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Saturday, August 20, 2022

they rule us in the USA


The Wealthiest People in Each State

StateRichest ResidentNet WorthSource of Wealth
AlabamaJimmy Rane$900 millionEntrepreneur
AlaskaJonathan Rubini and Leonard Hyde$340 millionReal Estate Developers
ArizonaArturo Moreno$3.3 billionBusinessperson
ArkansasRob Walton$69.8 billionInheritor
CaliforniaElon Musk$132.1 billionEntrepreneur
ColoradoPhilip Anschutz$11.7 billionBusinessperson
ConnecticutRay Dalio$16.9 billionHedge Fund Manager
DelawareElizabeth Snyder and Robert Gore$750 millionInheritors
FloridaThomas Peterffy$18.6 billionBusinessperson
GeorgiaJim Kennedy$8.2 billionBusinessperson
HawaiiPierre Omidyar$19.3 billionEntrepreneur
IdahoFrank VanderSloot$2.7 billionEntrepreneur
IllinoisKen Griffin$15 billionHedge Fund Manager
IndianaCarl Cook$10.5 billionBusinessperson
IowaHarry Stine$5.4 billionBusinessperson
KansasCharles Koch$44.9 billionInheritor/Businessperson
KentuckyTamara Gustavson$5.2 billionInheritor
LouisianaGayle Benson$3.3 billionBusinessperson
MaineSusan Alfond$1.9 billionInheritor
MarylandTed Lerner$4.8 billionReal Estate Developer
MassachusettsAbigail Johnson$15 billionInheritor/Businessperson
MichiganDan Gilbert$42.8 billionBusinessperson
MinnesotaGlen Taylor$2.5 billionBusinessperson
MississippiLeslie Lampton$2.4 billionBusinessperson
MissouriJames and Thomas Duff$1.2 billionInheritor/Businessperson
MontanaDennis Washington$6.3 billionBusinessperson
NebraskaWarren Buffett$87.4 billionBusinessperson
NevadaSheldon Adelson$35 billionBusinessperson
New HampshireAndrea Reimann-Ciardelli$720 millionInheritor
New JerseyJohn Overdeck$6.5 billionHedge Fund Manager
New MexicoMack C. Chase$910 millionBusinessperson
New YorkMichael Bloomberg$54.9 billionBusinessperson
North CarolinaJames Goodnight$6.5 billionEntrepreneur
North DakotaGary Tharaldson$1 billionEntrepreneur
OhioLes Wexner$5.4 billionEntrepreneur
OklahomaDavid Green$7.6 billionEntrepreneur
OregonPhil Knight$50.6 billionEntrepreneur
PennsylvaniaVictoria Mars$7.2 billionInheritor
Rhode IslandJonathan Nelson$2 billionBusinessperson
South CarolinaAnita Zucker$1.9 billionBusinessperson
South DakotaT. Denny Sanford$1.6 billionBusinessperson
TennesseeTommy Frist Jr.$12.8 billionBusinessperson/Physician
TexasAlice Walton$70.4 billionInheritor
UtahGail Miller$1.9 billionInheritor/Businessperson
VermontJohn Abele$640 millionEntrepreneur
VirginiaJacqueline Mars$28.9 billionInheritor
WashingtonJeff Bezos$186.5 billionEntrepreneur
West VirginiaJim Justice II$1.2 billionInheritor/Businessperson
WisconsinJohn Menard, Jr.$14.2 billionEntrepreneur
WyomingJohn Mars$28.9 billionInheritor  

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