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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Do not fear a single thing in this world

 from Paul Kingsnorth: https://paulkingsnorth.substack.com/p/the-monthly-salon-july/comments

The 3 things required on this island:

1) The Return of the Language

2) The Return of the Forest

3) The Return of the Wolf

There is no difficulty in this, its a choice, the person can choose to prioritize this ""Fáilte ar ais Program" or not.......same with everything. What do we elevate? What do we venerate? Fear, egotism, personal survival and so on,,,,,I feel it in my life the heaviness of my sense of self, the lighter it becomes, the easier it is to wing it....

"Through soaring, birds gain altitude and travel quickly by taking energy from wind currents in the atmosphere."

My father taught me, "if you have to force it your doing it wrong" and though not true in every situation, in most....as per the flawless movement of the cat, the Vaslav Nijinsky moment, the vicious cutting away of superfluous muscular tension that as Alan Watts so succinctly describes as the ego / the sense of self itself.....

once the heaviness is gone, everything is possible, there is no world but infinite dimensions

Taking into account the arguments and consternation of ethno-nationalists, my instinct is that the arrival of new people from all over the world onto this island actually makes the process of restoring

the trinity easier. Tá fáilte roimh chách anseo ach caithfimid teanga na tíre a labhairt.....otherwise we remain in the Cromwellian era,,,,and the curse cannot be lifted...

I heard once that Genghis Khan told his warriors that until the very moment of death you are invincible. Do not fear a single thing in this world.

So I leave you with this song beautifying the great Thomas Sankara! In the spirit of Internationalism and in recognition that the great majority of Europe's riches are in fact Africa's::


Go forward with sword in hand!

Greetings brothers and sisters!

Beannachtaí deartháireacha agus deirfiúracha!


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