(A:  Everything that [Alan chuckles.] Israel is producing actually.  They’re big into the production of drones for instance.)

A key component of this partnership was the creation of the “Smart Cities Innovation Partnership (SCIP),” which Cuomo’s office described as “a new initiative that will share innovative technologies, research, talent and business resources between cities in New York and Israel.” It was also stated that “New York and Israel will contribute an equivalent amount of matching resources” to the project. Cuomo, at the time, also said that New York’s Incubator programs for start-ups – an initiative with funds exceeding $5 million — would “implement a new focus on Israeli companies,” as opposed to local companies.

Regarding this new “Smart Cities Innovation Partnership,” Dr. Ami Applebaum – chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientists of the Israel’s Economy Ministry – stated the following:

“As technology advances and touches every facet of our daily lives, the future of Smart Cities is just around the corner and highly depends to [sic] new and innovative technologies. This collaboration between the ESD (Empire State Development of New York State) and the Israel Innovation Authority, facilitated by our Americas Operations desk and the Ministry of Economy, Foreign Trade Administration (FTA), headed by Mr. Inon Elroy, Economic Minister to North America, will provide startups an opportunity for pilot validation sites to address the strategic concerns of both States such as cybersecurity, supply chain, energy, health, transportation, wastewater, water, civic engagement, parks, public works, and safety.”

(A: I hope folk are realizing that everything that’s to do with anything [Alan chuckles.] that involves you or where you live, or what you need, is going to be run by these corporations from abroad and so on. From all over the planet. I mean, even our taxes are often, for Canada I think they’re still done over in India. For years it’s been done in India, the government sends it over there. Everything is outsourced. What’s the point in having government if they outsource it all, you know?  And how can you have any privacy when they’re always [Alan chuckles.] in breaches in these countries because so many of the countries are still very, very corrupt and easy to hack into by willing people who are helping them.)

(A: But again, you understand, all these things used to be basic essentials. A lot of this stuff is basic essentials was keeping, like infrastructure, for keeping the system going. And suddenly they’re breaking them down into more lucrative different areas and selling them abroad, having companies abroad owning them all, eh.  They have nothing…  It’s like the United Nations, the United Nations, once you sign on to the United Nations, they don’t see YOU as so-and-so that lives in the country of so-and-so. They see your country, if it’s lucrative, as a cash resource. That’s what it’s for, taking cash from you.  Hm?) 

(A: The whole point of having a nation was folk in the nation should run the stuff.  And literally it’s the only way you can have them stand for the actions they take.  You can put them on the stand, they’re in your country, they’ve got responsibilities to the people in the country, and you hold them to it. When it’s these faceless corporations across the planet, they’ve got nothing in common with you, who are you going to complain to?  You can’t do it. This the con that’s going on here. You can’t sell off your infrastructure. You can’t do it.)

(A: And you shouldn’t be going into this over, over, it’s just, this is a massive prison camp the way that they’re building it up here.  It really is. So, you won’t be able to go anywhere on the planet and get any peace and quiet. That’s what George Orwell had in 1984 when he tried to write a diary.  Because everywhere he went there were cameras watching everything he did. He’d have to get a quiet little corner of a room that the camera couldn’t quite see him just to write his little secretive notebook, his daily diary.  We don’t even have that luxury.  I-yi-yi.  N-n-n.)

The partnership specifically called for the establishment of five “Smart Cities” in Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) regions in New York that would interact with “test bed sites” created in Israel. This means that this “smart city” partnership only involves the creation of smart cities in New York, not Israel, but gives Israeli companies a major role in designing these five New York smart cities.

(A: Business, business, business, eh?  Yeah.  This goes on and on and on, and quite a long article actually. Because it goes into depth. Lots of links to it too to prove their points there. And it talks about…)

Israel’s government and intelligence service has a long history of aggressively spying on the U.S. federal government …

(A: It shows you that too. You find all those different things last year, wasn’t it, around the White House.  They were grabbing all the cell phone calls by politicians for the White House and so on.  N-n-n.)

In addition, Israel’s government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has an explicit policy of creating U.S. dependence on Israeli tech companies in order to counter the nonviolent Boycott (A:  …and so on.)

What is interesting, I mean, I’ve read articles by Netanyahu himself.  Again, he’s like a salesman for his country.  He always gives them positive feedback on deals with outside.  Especially the US, it’s probably the wealthiest nation that gives them lots of business.  But he says that, that they’re helping to lead in the technological field, and providing all the different stuff that they’re going to MAKE essential. You see, you must make the business, you make it essential.  They only do that when they’ve got the actual product that they’re going to make it essential for you to buy.  [Alan laughing.]  That’s how business works.  And there you go.

But everything is really, I see everything as a big gang, you know. A big gang that runs the stuff. And the politicians are all on board with it, they get well-paid for their conniving, you know.  I have no time for politicians, I really don’t have time for politicians. They ARE definitely psychopathic. 

Do you realize the hell we’re in on earth? long before the Covid idea came along?  Do you realize how the standard of living we should all be living in, if politics was real?  And they had your best interests at heart? You wouldn’t have drugged out camp cities, tent cities across the country.  And massive unemployment. It just wouldn’t have happened. You wouldn’t have had all your work exported off to China. You would have had booming industries, including technological, you know, like the German systems where they would have trade schools if you had lots of factories on the go for manufacturing and so on. People would have function and purpose and have some pride in themselves.  If politics worked.

Politics doesn’t work. It’s not meant to work for you. It never was meant to work, for you.  You’ve been running with the gang at the very top, a very secretive organization running over the, under the guises of, or, over the guises of democracy [Alan chuckles.]  running the whole system.  And they boast about it, like the Council on Foreign Relations, and Quigley boasted about it for them since he was one of their historians for a while, with their private histories of how they shape the world and plan the future, for their private organization.  M-hm.

Another one too, I mentioned this one before and now other folk luckily grabbed it and so on and it’s gotten out there as the information travels. Because it’s too important just to gloss over.

New Study: The Flu Vaccine Is “Significantly Associated” With An Increased Risk of Coronavirus

collective-evolution.com / 16 April 2020

Greg. G Wolff, an Epidemiologist with the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Branch (A:  Now, they’ve got their own health surveillance branch in the Armed Forces of the US. They’ve got to have it.  Because you’ve got to be ahead of the curve if there is going to be any kind of sickness coming through the world, if you’ve got an army, if something’s going to knock your army out, so you want to be way ahead of everything and pick up on anything at the very beginning, right. So, the U.S. Army has got its own health surveillance, like an intelligence branch and they published a study…) recently published a study in the Journal Vaccine titled, Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season. The study examined virus interference in a Department of Defense population, this refers to the increased risk of other respiratory viruses as a result of, in this case, the influenza vaccine.

Influenza vaccination and respiratory virus interference among Department of Defense personnel during the 2017–2018 influenza season – pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov 10 Jan 2020

(A: I’ll go into this in more detail, but a bit briefly here. What they’re warning about is that the shots that they were giving, for flu for instance, and this is verified, Canada did it too a few years ago when they suddenly came out in the Canadian health authority warning folk NOT to take the flu shot, halfway through the flu season mind you, the shot season. Because they found that folk who got the flu shot, when they hit the actual flu [in nature], they had a massive response, an immunological response to it, over exaggerated response to the actual flu itself when it hit them. It opened them up to having, to actually catching the flu that was prevalent that year.  Way more prevalent, they had a 36% higher risk of contracting it I think it was than folk who had no vaccination.)

(A: But it’s even worse than that, because they’ve got virus interference.  Initially if you’ve got, say, a jab for the flu, they’ll always report that, oh, it’s wonderful, initially you’ll get a good antibody response to it, you’ll show you’ve got antibodies.  But the thing is, once you hit the actual virus, in the wild as they call it, in the studies, you get a massive over responsive cytokine storm, and that’s what can end up killing you. This has been well known for years actually, years and years, when you go into the actual laboratory studies that are published in their own publications.  But this is the military doing this one, right. It says…)

The study found that virus interference varied among vaccinated individuals for individual respiratory viruses, and found that for coronaviruses in particular, in this study, those who had been vaccinated with the flu vaccine had a 36 percent higher risk of contracting them.

(A: Now, I read this quite a few times over the last month or more because it’s awfully important to understand what they’re saying here.  Hmph.  If you’re getting a flu shot, it can open you up to be susceptible to the coronaviruses in particular, other kinds. Now, keep that in your mind as I go on with this because it says…)

The study compared the vaccination status of more than two thousand people with non-influenza respiratory viruses (A:  Now, there’s many other non-influenza respiratory viruses remember…) to more than three thousand people with pan-negative results. The vaccination status of more than three thousand cases of influenza were compared to three different control groups, and appropriate adjustments were made.

The study points out that recently published studies have “described the phenomenon of vaccine-associated virus interference; that is, vaccinated individuals may be at increased risk for other respiratory viruses because they do not receive the non-specific immunity associated with natural infection.”

(A: Because they do not receive the nonspecific immunity associated with natural infection. Right.)

The study goes on to emphasize that “There has been limited evidence that the influenza vaccine may actually be associated with the virus interference process. Other studies have found no association between influenza vaccination and increased respiratory virus risk.”

(A: But what they’re looking at here, the study says…)

Wolff’s study found that “Vaccine derived virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus and human metapneumovirus…

Now, think about that, to what I said earlier. The largest casualty rate for death has been in the old folks’ homes. Where it’s pretty well mandatory to take the flu shots.  This is just a way of looking at something, and I’m sure, I’m sure the studies are already on the go for all this kind of stuff. It has to be. But I very much doubt if it will ever be admitted to because it would be such an incredible outcry if this is the case, folks, isn’t it?  Don’t you think so? Think about that.  There’s no way that it could ever come out, the lawsuits would be so… the countries would collapse.  And the ones at the top that are pushing all this stuff would certainly be… IF that’s the case, now we’re talking about the ifs here, right, just to be legal here, the if’s of it all. But think about that, eh.  Think about it.  Here’s another one…

Virus-associated immunopathology(A:  Right.)animal models and implications for human disease


(A: It’s another article.)

The tissue damage caused by virus infection has been traditionally explained by the ability of viruses to multiply in cells and thereby injure or destroy them. Recent evidence suggests, however, that lesions may also be caused by the host’s immune response to viral antigens and that the immune system itself may be perturbed by some viruses.

This memorandum reviews recent developments in viral immunopathology, with special reference to animal model systems, and indicates the possible relevance of the new concepts and techniques for certain diseases of man. Certain viruses, notably the leukaemia viruses and some of those causing persistent infections, depress the host’s ability to mount an antibody response to antigens, while other viruses may enhance the antibody response. Cell-mediated immunity may also be depressed. Another immunopathological manifestation of virus infection is immune-complex disease. When viruses or their antigens persist in the circulation they combine with specific antibody, and the resulting complexes lodge in various sites, especially the kidney.

Further combination with complement leads to the release of tissue-damaging substances. A third condition associated with virus infection is antibody-mediated immunologic injury. Both oncogenic and non-oncogenic viruses frequently induce new antigens on the surface of the cells they invade. When antibody attaches to these antigens in the presence of complement, the cells are destroyed.

It’s got a full text here for the whole thing for folk who, I like to go through all this stuff, it’s quite interesting. That’s from the PMC, National Institute of Health.  It’s an interesting study actually where you go into the deeper one and you can download the PDF for it as well.

Another thing too is they’ve all got their hands out in hoping to get billions and become rich billionaires, individually some of these characters in the laboratories for the vaccine companies. 

Coronavirus ‘disappearing’ so fast Oxford vaccine (A:  That’s where they’re trying to make it, in Oxford.) has ‘only 50% chance of working’

news.sky.com / 25 May 2020

Professor Adrian Hill describes the efforts to create a vaccine as a “race against the virus disappearing, and against time”.

(A: Because, the curve is over, you see.)

The University of Oxford’s Jenner Institute and the Oxford Vaccine Group began developing a COVID-19 vaccine in January using a virus taken from chimpanzees.

But with the number of UK coronavirus cases dropping every day, there may not be enough people to test it on, according to the institute’s director Professor Adrian Hill.

He told The Sunday Telegraph: “It’s a race against the virus disappearing, and against time. We said earlier in the year that there was an 80% chance of developing an effective vaccine by September.

(A: That’s amazing because it would be the first time in history that would happen.)

“But at the moment, there’s a 50% chance that we get no result at all. We’re in the bizarre position of wanting COVID to stay, at least for a little while.”

So, there ya go, you know.  I mentioned last week too the flu vaccine grown in dog kidney cells…

Flu vaccine grown in dog kidney cells another failure


A cell-based flu vaccine, Flucelvax, grown in dog kidney cells became available during the 2017 to 2018 flu season (A:  Right.)

(A: Which again, is awfully important, it became available during the 2017/18 season. That’s the same year that the military noticed that folk were coming down and getting opened up to, it was actually making them more prone to other non-flu viruses, and it was making them more prone to coronaviruses, different types of coronaviruses I should say.)

(A: Those ones were grown on a dog, eh?  Don’t forget I mentioned last week too that on their dog kidney cells, they always [Alan chuckles.] the company, the manufacturers will say, well there’s debris, there’s actual debris, excess debris, meaning from other things that they’re growing from on the kidney cells.  And dogs have coronaviruses, different kinds in their body, you see. They can be harmless; they might be dangerous if they’re put into humans. But they have them in their bodies. They’re animals. Zoonotic diseases, you see, transfer from humans to animals and vice versa. That’s what it means.) 

(A: So, before they used to make most of the vaccines using hens eggs.  But when you’re starting to put them on tissue of animals, then you’re starting to pick up other, they call them, meaning often, carrier viruses, or, you know, often harmless carrier viruses. That’s what they called it even with the polio vaccine, and we know, we ended up getting chimp cancer cells in the simian virus 40 put into the vaccine.  [Alan chuckles.]  But anyway, that’s another story.)

(A: This one here goes on to talk about the dog kidney cells that they were testing, and it says it was another failure.)

As the effectiveness of conventional flu shots continues to leave much to be desired, the new Flucelvax vaccine was touted as a new-and-improved version that would protect more people once flu season hit.

In reality, a study by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) revealed the shot worked only a little bit better than the conventional flu shot in protecting seniors — which isn’t saying much. While flu vaccines overall had only 24 percent effectiveness in preventing flu-related hospitalizations …

(A: It goes on and on and on for those who again want to read how it’s done.  But really it says…)

They identified a mutation in the flu vaccine strain that produced antibodies that didn’t work well to neutralize the H3N2 viruses circulating that year. “These studies highlight the challenges associated with producing influenza vaccine antigens in eggs…

And on and on. However, the fact is, as they say, it made folk more prone to catching a coronavirus type.  And that’s probably the year too, one of the years that they had to recall and stop folks from taking the shots halfway through the season.  And I want to touch on, this is important, it goes with what I mentioned about the elderly folk in nursing homes, and they have to take the shots.  A lot of the staff do too, remember. That’s important as well, folks.  They’re pretty well mandatory for the staff to get the shots as well.  In the hospitals too.  This article here kind of backs it up.  This here is from Elsevier, the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity.  It’s one of the big ones. Not a conspiracy site, but it’s a scientific site that deals with the vaccines and so on. This is important and I’ll put the link up to for those that want to go through it and wade through it.

Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity (alternate) – journals.elsevier.com

Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical illness and mortality in COVID-19 via autoimmunity

pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov / 9 April 2020

Homology between human and viral proteins is an established factor in viral- or vaccine-induced autoimmunity.

(A:  Okay.  Vaccine -induced autoimmunity.)

Failure of SARS (A:  SARS, coronavirus…) and MERS vaccines in animal trials involved pathogenesis consistent with an immunological priming

(A:  This is important, they call it immunological priming…)

that could involve autoimmunity in lung tissues (A:  …right…) due to previous exposure to the SARS and MERS spike protein.

Exposure pathogenesis to SARS-CoV-2 in COVID-19 likely will lead to similar outcomes.

Immunogenic peptides in viruses or bacteria that match human proteins are good candidates for pathogenic priming peptides (similar to the more diffuse idea of “immune enhancement”).

Here I provide an assessment of potential for human pathogenesis via autoimmunity via exposure, via infection or injection. SAR-CoV-2 spike proteins, and all other SARS-CoV-2 proteins, immunogenic epitopes in each SARS-CoV-2 protein were compared to human proteins in search of high local homologous matching.

Only one immunogenic epitope in a SARS-CoV-2 had no homology to human proteins. If all of the parts of the epitopes that are homologous (A:  …try to bear with me…) to human proteins are excluded from consideration due to risk of pathogenic priming, the remaining immunogenic parts of the epitopes may be still immunogenic and remain as potentially viable candidates for vaccine development.

(A: What they’re going into here is…)

Mapping of the genes encoding human protein matches to pathways point to targets that could explain the observed presentation of symptoms in COVID-19 disease. It also strongly points to a large number of opportunities for expected disturbances in the immune system itself, targeting elements of MHC Class I and Class II antigen presentation…

(A: And it goes on to say, if I can get to it here, awfully important…)

Autopsies of Chinese citizens who have died from COVID-19 following SARS-CoV-19 infection show evidence of interstitial changes, suggesting the development of pulmonary fibrosis. This suggests, at least partly, an autoimmunology basis of the pathogenesis of COVID-19. A number of causal bases of autoimmunity from exposure to viral epitopes is well established…

(A:  And it goes on and on and on.  Just bear with me as I say.  What they are finding, you see, what they’re finding when you dig into it, and this article eventually gets to the meat of the problem you might say. They are describing the symptoms of people in China, postmortem, autopsy, the effects that this virus has had on their system, and their immune system too.  It says…)

The public health consequences from some viruses can include impaired immunity, encephalitis, and long-term neurological diseases such as demyelinating disorders and relapsing events such as those seen in multiple sclerosis (MS).

Both genetic and environmental factors are thought to contribute both to the severity of viral infections, and in determining who will develop autoimmune conditions.

(A: Now, autoimmune conditions are where you have problems after shots. You can come down with arthritis.  You can come down with all kinds of problems. Incredible allergy systems, stuff like that, that you never had before, allergies of all kinds. Rashes. Hyper sensitization to different things and so on.  Are effects of something attacking, that’s affected your immune system until your immune system is then attacking your own body. Like your joints or your tendons, or your spine or wherever it happens to go to.  That’s what happens. And this is understood in a lot of these big companies at the top, by the way, that give you the vaccines.  That’s always downplayed, they don’t want the public to know, even though they have their own statistics of how many folk will probably get it and so on and so on. Anyway listen, this goes on to say…)

Mortality in SARS-CoV-2 infection from COVID-19 is highly age-dependent, with older patients having the highest probability of death. The etiology of the age-specific mortality seen in COVID-19 is largely unknown. SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 coronaviruses targets the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract, (A: …right…) resulting in diffuse alveolar damage.

(A:  That’s why putting them on the ventilators often just blows them, the tiny little air sacs just bust, boof, they’re already swollen and inflamed and very fragile. Even when they’re healthy they’re fragile.)

Other tissues are obviously also potential targets for viral immunopathology, including mucosal cells of the intestine,

(A:  A lot of viruses, [Alan chuckles.] even the synthetic viruses from vaccines often end up, they’ve done this, autopsies on autistic children for instance, and they often find, they can actually tell that, they find the synthetic viruses that are made in labs basically for vaccines, have made their home in the intestines in some of these kids.  There’s official reports on them, this isn’t made up stuff, you know. So anyway, it says, they’re talking about what they often do to you including…)

including mucosal cells of the intestine, epithelial cells of the kidneys, brain cells (neurons), and cellular components of the immune system. In severe cases of SARS, and likely in SARS-CoV-2, this viral targeting leads acutely to pneumonia. Exposure to other viral and ambient antigens are known causal factors in chronic autoimmune diseases of the airways including asthma. (A:  So, you can end up with that too.) 

The role of autoimmunity in enhancing the severity of secondary exposures following prior infection or vaccinations (A:  Listen to this….) has been given little consideration.

Among coronaviruses, the spike surface glycoprotein is known to play a role in neuroimmunopathology. However, the SARS-CoV-2 virus has numerous other proteins and polyproteins, each which may serve as an antigen source during infection leading to autoimmunity. The immune system presents those proteins, like all human proteins, as “normal”. T-cells are trained to recognize a normal protein shape in the thymus. Biomimicry between or among proteins from pathogens (infection or injection) can conflate the signaling by creating a population of memory B-cells, especially if the reaction switches from a Th-1 toward a Th-2 response.

In SARS, a type of “priming” of the immune system was observed during animal studies of SARS spike protein-based vaccines leading to increased morbidity and mortality in vaccinated animals (A:  This is awfully important, this bit, right. I’ll say it again…)

In SARS, a type of “priming” of the immune system was observed during animal studies of SARS spike protein-based vaccines leading to increased morbidity and mortality in vaccinated animals who were subsequently exposed to wild SARS virus.

(A: So, they gave them the vaccination first, right.  Then they wanted to see by exposing them to the actual wild SARS virus if they would develop antibodies. That’s what they would do. But the problem, when they gave them, after the shot, when they’ve given them the wild, actual wild virus, after the vaccination, they had a massive autoimmune problem that started. That’s where you had the complete immunopathology effect, with eosinophil infiltrates into the lungs, and you find bleeding in the lungs and all the rest of it.)

Similarly, found that ferrets previously vaccinated against SARS-CoV also developed a strong inflammatory response in liver tissue (hepatitis). Both studies suspected a “cellular immune response”.

(A: What happens, it goes on to say, you get an immune enhancement, it’s not just immunity, but you get enhancement, this over enhancement and you have the cytokine storm setting in.  So the vaccine has primed your system almost like a hyper priming so that when it hits the actual virus it was intended to stop, or even some other types of viruses by the way, it goes into beyond overdrive and it’s your body’s response eventually that comes back and kills you. That’s in this actual article.  And quite… This is a study, this is a massive studying from laboratories, right. It’s not someone just playing about in their kitchen with some jars and tweezers and a pair of scissors. This is laboratory testing for vaccine companies. It says that…)

These types of unfortunate outcomes are sometimes referred to as “immune enhancement”; however, this nearly euphemistic phrase (A:  This…. It’s great, they use terminology, because folk could read the thing and think, oh it’s an immune enhancement. It’s to cover what they’re really saying.  It says…)

These types of unfortunate outcomes are sometimes referred to as “immune enhancement”; however, this nearly euphemistic phrase fails to convey the increased risk of illness and death due to prior exposure to the SARS spike protein. For this reason, I refer to the concept as “pathogen priming”; (A:  Because it’s really a pathogen priming.)  the peptides with pathogenic potential therefore are referred to as “putative pathogenic priming peptides”.

In this study, I present the likely human epitopic targets of biomimicry-induced autoimmunological components of morbidity and mortality caused by SARS-CoV-2 infection. This is achieved via bioinformatics analysis of the homology between highly immunogenic SARS-CoV-2…

(A: It goes on and on and on.  But you can see when they’re talking about your immune system, it might initially after a shot show that you’ve got some antibodies to the thing. However, once they hit the real thing, the real virus in the wild, your system goes into overdrive and rather than protect you, your immune system is going to end up killing you. That’s always been known here. But it’s good to get more and more verifications of it through different studies and so on. It says…)

The fact that pathogenic priming may be occurring involving autoimmunity against multiple proteins following CoV vaccination is consistent with other observations observed during autoimmunity, including the release of proinflammatory cytokines and cytokine storm. Similar to the SARS-CoV animal studies, found that mice vaccinated against MERS-CoV (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) development exaggerated pulmonary immunopathology when challenged with the MERS virus following vaccination.

(A: So again, after vaccination you expose them to the actual wild virus, and they get the massive immunological response until it kills them.)

They reported that lung mononuclear infiltrates were observed in all groups after virus challenge, and that increased infiltrates that contained eosinophils and the eosinophil promoting IL-5 and IL-13 cytokines were observed only in the vaccinated animals.

(A:  And by the way, that’s a standard thing. You’ll find eosinophils in the lung, in the wash as they call it when they’re, when they find it.  Eosinophils are one of your blood cells, a type that will go to war with anything that shouldn’t be there in your lung system, the respiratory system pretty well.  And you’ll find it crossing through the barrier, again, through the tissue, and you can actually find it on certain swab tests and so on.)

(A: I had that when I came down with a massive reaction against multiple booster shot vaccines back in the 90s, that gave me the complete onset of rheumatic fever, high fever and the whole thing. It went for my joints. Again, my immune system started immediately attacking my joints.  It was quite an awful time, and it never really repaired from that at all.  Then you end up getting put on, to combat it, heavy-duty Cortisone at the time, which opens you wide up to bacterial infection setting in, and I had naturally pneumonia from that too. Then of course to combat the pains in the joints they give you certain non-inflammatory drugs as well, anti-inflammatory drugs, and they burn a hole in your stomach. So, then you go on pills for the stomach. I mean, it just goes in a complete circle, all because I had those booster shots at the time.)

(A: And it was horrible, I mean horrible.  I was crippled for a while. And part of my spine got destroyed as well. There’s no doubt about it. But that came from booster shots.  Again, that’s what happens. They found eosinophils, I mean, the doctor got that, I wanted to see the study and the blood test, and I saw right away once I saw the eosinophil reaction there, I said that’s it, that’s what caused it all.) 

(A: And here you have articles like this, studies pretty well verifying the same kind of reactions, and what you’ll find… You know, I wasn’t dead to do an autopsy naturally, but I was almost at that stage. So, there you go.)

Pathogenic priming may be more or less severe in vaccine or infection induced immune responses to some proteins than for others due to original antigenic sin (A:  …sin they call it, right.); the immunologic reaction against self-antigens may be made less severe as fast-evolving viruses evolve away from the original vaccine type. Thus, the screening of immunogenic epitopes for pathogenic priming potential via homology may be augmented by studies of autoantibodies that cross-react with epitopes included in vaccines.

So there you go.  It’s… hhhch.  In the quest to try to get antibodies produced, because of the techniques that they’re using, and even animals that they’re using for it and so on, you end up with other, they call it debris getting into you, foreign matter getting in. It isn’t just what they want for the vaccine, it’s this other stuff OFF the animal kidney tissue and so on that they put in there, with other coronaviruses, that end up altering it. Then when your body is faced with an actual wild coronavirus your body goes into hyper overdrive, all guns blazing, and literally everything’s rushed to those lungs of yours and you need treatment right away to save your life, or you’re pretty well doomed.

Well, think about that, and think about the articles I read previously, about the 2017, is one example, a vaccine that had to get recalled halfway through the season when they found out that folk were having the same kind of, when they actually, it was opening them up to coronavirus infection, make them more prone to it.  And that wasn’t the first time either. Because that happened a few years before that, and health Canada had to come out there and try and advise folk to stop taking it at that particular time.

But this article here that I read is from the Journal of Translational Autoimmunity and that’s from the Elsevier Journal.  It’s also part of I think it’s the British health system there, or the Lancet type, but they’re involved with the Elsevier Journal.  This one here is also by James Lyons-Weller, Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge, at USA.  Anyway, there’s some of this stuff.

As I say, you’ve got to, I tell you, it’s a sad thing.  I don’t think most doctors really ever admit to getting much training at all, it’s almost like a byproduct at the very end of the training when they get maybe a few hours on vaccines, and that’s IT. And they take everything on faith too, from then on. It’s just… I mean, why should they put them, why would you think people would be lying to you?  [Alan chuckles.]  You take it for granted that everything is real, well tested, and all the rest of it. They’re no different than anybody else, until they start to see some of the patients come back with obviously problems from what’s happened. Then it’s a matter of bread and butter for them, versus causing a stink, you know.

I’ve got another article too on the bracelets, but I won’t go into this one here. You get pretty well fed up with it all, there’s that much on it, isn’t there?  Think about that when, you know, you’re going to have a pathological response to shots for a lot of people.  And who’s mainly got the shot?  Or, who has to take it?  It’s just a matter of investigation and I think a lot of investigation should be done about that, as to the health staff. 

I noticed another article too I’ll put up, I got it last week and I thought, my goodness, it’s a picture of so many folk in the British health system, in England I should say, who died.  I noticed at the time most of them were of nonwhite ethnicities. That they were Asian and African, and different people, and India. A few white people, very overweight.  But out of about maybe 110 of them most of them, the vast majority were different ethnic groups. 

Black people in England are 3.4 times more likely to test positive for Covid-19 than people from white British backgrounds, study shows – dailymail.co.uk / 29 May 2020

And then, I thought at the time, once again these are folk working in the hospitals. But also, the study said that these particular groups seem to be more prone to it. And they had already ruled out any, they tried, they went into, well, maybe it’s socioeconomic and all this. No, no.  Because the people who they were looking at, some of them were doctors that had much better incomes than a lot of the people outside the hospital staffs.  So it wasn’t that. It wasn’t in hygiene. It wasn’t good food. It wasn’t lack of good food I should say, or lack of good nourishment and so on.

It seemed to be more of a may be the ethnic makeup, something genetic that was making them more prone to it.  We know too that the ACE2 receptor sites are more profuse in some of these people.  So, I think that’s maybe got something to do with that one too.  So, there’s other factors involved too with it, and that’s being looked into in certain articles, a Daily Mail online. They’re actually looking, some organizations or laboratories are looking into that to try to get some common denominators to find out why certain folk are getting hit harder than other people.

All this will MAYBE come out years later, you know.  But as I say, but if it’s anything at all to do with autoimmune problems from vaccinations, that will be, they can’t come out and tell you that. Not after all of this.  IF that’s got something to do with that. I don’t know, we don’t know yet.  As I say, there’s a lot of first studies kind of pointing to it. But I can’t see anybody come out and admitting to that, you know.  N-n.  But it’s a thought, isn’t it, eh?

Now, what I’ve got to go into here is this whole idea, and I mentioned it last week, that this magic, you know, everything’s magic that comes from Fauci and the rest of them.  You’ve got your talismans to venture outside, your masks there, your hand sanitizer, and you can wave in front of you if you want to.  Just like you’d wave one of these things in the church, you know, with the smoke coming out of it.  Because all this stuff really is voodoo, for what’s happening. The lockdown of healthy people is literally, as I say, guaranteed to make a spike in fall, late fall.  So therefore, if they want that to spike, I’d say, in the fall. 

Then you get this whole idea with social distancing. And people are paranoid. Anybody who watches TV, I’m sure you’ve all noticed it, that they’ve said the women are freaking out, they will yell out, GET 6 FEET AWAY, GET 6 FEET AWAY. 5 feet is just not far enough, it’s got to be 6 feet away and all this stuff. They really believe all this. That’s the war of terror, the daily terror box is the whole thing. Orwell talked about it. But here’s where it came from, if you don’t know, right. Who started this social distancing?  You never got this idea of social distancing, hm?  But the idea came up in about 2006 from where? From a schoolgirl, eh.  This is the usual rags to riches nonsense they always give you.  A schoolgirl, eh.  Laura M Glass, her name was, Glass.  And this idea of social distancing was put out with the help of her dad, Robert J Glass who worked for the military industrial complex.  [Alan chuckles.]  He worked at Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Targeted Social Distancing Designs for Pandemic Influenza

wwwnc.cdc.gov / Nov 2006

Robert J. Glass, Laura M. Glass

Author affiliations: *Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Targeted social distancing to mitigate pandemic influenza can be designed through simulation of influenza’s spread within local community social contact networks. We demonstrate this design for a stylized community representative of a small town in the United States.

(A:  So, it’s a computer program.  Hm.  And the girl, they’re all trying to do little make-believe things for school.  But daddy helped. Daddy helped, eh.)

The critical importance of children and teenagers in transmission of influenza is first identified and targeted. For influenza as infectious as 1957–58 Asian flu (≈50% infected), closing schools and keeping children and teenagers at home reduced the attack rate by >90%. For more infectious strains, or transmission that is less focused

(A:  …blah blah blah blah blah. So…)

At the start of an influenza pandemic, effective vaccine and antiviral drugs may not be available to the general population. If the accompanying illness and death rates of the virus strain are high, how might a community respond to protect itself? Closing roads, restricting travel, and community-level quarantine will enter discussions. However, within a community, influenza spreads from person to person through the social contact network. Therefore, understanding and strategically controlling this network during a period of pandemic is critical.

So, they go through the whole agenda that we’re going through today.  This is made up; I think it was 2006. You never had this nonsense before it. Once the computer was taken in to start ruling our lives, it’s like Ferguson with his, well millions are going to die, you know and all that stuff. The same nonsense.  And the computer models they use at the IPCC, for the group for climate change at the United Nations, all computer modeling, which always give you scary, scary scenarios, and scary outcomes. So, here’s what they came up with, and this is what they sold it to the government, I think it was the Pentagon even approach them, supposedly, because they knew the daddy, eh.  And it really fitted the bill.  If you wanted to bring the country down to a standstill, you’d implement this whole agenda. This is what we’re living through. It’s got nothing to do with what you think it is got to do with. It was literally a computer program.  Right.  And there’s an easier article here that came out about it, about how it was even designed.

The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea

aier.org / 15 May 2020

(A:  IDEA!  Idea, right.  It says…)

Now begins the grand effort, on display in thousands of articles and news broadcasts daily, somehow to normalize the lockdown and all its destruction of the last two months. We didn’t lock down almost the entire country in 1968/69, 1957, or 1949-1952, or even during 1918. But in a terrifying few days in March 2020, it happened to all of us, causing an avalanche of social, cultural, and economic destruction that will ring through the ages.

There was nothing normal about it all. We’ll be trying to figure out what happened to us for decades hence.

How did a temporary plan to preserve hospital capacity turn into two-to-three months of near-universal house arrest that ended up causing worker furloughs at 256 hospitals (A:  They actually laid them off!), a stoppage of international travel, a 40% job loss among people earning less than $40K per year, devastation of every economic sector, mass confusion and demoralization, a complete ignoring of all fundamental rights and liberties, not to mention the mass confiscation of private property with forced closures of millions of businesses? 

Whatever the answer, it’s got to be a bizarre tale. What’s truly surprising is just how recent the theory behind lockdown and forced distancing actually is. So far as anyone can tell, the intellectual machinery that made this mess was invented 14 years ago, and not by epidemiologists but by computer-simulation modelers. It was adopted not by experienced doctors – they warned ferociously against it – but by politicians.

(A:  And who’s getting all the contracts out of it, by the politicians, the big corporations that manage your lockdown and track and trace you and all that kind of stuff.  M-hm.)

Let’s start with the phrase social distancing, which has mutated into forced human separation. The first I had heard it was in the 2011 movie Contagion. The first time it appeared in the New York Times was February 12, 2006.  (A:  The link to that is here too by the way.)

If the avian flu goes pandemic while Tamiflu and vaccines are still in short supply, experts say, the only protection most Americans will have is “social distancing,” which is the new politically correct way of saying “quarantine.”

But distancing also encompasses less drastic measures, like wearing face masks, staying out of elevators — and the [elbow] bump. Such stratagems, those experts say, will rewrite the ways we interact, at least during the weeks when the waves of influenza are washing over us.

Maybe you don’t remember that the avian flu of 2006 didn’t amount to much.

(A:  It’s true, oh, it was going to kill us all too.) 

It’s true, despite all the extreme warnings about its lethality, H5N1 didn’t turn into much at all.

(A:  It was hardly noticed in fact.)

What it did do, however, was send the existing president, George W. Bush, to the library to read about the 1918 flu and its catastrophic results. He asked for some experts to submit some plans to him about what to do when the real thing comes along.

The New York Times (April 22, 2020) tells the story from there: (A:  With a link on it too.)

Fourteen years ago, two federal government doctors, Richard Hatchett and Carter Mecher, met with a colleague at a burger joint in suburban Washington for a final review of a proposal they knew would be treated like a piñata: telling Americans to stay home from work and school the next time the country was hit by a deadly pandemic.

When they presented their plan not long after, it was met with skepticism and a degree of ridicule by senior officials, who like others in the United States had grown accustomed to relying on the pharmaceutical industry, with its ever-growing array of new treatments, to confront evolving health challenges.

Drs. Hatchett and Mecher were proposing instead that Americans in some places might have to turn back to an approach, self-isolation, first widely employed in the Middle Ages.

(A:  So, this is the story of…)

How that idea became the heart of the national playbook for responding to a pandemic.

Dr. Mecher, a Department of Veterans Affairs physician, and Dr. Hatchett, an oncologist turned White House adviser, to overcome intense initial opposition.

It brought their work together with that of a Defense Department team assigned to a similar task.

And it had some unexpected detours, including a deep dive into the history of the 1918 Spanish flu and … kicked off by a high school research project pursued by the daughter of a scientist at the Sandia National Laboratories.

(A: You can actually see, you can smell the collusion of it all, you know, and the money that you could see anyway.)

The concept of social distancing is now intimately familiar to almost everyone. But as it first made its way through the federal bureaucracy in 2006 and 2007, it was viewed as impractical, unnecessary and politically infeasible.

Notice that in the course of this planning, neither legal nor economic experts were brought in to consult and advise. Instead it fell to Mecher (formerly of Chicago and an intensive care doctor with no previous expertise in pandemics) and the oncologist Hatchett.

(A:  But the girl…)

… the high-school daughter of 14? Her name is Laura M. Glass, and she recently declined to be interviewed when the Albuquerque Journal did a deep dive of this history.

Laura, with some guidance from her dad, (A: [Alan chuckles.]  Sure, some.) devised a computer simulation that showed how people – family members, co-workers, students in schools, people in social situations – interact.

(A: So they made up how many folk they would meet in a day and yada, yada for the computer programming yada, yada. And I guess through the daddy’s friends and stuff they eventually got a visit from the Pentagon, who, I’m sure mulled it over and said this is a great way to shut down the country – that’s what I’m adding, this is my own ideas here –  and the money they could make off it and all the rest of it. I’m pretty sure of that. Anyway, it says…)

That paper is Targeted Social Distancing Designs for Pandemic Influenza (2006). They conclude with a chilling call for what amounts to a totalitarian lockdown(A:  …which we are in right now.) all stated very matter-of-factly.

Implementation of social distancing strategies is challenging. They likely must be imposed for the duration of the local epidemic and possibly until a strain-specific vaccine is developed and distributed.

(A:  So, it’s amazing, that has to become law, this IDEA, hm, this idea from a schoolgirl, right, whose dad has worked for the military industrial complex. [Alan chuckles.] And that’s what Fauci said too, from the beginning. He says, well you know, YOU WON’T GET OUT OF LOCK DOWN UNTIL WE GET A VACCINE. Right out of the playbook, eh?)

If compliance with the strategy is high over this period, an epidemic within a community can be averted. However, if neighboring communities do not also use these interventions, infected neighbors will continue to introduce influenza and prolong the local epidemic, albeit at a depressed level more easily accommodated by healthcare systems.

In other words, it was a high-school science experiment that eventually became law of the land, and through a circuitous route propelled not by science but politics.

(A:  I would say, and folk in-the-know who probably saw big, big, big, big bucks. Especially when the Pentagon got involved in it and went to talk to them.)

So, there you go. I mean, and by the way I’ll put another link up as well to Britain who said, WE’LL PROBABLY JUST BRING IT DOWN TO 3 FEET APART NOW, IT’S JUST THE SAME, THERE WILL BE NO REAL NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE.  So that was all BOGUS to start with, folks!  You can’t have it being the law of the land, oh my God, they’ll all die if you go under 6 feet, it’s so contagious!  Well, three feet’s okay, you know, there’ll be no real difference.  So why not have it three feet from the beginning then? or 2 feet, or 1 foot or just stand on top of each other’s heads? What does it matter? Do you realize how bogus all this is, folks?  Are you starting to get the picture here? Quite amazing, eh.

Now, George Soros is offering to rectify the money problem. He’s awfully good at rectifying, or actually wrecking, that first part of rectify, is rec-, you know.  He’s good at destroying countries with his scams as he plunders nations. That’s how he got his cash and so on. Generally, the nations that help them out when he fled there, like Britain, and then he boasts about it too once he crashes the economy and they have to borrow money from his friends who of course lend to Britain.  [Alan laughing.]  It’s quite a scam. And he gets away with it. But he’s a very important guy who’s obviously way up the tree and on the big world intelligence system that runs it all on behalf of the truly top globalists. But he says here…

George Soros says Europe should tap up an obscure bond used during the Napoleonic Wars to save itself from a coronavirus depression – markets.businessinsider.com / 22 May 2020

Well, we’ve all got depression from coronavirus, I think.  So, he’s got the answer, and because he’s in to hedge funds and all that, he introduces this bond that was issued after the Napoleonic wars, that’s actually during it too, to fund the armies against Napoleon.  We know the history of that and how [Alan chuckles.] the Bank of England got lost, put it that way, and taken over. But he says, rather than, we just issue a new type of bond, you see, that the government will have to pay out for the people who buy the bonds. But the government never has to pay the actual amount owing, you see, just an interest on it. Forever.  That’s it, forever. Isn’t that kind of familiar, that perpetual debt idea, you know? 

Of course, he gives a very low interest rates, which of course will never ever be implemented or stuck to once it goes into place.  He and a few of his friends I’m sure that came up with this can all make fortunes forever. And their children and grandchildren no doubt too. Because you never pay the amount borrowed back, the government doesn’t, it just pays interest out on it, you see. It says, but that’s forever, you pay that interest in perpetuity. Well, we’ve kind of heard this before, doesn’t it have echoes of something?

So perpetual debt forever and ever. That of course is slavery.  Those who actually end up owning the bonds own the country. But they already own the country anyway, the big guys who manage the con game of money.  But that’s what he’s suggesting that they all do. You know, here’s an answer to it all.  Of course, you have to jack up the taxes, you see, because you see the taxpayer always pays for the vultures [Alan chuckles.] to get rich.  So that’s an old, it’s as old as ancient Sumer pretty well, this idea.  Because then they have to tax the taxpayers more, new taxes to pay the interest on this owing for the bonds and so on. What a scam!  Like this is semi-new here? Who is kidding who here?  But there you go, that’s how the nonsense goes. The whole money system is a racket anyway.

Another article too, I mentioned already, was the government advisors, this is in the UK…

Easing to the two-meter social distancing rule (A:  Right, so easing the 6 feet odd, you know…) will have ‘no impact’ on risk of spreading coronavirus, says ministers (A:  Meaning the politicians.) as pubs with gardens are set to be first to open

Dailymail.co.uk / 29 May 2020

Prof Robert Dingwall said it could allow four times as many people into a space

(A:  They’re awfully good at counting, eh. I mean, this is why they’re professors, you understand. You could get four times as many people into the same space you see, by doing this. You see, isn’t that… This guy is a genius.)

But there you go. Before it was LETHAL, it was lethal if you were, and they terrified mainly women actually by TV propaganda, and like repetitive terror, terror, terror every day for months now. The women were freaking out if people were breaking the 6-foot rule, you know, by a few inches. Well, now we find out well, you don’t, it was all kind of nonsense, you don’t really need that anyway. Even though it was nonsense dreamed up by Miss Glass and her daddy who worked with a military contractor, the whole idea of the 6 feet idea, nonsense, absolute rubbish. 

So, you can half it now.  Half it, it had no significant impact, you see.  That’s how they work out the nonsense eh. Before it’s LAW and folk could get batoned and their heads beaten in if they broke it and spoke up about it. But now it’s okay to go half the distance now, you see, oh well, that’s all right.  Another new normal. It’s great how the new normals, you see, because they’re based on nothing, except computer models and big incomes for the con people who designed them, these programs.  [Alan chuckles.]  The computer says…  There ya go.  And we all have to jump to it. What?

This is not how you govern people, with these computers. You see, conology has always been, they’ve always used science to get what they want, to take away your rights and freedoms and so on. Well, it’s scientific, you know. That’s the modern times, since the Enlightenment, it’s science. But really, it’s not that at all. Now they use THE COMPUTER, it’s even, well you can’t argue with the computer, it’s pure logic. Is it really?  You can only feed into it, and it only comes out what’s fed into the thing.  Y’know?  So, there you go.

It’s like a stacked deck in a Chinese restaurant where they’ve already prewritten all the little fortune cookie messages for you. It’s all prewritten, you see.  [Alan chuckles.]  This message says you will come back to this restaurant again because you love it and it brings you good luck.  Then the next message says, if you don’t come back to the restaurant, you’ll have bad luck. You see? Very… It’s just another scam, that’s what the computers are all about.

So, I’ll put these up tonight as well. So that’s Mr. Soros, the man who wrecks nations. And as he wrecks them, he boasts.  IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL, as he crashes economies and profits from it, IT’S JUST BUSINESS. He actually said that, eh, in one of his little talks.  And no one votes for this guy. The guy who literally funds massive NGO armies and Antifa and different groups and so on. No one votes for this guy. Don’t you get the message that the real system is way above politics?  It contains guys like Soros, it’s a big club at the top, you know.

Now another one I’m going to mention is, and I’ve already put down how the whole, the origins of the lockdown idea came, again with Miss Glass and her daddy.  But you’ve got to read it, what’s running our lives right now is just astonishing. Because the next step, I was just thinking about this today.  So here you are, computers and some kid’s idea, and of course they must’ve got millions for this idea, since the Pentagon came in, because they could use an idea to crash economies across the planet. It’s like warfare thing, you understand. 

And again, the big banks, the big, they want to reevaluate the currency system and the techniques of currency. And even the value of currency, reset it they like to call it.  Because we were stagnant from the last crash in 2007/2008 when they reset it then, well, with negative interest rates and so on, you see. So, they all wanted this thing, so they grabbed on this 6 feet distances and all that kind of stuff and put it into computer programs.  So, the military were behind it as well.  And the military has nothing to do with protecting your country. It’s like the CIA, it’s the same thing at the top. They have agendas you’ll never fathom. And it’s not to benefit you.  You will be given the tab though, the bill for it all.  But I was thinking of that, with the 6 feet nonsense and now you can half it to, you know, maybe 3 feet would be okay. 

Drunk Hindu priest (A:  I think it’s in India.), 70, beheads man in Indian temple as a human sacrifice to goddess who came to him in a dream and said it would end coronavirus

dailymail.co.uk / 29 May 2020

Sansari Ojha decapitated Saroj Kumar Pradhan, 52, in Cuttack on Wednesday

He had a long-standing feud with Pradhan and had been drinking on the night

The priest surrendered to police the following day and the axe was seized

(A: I was just thinking of that, you see, that this is what they said would appease the goddess, you see, and the coronavirus would disappear, eh.  I don’t know if he convinced the guy to allow his head to be taken off or not. He said he didn’t like the man.  But who knows, eh?  It says…)

Ojha was heavily drunk at the time and surrendered to police the same day after coming to his senses.

He said Ojha claimed he was ordered by a goddess in his dream to sacrifice a human in order to bring an end to the pandemic.

Well, I was waiting to see if it would work.  Eh!  I’m sure there’s a lot of people, you look at what the World Health Organization and Fauci and the rest of them, and Ferguson, eh, Neil Ferguson, WE’RE GOING TO HAVE MILLIONS JUST IN THE US ALONE DIE HERE OF THIS THING.  And we’d, oh my God, the world would, it would drastically reduce the population, eh.  We had to stop our whole existence and have a whole new way of living, but luckily it was all drafted up before the virus hit, the whole idea for a New World Order.  And they just have to, just brushed the dust off the plan, you know, and presented it to us.

But I was just thinking, since everything else fell flat and their numbers crashed into dust, and all their computer predictions were completely wrong, you know, and it crashed economies across the planet, I was just thinking, well since they came out with this voodoo nonsense with the computer and all that, all the false numbers, and even social distancing that was invented in 2006 as I’ve mentioned by that girl and her daddy, and heavily funded I’m sure to get contracts from the military.  [Alan chuckles.]  Complete bogus nonsense, you understand? Viruses don’t give a darn how far you are from somebody. If a breeze comes along, or a door opens in a store, or in your own house, it’s going to blow it all around, in circular motions all around the house for goodness sake, eh.  Don’t you understand that simple fact?  But anyway, facts don’t matter with the big agenda.

So anyway, I was thinking the World Health Organization, they gave you all the scary numbers and scary scenarios, and total lockdown of the whole planet, and crashing economies and that, maybe they’re watching this priest Sansari Ojha, eh, to see if he has any luck with bringing down the pandemic. Mind you, it’s time for the pandemic to rollover actually, you know.  It usually has about three months, that’s standard, then it dies off. Then folk have got, if they’ve been allowed to mingle, they’ll have some kind of herd immunity, that’s the normal thing with them.

But they’ll be waiting to see if it works and they might start asking for sacrifices at the WHO!  You never know.  You just never know, eh!  Because you can’t pooh-pooh other folks’ beliefs, you know. Not in this modern world. I can see them all standing there behind Trump, you know, and you have Fauci there, doing his voodoo stuff, and he’ll have shares of course in all kinds of things that might just help. Then you’ll have Dr. Birx behind him nodding the head, you know, nodding the head, as they announce what they have to do to bring this pandemic to an end.  Eh?  I mean, you never know.  I mean, it’s just a step from the computer models with drastic prognosis and outcomes. Vastly over exaggerated.  And that took a lot of faith to believe in that nonsense so they can truly take a step and go the next step and copy India for goodness sake, eh? What about it?  You never know. We’re just dumb peasants at the bottom they tell us, hm.

[Alan chuckles.]  And here’s the geniuses at the top crashing the whole planet’s economy.  Now they’re telling us, like Kissinger too with the world order and the whole thing, and the United Nations with its new world order announcements, and the Rockefeller center New World Order announcement. All this old plan just, again, blow the dust off it and present it to the public.  And we’re supposed to believe it all just happens spontaneously out of nothing. And a whole new way of living, a whole new different kind of economy, a whole new sustainability, folks, that they’ve been prattling on about it for years at the WEF and the Club of Rome. And bingo! They get what they want.  With, under different guises, using a different scare tactic, you see.

But there you go, that’s what they’re doing in India. At least in one little instance of it.  And India has really had it terribly hard because they’d never had an abundant food supplies to start with, and they’ve got a huge population.  And a huge lower-class working-class people who are often transient and they move to where the work is seasonally and so on. They were all locked up in areas, they couldn’t even go back home. What a terrible disaster there.  They’ve got a long ways to get out of it too.  So, it’s really rather sad what’s happening in different countries as they try…

We haven’t seen it all here too.  If the ones at the top, the characters at the top have their way, we’ll be in rationing before the end of the year. And I mean really strict rationing. They want this. This is what austerity is.  This is their austerity program at the United Nations, which all your countries and your politicians signed onto years ago. That’s what it is.  You’re living through an agenda. A script.

And then too…

Global Capitalism, “World Government” and the Corona Crisis

globalresearch.ca / 24 May 2020

(A: That’s Chossudovsky, Global Research, repeating the same kind of stuff really.  They mention the military-industrial complex, and in the councils of government…)

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. (President Dwight D. Eisenhower, January 17, 1961)

(A:  Of course the World Health Organization has been raising itself up…)

WHO auspices which is being used as a pretext and a justification to triggering a Worldwide process of economic, social and political restructuring.

(A:  That’s what the New World Order is about.  That’s what they mean.  So, it’s quite amazing to watch it all happening.)

I’ll put these articles up tonight too and hopefully you people can remember where they come from and who presented them to you. At least some of the people should mention, who repeat them in their own articles and news shows and so on, where they got it. Because I’m doing a lot of work for nothing for other people… who don’t even give you the thank you here and there. But I do thank the people who support me over these years.  As I say, I don’t have the wealthiest class following me, at least that’s how it seems.  But I have people who help me out here and there. Because it costs a lot of money to do what I do.  And I can’t do anything else while I’m doing it, you understand.

I knew when I started, I only came out because I knew it was time to come forward with the knowledge and understanding of what was really happening.  And managed to change even the so-called patriot movement into a wider understanding, that this wasn’t just the US, this was a whole global system and your governments all signed on annually to new agreements to create a new system for the whole planet.  I gave all the data and all the rest of it, and the depopulation stuff, yada, yada, ya.

So go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and as I say you can buy the books and discs, or you can donate to me straightforward.  How to do it is @cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  List all my official sites there in case any of them go down. Hopefully I can keep ticking along for a little while longer.

Because the big characters at the top really mean war. This is war against the general population. You don’t plan this for years on behalf of the rulers of the world, as they have done, just to let it go because people want their rights back. They don’t play that way. We’re in for really tough times, believe you me, and you’re going to see the heavy, heavy fist, and then the iron fist come out from underneath the velvet glove.  That’s what they want to do right now.  They worked for this for years to get us to this stage and they’re not going to back off now. No matter how farcical the excuses that are given, and infantile the excuses are, it doesn’t matter, an agenda must be accomplished. That’s how they see it.  That’s how they see it.

Now, I’m also going to put up, really, I think it was the new Irish Sentinel. It’s in PDF form. It’s got articles in a do with like…

TV as a psycho social weapon.


(A:  And it’s got a nice little picture there of…)

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe – George Orwell

It goes into the physical way in which the TV affects the brain. I actually did talks on that years ago, when they had the flicker rate, you know, that’s what you used to have, the flicker rate at one time.  It would turn you into the Alpha state, which is very hypnotic, you know. Very quickly too, within 30 seconds of watching TV, you go into the Alpha state. Whether you, you don’t know it, but you go into it all right. They go into the different states, the Beta and Alpha and so on, Theta and Delta.  But Alpha is the one for getting ideas across to the general public without them really being aware they’re being indoctrinated. It’s also why you really enjoy being, watching fantasy. Because you’re in the movie, like I say, in danger.  In horror movies, you can’t look away because you are the person in the movie in a sense and you must survive, know what’s happening, so you can’t look away.  That’s how it works. Without the Alpha state it’s not so easy, you see.

It [The Irish Sentinel] has some good articles in it, this particular one.  It would give a bit of reading for people, that’s online here.  It has the…

ID2020, the real game plan. – theirishsentinel.com

I’m sure folk will enjoy it, so I’ll put the link up for those that want to have a peruse and look through it. It’s good to read stuff because when you get dependent on being told, and even having the visual part too, you don’t realize you’re being distracted even with visual.  But if you can hear and remember, it’s much better. But reading is even better than that.  I personally always, that’s how I learned stuff at school too, I could actually see in my mind’s eye, the print in my mind’s eye, word for word, so you definitely remember it much, much better.  Also…


Guess who’s grooming your children? THE PERVERTS OF THE WHO – theirishsentinel.com / 26 May 2020

The Gates of Hell Unlocked – theirishsentinel.com / May/June 2020

As Bill Gates says…


Do you really want this guy to help you, don’t you? Yeah, sure.  It’s got different articles in it which are worthwhile looking through. One is also with, I’m in there somewhere too, I think, it’s of me, at least my site is.  I’ll put it up anyway, it’s the Irish Sentinel and issue one, a PDF, a revised one.  Or a renewed one I should say, with issue one.

Because it’s time now folk get back into even print because your system is going to be taken away from you. I gave talks years ago of how in the Soviet Union folk literally would type up things on secretive typewriters.  Because they could find out even who had the typewriter by the typeset and the whole thing.  They had to be very careful and hide them and pass them around, just little articles that folk would print up and pass around, those who are interested in what was happening, to get some resistance up against government policies and so on.  You could be put in prison forever or sent off to the Gulags and killed or tortured or whatever, by utopic systems. That’s what they do, you know, in socialist systems especially.  And all systems are fascist anyway.  I don’t care how they start off or pretend they aren’t, they end up being fascist very quickly.  Yeah, they’d kill them as I say, if you don’t go along with things.

So, with the Internet being so incredibly well monitored, all our names, we’re all so dissected, no doubt about it.  They know everything you think almost on the Internet.  You’re going to have to start getting alternatives systems. Because they won’t just give up. Don’t ever believe that.  The people who set up the Internet gave you Zuckerberg and all the rest of them, and Google by the way, and Alphabet, it’s a massive intelligence operation. That’s what it is, to manage the thoughts and moods, and what everybody’s doing, and eventually for arresting people who, as time goes on in… 

Because you’re going into a more totalitarian system, that’s what sustainability is all about. The sustainable agenda is a socialistic form of technocracy to run it more efficiently on behalf of those who own the planet, or who have decided, like the Bill Gates, these guys who really think they own the planet, and they have the right to do with the animals, which is all of us, as they wish.  So, it’s a post Democratic system and you have to just accept that or fight it, in one way or another. 

The first thing they always do is to crush all dissent, all speech, communication of the ideas, all the rest of it. That’s standard stuff under tyranny.  That’s what’s happening now, for those who haven’t figured it out. It IS happening NOW. 

I don’t care who you are, I don’t care if a person thinks they’re from Mars with a cure for Covid, I don’t mind them saying it. It doesn’t bother me.  And who should care?

But the fact is, they’re banning all kinds of you from saying things that must be said in a free society. You can’t be free without speech being free. You can’t be free, obviously.  So, you’re going through the system now and the signs and symptoms of the system of tyranny, that’s what you’re looking at right now. I hope you understand that. 

We’ve got to do something about it.

You’ll all get your chances.  You either go along with it and you’ll get tighter and tighter chains as you go along with it.  It’s not going to loosen on you for going along with it, so it will be tighter and tighter.  And you comply with the next rule, and the next rule, and the next rule. 

Or you simply start to say no, as I say. You can’t keep going into tyranny like this.

The system they’re bringing in is not living. It’s a monitored prison existence of a thousand rules that you must obey, because you’re owned. You’re owned. You’re a number and you’re owned. 

And that is not living.  That’s not what we come through centuries and centuries and centuries of history to do is to go to this stage where we are back into slavery again.  Remember that, folks.

And it’s up to each and every one of you.

So, I’ll put these things up tonight remember @cuttingthroughthematrix.com. Go into the site, donate, and hopefully I’ll be getting the books out shortly that have been ordered because the printers have been closed.  I’ll get it all done. Hopefully the post is going to start running a bit better.

We’d better start using this bit of freedom.

Because as I say with the lack, with this lack of herd immunity, and you only get it by getting exposed to it, and as I say, most folk have had it and they’ve got antibodies already and they didn’t even know it, right.  So, they’ve done their best to hold back herd immunity, which will guarantee a spike, which they’ll probably end up trying to close it in the fall.  You see, the longer they can carry this on the harder it is to break out of it. And the more folk will literally adapt to it. They understand this, the psychologists know it, the behaviorists know it.  But if they can’t hold us under it for this long, it will just, we won’t go along with it again, you see. They know that too.

It’s a make or break time for freedom.

We’ve got to demand that the studies are done into the causes of this thing. And the causes of certain folk getting it worse than others. And definitely quite simple, what did the folk in the old folks’ homes get that the public outside didn’t?  Or had perhaps less of, put it that way too, before this particular thing hit?  There’s got to be, there’s definitely something to this, you know. Definitely. And the healthcare workers as well.  What do they all have in common?  What did the healthcare workers, apart from working together with the elderly, what did the healthcare workers have in common?  With the folks in the old folks’ homes, what did they have in common? 

At least 174 health and care workers have died of coronavirus as tributes pour in for brave NHS staff who lost their lives on the Covid-19 frontline – 
dailymail.co.uk / 18 May 2020

COVID-19 vaccine volunteer remains ‘cautiously optimistic’ after severe reaction – msn.com / 26 May 2020

It’s not difficult to find out, folks. And it should definitely be either looked into, under any scientific study you’ve got to look at everything without pooh-poohing it. And even if you do pooh-pooh it, you should still look into it and test it out to see if it’s right or wrong or whatever, if there’s a connection there or not. Obviously, that’s the only way you find out any truth about anything by either ruling it in or ruling it out. It’s got to be done.

As I say, the horrific systems of disposing of people because they’re old, disposing in these homes, to massive businesses that are out for incredible profits, living…  parasitical businesses!  I really do believe that the National Health Service in Britain was a great system at one time.  But they started selling out, you know, the government started selling off chunks of it to private corporations over the years. Just like Canada did the same thing, in Canada, British Columbia did it, and Ontario did it too, step-by-step. Because the whole objective was always to eventually completely privatize them all, folks, and have us all held to utter ransom and hype.  It’s an incredibly profitable area, isn’t it?

We’ve got to get back to human life being, having some value. And stop, get rid of all these bioethicists.  Get rid of them. Kick them out. Altogether. They have no place to do with human beings and life and death. No place at all. 

We’ve got to do our best to keep folk alive, as we used to always do.  And to do our best to give them the best kind of life they can with the healthcare you can possibly provide, the best healthcare.  That’s what life is about. Not profit. You can’t put profits on human life. No way. No.  Especially the stinking awful profits that they do from big business and corporations and big Pharma.

Look after yourselves and don’t panic completely, ‘eh.  Think for yourselves too. Try to get a break once in a while, as well, you need a break. You can’t live in a constant tension.

But stand up for yourselves.  Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourselves. And express your opinions because they’re trying to turn those that fall into line through panic and fear against the rest. Like a little Civil War on the go, eh.  You see that in the stores I’m sure when folks shout, don’t stand there, you can’t walk that way, the wrong direction.  Well can’t I reverse? No, you can’t. No.  I got a reverse gear here.  No, you can’t do that, smart guy.  Stuff like that.  They’re turning people against other people, and the ones who watch TV are the most freaked out.  Everyone is actually seeing it in action.

As I say, they’re admitting now the whole six feet farce is nothing but a computerized FARCE!  Because they can suddenly half it and at the top say it’s okay?  Oh, 3 feet is just as good, you know, there’ll be no significant difference. Well, no significant difference means there is NO difference. It’s all baloney, folks!

For myself, Alan Watt from Ontario, Canada, It’s Good Night an May Your God or Your Gods Go with You.

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