*** Aluminum (TMA), Barium, Strontium, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), and Lithium have been dumped in space to study and modify space weather for over sixty years (60) and nobody knew. - Big Wobble Blog *** Then there's Z. July 18, 2022 - I was awakened this morning with a clear message that there are three years left until the simulation ends. - ELLIE *** Ego & Time are our biggest anchors to ignorance- Walter Russell

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Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Talking Ancestral Living and Sacred Landscapes | Matawhero Lloyd #Maori

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The one and only Matawhero Lloyd returns to the show this week. More specifically, while I am in New Zealand, I returned to Whetu Ariki to spend some time with Matawhero and to see what’s been happening with his pā project over the past couple of years. This is a project many of you will be familiar with from Ani.Mystic, where it gets a whole chapter of its own. 

 Matawhero goes really deep on Maori metaphysics, indigenous philosophy and all kinds of powerful topics. This is an amazing discussion and I'm really grateful to be able to share it with you. (I am also grateful for the break in the weather that made the site even more beautiful!)

Monday, July 25, 2022

Is The Universe A Hologram?


Reality as a simulation or hologram is no longer a fringe theory - with Nobel Prize winners and other thought leaders believing in it.  All scientific discoveries start out as theories; some ultimately proven, some not. There is still the question of whether our universe actually exists? We may be simply living in something's virtual reality simulation; very hard to prove one way or the other but we are getting closer.

The theory that reality, as we consciously experience it, is not real, goes back to the indigenous people who believed that we exist in a dream or illusion. In our current timeline, we refer to the our virtual reality experience as a matrix, grids, simulation and hologram. There are those trying to prove the simulation exists and others who are trying to break us out of it.

Time is an illusion, therefore so is everything else. The universe is a consciousness hologram or simulation. Reality is projected illusion within. It is a virtual experiment created in linear time to study emotions. Our simulation is composed of grids created by a source consciousness brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level. The hologram is created and linked through a web, or grid matrixes.

The hologram had a beginning ergo it has an end, as consciousness evolves in the alchemy of time. As the grids collapse, everything within the hologram will end as it Fades to Black.

In media we find films, television shows, books, and games, based on the concept of reality as a hologram/simulation Among the more easily recognized are The Matrix , The Thirteenth Floor, Inception (Dream), the Holodeck (Grids) in the TV series Star Trek, among others.

An increased understanding of artificial intelligence will bring clarity to the concept of reality is a simulation as they are virtually connected.

Then there's Z. 

One thing Michelle and I remain on the same page about is having fun with Z. In our first conversation last Friday Michelle asked if there were any messages from Z so I told her about my wake up message from last week. 

Monday July 18, 2022 - I was awakened this morning with a clear message that there are three years left until the simulation ends. I don't remember who said it - though it was a male voice with no accent - nor how true it is. Further time is an illusion so dates are irrelevant and should never be taken as a precise predictor of anything. Three years from now would bring us to 2025 = 9 = Endings or completions in Numerology. 

My friend Dean, an astrologer, wrote: In 2025 ALL planets will change signs. This is significant. The inner planets as well as the sun & moon change signs often. To have ALL the outer planets change at the same time is a big deal. Major shakeups for everyone. 

As Michelle and I laughed and chatted I watched beautiful cumulus clouds against a clear blue sky forming interesting patterns. In my mind I asked Z for a message. A rather large cloud that looked like a giant mountain suddenly changed producing blackish smoke-looking clouds rising from the top - as if a volcano erupting. I told Michelle that a large volcano was going to erupt and sent her the pic of the clouds. Sorry but I didn't keep it. 

Sunday this happened ... Japan's Sakurajima volcano erupts, prompting highest alert. 

Japan takes us to famous 20th-century clairvoyant Edgar Cayce's prediction - the "first domino" is Japan. Japan is in the Pacific Ring of Fire and sits on or near the boundary of four tectonic plates: the Pacific, North American, Eurasian and Filipino plates. 

Planet Earth as a physical insert is a bipolar experiment in linear time focusing on the game of emotions where questions bring answers that evoke more questions. The ancients followed the stars and looked up for answers beyond this emotional playground. Final answers come out of the blue. 

ELLIE: here

Mount Hood Auroras!

WHY DOESN'T JUPITER HAVE RINGS LIKE SATURN? Because it's bigger, Jupiter ought to have larger, more spectacular rings than Saturn. The giant planet's rings should be among the very brightest objects in the night sky of Earth.

New research explains what went wrong. 

Jupiter's Galilean satellites destroy significant rings as soon as they form: press release.

AURORAS IN THE USA: Photographer Andrew Harvey has been wondering if he could see auroras from Oregon. The answer is "yes." On July 23rd, a CME struck Earth's magnetic field, allowing Harvey to take this picture from Mount Hood:

"It was a great show!" says Harvey. "I watched the auroras from Cooper Spur on Mt. Hood at 6813 ft elevation. Lights from the Hood River and The Dalles (the largest city in Wasco County) interfered, but during the peak of the display around midnight, I had no trouble photographing the auroras above the light pollution."

The CME's impact sparked a G1-class geomagnetic storm with photographic auroras in the USA as far south as Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. 

Subscribers to our Space Weather Alert Service received a "heads-up" text message 30 minutes before the CME struck, giving photographers time to dash outside and position their cameras.

Saturday, July 23, 2022


CME IMPACT SPARKS AURORAS AND STEVE: Arriving almost exactly on time, a CME hit Earth's magnetic field on July 23rd at 0259 UT. The impact sparked a G1-class geomagnetic storm with auroras from coast to coast in North America.

"At about 12 midnight, I noticed a familiar light purple vertical glow to the east," reports Greg Ash of Ely, Minnesota. "It was STEVE!"

STEVE is actually not an aurora. The purple-colored arc is the glow from a supersonic river of gas, which flows through Earth’s magnetosphere during some geomagnetic storms. Short for "Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement," STEVE is a relatively recent discovery.

Lauri Kangas of Ontario, Canada, saw STEVE, too. "It was quite an active display with green pickets dancing in the Milky Way amongst the satellites and airplanes," says Kangas. "STEVE appeared and disappeared several times over an hour around midnight CDT."

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Do not fear a single thing in this world

 from Paul Kingsnorth: https://paulkingsnorth.substack.com/p/the-monthly-salon-july/comments

The 3 things required on this island:

1) The Return of the Language

2) The Return of the Forest

3) The Return of the Wolf

There is no difficulty in this, its a choice, the person can choose to prioritize this ""Fáilte ar ais Program" or not.......same with everything. What do we elevate? What do we venerate? Fear, egotism, personal survival and so on,,,,,I feel it in my life the heaviness of my sense of self, the lighter it becomes, the easier it is to wing it....

"Through soaring, birds gain altitude and travel quickly by taking energy from wind currents in the atmosphere."

My father taught me, "if you have to force it your doing it wrong" and though not true in every situation, in most....as per the flawless movement of the cat, the Vaslav Nijinsky moment, the vicious cutting away of superfluous muscular tension that as Alan Watts so succinctly describes as the ego / the sense of self itself.....

once the heaviness is gone, everything is possible, there is no world but infinite dimensions

Taking into account the arguments and consternation of ethno-nationalists, my instinct is that the arrival of new people from all over the world onto this island actually makes the process of restoring

the trinity easier. Tá fáilte roimh chách anseo ach caithfimid teanga na tíre a labhairt.....otherwise we remain in the Cromwellian era,,,,and the curse cannot be lifted...

I heard once that Genghis Khan told his warriors that until the very moment of death you are invincible. Do not fear a single thing in this world.

So I leave you with this song beautifying the great Thomas Sankara! In the spirit of Internationalism and in recognition that the great majority of Europe's riches are in fact Africa's::


Go forward with sword in hand!

Greetings brothers and sisters!

Beannachtaí deartháireacha agus deirfiúracha!


Tuesday, July 19, 2022



Words For War

“Our strategy should be not only to confront empire, but to lay siege to it. To deprive it of oxygen. To shame it. To mock it. With our art, our music, our literature, our stubbornness, our joy, our brilliance, our sheer relentlessness – and our ability to tell our own stories. Stories that are different from the ones we’re being brainwashed to believe. 

The corporate revolution will collapse if we refuse to buy what they are selling – their ideas, their version of history, their wars, their weapons, their notion of inevitability. 

Remember this: We be many and they be few. They need us more than we need them. 

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.”

― Arundhati Roy, War Talk

The Sea Peoples & The Late Bronze Age Collapse

Monday, July 18, 2022

Steve James


The Secret Sun: The Secret Sun Shines on Freeman Fly Once Again

The Secret Sun: The Secret Sun Shines on Freeman Fly Once Again: My brother-from-another-mother Freeman Fly had me on for a freewheeling meeting of the minds. We cover a number of different topics...

Here's the skinny:
The world is powered by sorcerers and not scientists. Despite what the aging acolytes of the Enlightenment might wish, computers have only strengthened the power of the supernatural on this world. We've just been conditioned by Harry Potter and Hollywood to think that spirits are ghosts, demons have horns and tails, and magic is all just hocus-pocus.

A lot of people tend not to realize that we are dealing with forces and energies here, not cartoon characters. Forces taken extremely seriously throughout our history, by men with far more brains, discernment and life-experience than any of our current crop of over-privileged academic idiots could even dream of.

A lot of the worries about the dangers of high-tech control, worries that seemed like paranoid delusions in 2016, are now national mandates. And there's also the inexplicable sudden interest the elite media has in the UFO topic to factor in, despite near-total disinterest on the public's part.

Oh, and we also have five years of face-kickingly obvious mass rituals to throw into the mix as well. Gotthard Tunnel, to name one...
Click here for the free show.


Friday, July 15, 2022

The Lake Superior Copper Mystery | Isle Royale | Michigan



https://eos.org/articles/miners-left-...https://queticosuperior.org/blog/preh...https://www.mlive.com/news/2021/02/45...https://www.duluthnewstribune.com/com...https://www.nps.gov/articles/000/arch...https://anthrosource.onlinelibrary.wi...https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Popula...https://grahamhancock.com/wakefieldjs1/https://pages.mtu.edu/~raman/SilverI/...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newton_...http://www.mywisconsinspace.com/tag/o...https://blog.dcclark.net/2017/10/isle...http://npshistory.com/handbooks/natur...https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontonag... #ancienthistory #ancientAmerica #LakeSuperiorCopper #IsleRoyal #IsleRoyalCopper #ancient #history #cfapps7865 #copper #mystery #Michigan #Minnesota #ancientmining #archaeology #MoundBuilders #GoogleEarth #artifacts #ancienttrade #BirdMan #Petroglyphs #RockArt #MichiganUP #Smithsonian #Artifacts #archaeologynews #historiclandmark #NationalPark #archaeologist #NewtonWinchell #Ojibwe


Miners Left a Pollution Trail in the Great Lakes 6000 Years Ago

Scientists find evidence of ancient copper mining in polluted lake sediments from Isle Royale National Park.

Moose, wolves, and a few intrepid humans roam the wilds of Michigan’s Isle Royale National Park today, but thousands of years ago, the island boasted a thriving mining industry.

A glacially rounded copper nugget, as an example of the raw material worked by people of the Old Copper Complex. Photo by Rob Lavinsky (CC BY-SA 3.0).
A glacially rounded copper nugget, as an example of the raw material worked by people of the Old Copper Complex. Photo by Rob Lavinsky (CC BY-SA 3.0).

The veins of copper that ripple through its bedrock drew the attention of early Native Americans, who used the metal to make tools. However, many details of their activities—such as when they mined—remain hidden behind the thick haze of time.

Now, new research suggests that Isle Royale’s mining boom peaked about 6000 years ago and left a legacy of aquatic pollution. The high levels of copper, lead, and potassium in sediments from a cove on the island point to a long and intense period of indigenous mining. Researchers presented these results, published recently in the journal The Holocene, in a poster session on 16 December at the 2014 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting.

Evidence of Ancient Mining

European explorers first noticed evidence for indigenous copper mines back in the 1800s. In some places, miners had dug down more than 20 meters into bedrock—an impressive feat considering their limited tools. However, without a way to date the pits directly, the timing of these mining activities could only be loosely constrained by the ages of copper artifacts found across the Great Lakes region. Archaeologists have dated many objects associated with the so-called Old Copper Complex, but the objects span thousands of years.

Copper artifacts created by people of the Old Copper Complex.
Copper artifacts left by people of the Old Copper Complex.
 left by people of the Old Copper Complex.

The mines caught the interest of David Pompeani, a Ph.D. student at the University of Pittsburgh, who went looking for clues beneath the chilly waters of Lake Superior. He hypothesized that chemicals released during the process of mining and annealing copper would leak into the lake and settle in its sediments. These sediments could then be dated using carbon-14 and other radioactive isotopes.

One such indicator of mining activity is lead, which would have leached from mine tailings and vaporized when miners heated copper to shape the metal, only to collect again in nearby waters. Pompeani and his colleagues previously found lead pollution in 8000- to 5000-year-old sediments along the south shore of Lake Superior. They interpreted this pollution as evidence of an extended era of widespread copper mining on Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula.

A Focus on Isle Royale

Several questions followed. How far did these ancient miners range? Did they migrate from one mine to another? To learn more, Pompeani’s team jumped across the lake to Isle Royale, a streak of rock that lies just off the Canadian shore. There, indigenous miners excavated the largest known pre-Columbian copper mine on top of Minong Ridge.

In nearby McCargoe Cove, a deep inlet that cuts diagonally across the island’s glacial striations, the researchers found elevated levels of lead and copper, along with potassium—a by-product of the fires used for mining and annealing. At their peak, lead and copper concentrations reached values an order of magnitude greater than background levels and about half as high as those associated with modern contamination.

The Fate of Ancient Miners

The spike in pollution began 6500 years ago and lasted for about a millennium. Then, abruptly, it ended, suggesting mining ended too. Pollution did not rise again until the mid-1800s, when mining resumed on Isle Royale, smelting began on the Keweenaw Peninsula, and leaded gasoline emissions grew.

The scientists do not know why mining screeched to a halt. They speculate that miners may have exhausted all the easily accessible veins and moved on. Climate changes may have also played a role—evidence from lake sediments around the Midwest suggests climate began to get dryer. In time, geologic clues may continue to provide more information.

—Julia Rosen, Writer

Citation: Rosen, J. (2014), Miners left a pollution trail in the Great Lakes 6000 years ago, Eos, 95, doi:10.1029/2014EO021147.

Text © 2014. The authors. CC BY-NC 3.0
Except where otherwise noted, images are subject to copyright. Any reuse without express permission from the copyright owner is prohibited.


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Wednesday, July 13, 2022




US Activities in Ukraine Smoke Screen for Clearly Criminal Bioresearch


Vladimir Platov

Internationalist 360°

As has been repeatedly pointed out by many media, the United States has long shown the world its disregard for international norms and its willingness to wage war with weapons of mass destruction anywhere in the world.

This fact was further documented during the Russian special operation in Ukraine, which resulted in the Russian Ministry of Defense obtaining multiple pieces of evidence and testimonies of captured Ukrainian and foreign “specialists” involved in the criminal activities of secret US biological laboratories in Ukraine.

For example, it was learned that Washington was preparing to conduct a study to diagnose highly dangerous pathogens, including the Ebola virus, at the Mechnikov Anti-Plague Research Institute in Odessa. It is noteworthy that the disease is not endemic and has never been reported in Ukraine. This raises a legitimate question about the need for such research and the true purpose of it being carried out by the United States particularly on Ukrainian territory.

In addition, US military-controlled biological laboratories in Ukraine have apparently been studying viruses that can be transmitted by mosquitoes, including those that spread Dengue fever, in the interests of developing biological weapons. The stated aim of this “project” was to study viruses capable of infecting Aedes mosquitoes. As a result of work already carried out in this area, the viral preparation was taken to the USA for further aerobiological research. The Pentagon’s interest in vectors of vector-borne diseases and building bioweapons with this in mind stems from the fact that during the last major yellow fever outbreak in Africa in 2013, there were 170,000 cases of severe disease, of which 60,000 ended in death. It is notable that deliberate outbreaks of Dengue virus transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes (the same ones studied in Ukraine) occurred in Cuba in the 1970s and 1980s.  The use of Aedes mosquitoes, like those used by the US military in Ukraine, as biological weapons has previously been documented in a class action by Cuban citizens against the US government and has been submitted to the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention.

Military microbiologists from the USA, and with them from Germany, have also shown interest in the Ukraine to study tick-borne diseases, research on which was funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) as part of projects UP-1, UP-8. Ticks were collected mainly in the south-eastern regions of Ukraine, which are home to natural pockets of diseases characteristic of the Russian Federation, which is officially listed by Pentagon doctrine as a major enemy of the United States. A separate project on ixodid ticks, which are vectors of a number of highly dangerous diseases (tularemia, West Nile fever, Congo-Crimean fever), has been implemented by the University of Texas.

Cooperation between US and German military microbiologists in this field was clearly not incidental or sporadic. Documents obtained during the special operation in Ukraine have revealed that a number of secret Pentagon projects to test biological weapons in Ukraine were carried out on behalf of the Central Medical and Health Service of the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr). In doing so, special attention was paid to studies of fatal cases of Congo-Crimean fever infection, summarizing demographic, epidemiological and clinical data.

This shows that Ukraine and other post-Soviet states have already become a testing ground for biological weapons not only for the US, but also for its NATO allies. First of all Germany, the Russian Ministry of Defense pointed out in its Telegram channel. It is therefore not surprising that a number of projects have been carried out for the benefit of the Central Medical and Health Service of the German Armed Forces.

AFTER ICE :: coming to glacier near you


Initiation into Kimoyo Iconography: Lesson 1

Tuesday, July 12, 2022

be prepared? for what?


Nuclear preparedness or is there something we don't know?

NYC releases PSA for residents in the event of a nuclear attack   NY Post - July 11, 2022
NYC Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol said in a statement, "As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it is important that New Yorkers know we are preparing for any imminent threats and are providing them with the resources they need to stay safe and informed."

The Real Killers

Aluminum (TMA), Barium, Strontium, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), and Lithium have been dumped in space to study and modify space weather for over sixty years and nobody knew.

Also on the 7th of July, Cern opened after a 3-year shutdown! According to Cern's website, after over three years of upgrade and maintenance work, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is now set to run for close to four years at the record energy of 13.6 trillion electronvolts (TeV), providing greater precision and discovery potential. Increased collision rates, higher collision energy, upgraded data readout, and selection systems, new detector systems, and computing infrastructure: all these factors point to a promising physics season that will further expand the already very diverse LHC physics program! Hmmm!

At Cern, (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator. It consists of a 27-kilometer ring of superconducting magnets with a number of accelerating structures to boost the energy of the” particles” along the way before smashing the particles together. However, many revered experts are very worried. Some experts believe, that the LHC could also produce unwanted black holes. A black hole compresses matter into a point of infinite density called a singularity. In general, most people think compressing matter like that constitutes a bad thing -- some worry the black holes generated by Cern could destroy the Earth, just like the early nuclear bomb scientists, but they don’t really know. Cern scientists say that if the LHC does create black holes, they are very small, harmless, and decay almost instantaneously, according to Cern scientists.

However, some scientists have claimed the large hadron collider is puncturing other "dimensions" which could be allowing unsavory things into our dimension.

Coincidence? The destroyer of worlds, (something JR Oppenheimer claimed he was in 1945 after testing his Atom Bomb) A Lord Shiva statue at Cern is said to be the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. The triumvirate consists of three gods who are responsible for the creation, upkeep, and destruction of the world. The other two gods are Brahma and Vishnu... Shiva's role is to destroy the universe in order to recreate it. 

A statue of Lord Shiva stands proudly outside Cern, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland, see image above.



opening of mind to CONQUEST and EVIL


My definition: LOOT, KILL, ENSLAVE (to civilize), Control (plant a flag), GRAB LAND (to loot above and below ground) + MIND CONTROL = SORCERY

WWG1WGA: Four Years Of War

Reflections on the Q project and life as a notable anon

Last week I republished my 2018 essay WWG1WGA: The Greatest Communications Event In History, which launched me into the notable space as a commentator on the Q phenomenon and the wider Great Awakening movement it sits within. I have dragged myself from my sick bed — it’s been three days of flu-like suffering — to write up my reflections on the work, given tomorrow is its 4th anniversary (and portends to be a significant date in history).

Seasons of personal change and loss

At the time I wrote the piece I was on holiday at the Lithuanian seaside with my two daughters, ex-wife, and my parents. I was still notionally a telecoms guru rather than dissident writer, so my prognostications on geopolitics life had little impact on family affairs.

Roll forward to 2022, and let’s just say that things are very different personally. We have socially been viciously attacked via divisive media propaganda, slave muzzles, and poisonous injections. I have stood my ground and refused to “go along to get along”, or behave in ways that make me “acceptable”. So be it; painful, but there’s a boomerang coming.

The Martin of 2022 is a very different creature to the one of 2018. Active participation in a covert war as a prominent member of the civilian digital militia has changed my life completely. I have been personally libelled in the media for my efforts, endlessly censored, and lost my prior career. The latent warrior has had to be activated, and turned from network performance algebra, towards more historic concerns. I have a new and improved network of genuinely loyal friends with shared values.

Not even ostracism by loved ones will make me bow towards lies. Shunning is a technique used by cults, and I refuse to accept the psychopathic doctrine of “I may hurt you — but I got what I wanted” (yes, that is close to a literal quote from a family member). It has never been clearer that the harvest of deceit is death, and a clear conscience is more valuable than all the material wealth of the world.

The problem is worse than I imagined

Re-reading the original piece, what strikes me is its “lucid naivety”. I had worked hard over many years to assemble a picture of what was going on in the world, and laboured over many days to produce an essay with the punch and clarity I desired. It does a decent job of summarising my worldview at the level I had managed at that point, in particular spotting the Second American Revolution in progress.

I will return to the issue of the broader scope of what is happening, but from the perspective of four years on, I have learned a lot. While the article mentions human trafficking, I did not appreciate the scale of it, or how it is the foundation for the operation of our ruling classes. This has to be front and centre of any analysis of geopolitical affairs, not least as a result of Epstein-style blackmail networks.

Human trafficking is more than slave labour or sex slaves: it also encompasses body parts and organ harvesting, humans as food, and experimental subjects. But the real insight I was missing was that it isn’t an isolated minority of unfortunate people caught up in criminal networks, even if they number tens of millions. The truth is that everyone in the industrialised world is being trafficked in some way.

Human trafficking is the core problem

There is a framing error, which is to see the systems we inhabit as suffering “corruption”. I have now come to understand that they are uncorrupted; this is how they were designed to work. Your welfare is not a concern at any level; any appearance of such is an accident, legitimising front, byproduct, or misconception. This complete system of human subjugation and enslavement includes (but is not limited to):

  • The legal system, which fraudulently strips us of our innate rights and turns us into chattel under commercial or maritime law via deception.

  • Government, which as a corporatised entity “elected” (via rigged contests) acts as a tax harvesting scam, and issues “policies” that are enforced by “police” (i.e. not real law enforcement) that we are not contracted with. It’s all based on illusions of power, held together by intimidation of victims, and enrichment of beneficiaries.

  • Healthcare, which deliberately injures children with poisonous “vaccines” that have no proven benefit (or even collective safety case) to generate lifelong profits from chronic disease; and acts as a tracking system for the “slave bodies” and thus enables the theft of people and body parts on demand. The recent murder of patients for profit with drugs and ventilators tells you all you need to know.

  • Retail and logistics, which act as a cover for the international transport and sale of humans as contraband.

  • Finance, which steals the value of your labour via engineered boom, bust, bankruptcy; usury; and inflationary fiat currency; and launders all the profits into a few financial centres.

  • Media and entertainment, which brainwashes the public to accept their abuse and love their abusers, dismissing anyone who points out organised crime as a crazed “conspiracy theorist”.

  • Education and academia, which responds to the funding interests of the military-industrial complex and polices a narrow base of “official” knowledge and de facto totalitarian thought police indoctrinating the next generation.

  • Big Tech, which is front for surveillance, targeting, and AI-driven social engineering operations.

  • Energy, which keeps us unnecessarily dependent on artificially scarce petrochemicals rather than using advanced technology we already know exists in military use or has been suppressed by the power mafiosi.

  • Food and water, which has been poisoned and denatured to make us weak and easy to control — while making more money via pharmaceuticals.

  • Military, which has been deploying all kinds of “silent weapons for quiet wars” against civilian populations to control them, and intelligence agencies perpetuate an unaccountable class above the law.

A considerable infrastructure supports this horror, with clear evidence of a global network of underground tunnels and military bases for moving assets, as well as the use of container shipping on the surface. A local distribution network passes out children for sale to be raped and sacrificed, and I see hints at a correspondingly gruesome “waste disposal” of used humans too. We haven’t been living in the society we were told we lived in. It’s bad.

This situation didn’t come about overnight, but is the result of hundreds of years of gradual accumulation of hidden power by subversion, infiltration, and deception. Figural are churches, who are meant to be guardians of conscience, and thus are mercilessly attacked. The challenge is seeing how all these are indeed interconnected into a single system of power. It’s not so much a “conspiracy” as a cancerous criminal culture of diverse networked parasites operating in alignment.

Such a nightmare cannot be dismantled in just a few months, or even a few years. Indeed, you cannot confront a population with Satanic ritual abuse when many people cannot even accept their elections have been rigged for decades, and the mass media is a controlled propaganda operation. People would lose their minds, and society would collapse; the cure cannot be worse than the disease.

Doing everything by the numbers

Truth is stranger than fiction by necessity: in order to “get away with it” the wicked need you to believe the real is unthinkable. If you had told me a few years ago that we were facing bloodline wars by genealogy-mad transhumanists obsessed with numerology, I would have suggested that you switch from deliriants to a mild healing psychedelic. Yet here we are, and if you choose to look, plenty of compelling evidence exists for this statement.

The last few years have given those brave enough to look an opportunity to crawl inside the mental space occupied by occultists. It’s not my area of expertise, and I feel like a beginner. If there is one big take-away it is that there is a complete hidden language in open view, and this is used to communicate between people in power. So when you publish a funding bill, you can sign it with a specific requested amount that has meaning beyond dollars. The date of a false flag attack acts as its “artist’s signature”.

The prime method of wickedness seeking power is “plausible deniability”.

This deserves a whole article of its own. For now, what matters is to understand that the Q drops are not just an Occam’s Razor on the credibility of the mass media. They are also a training course in dealing with ambiguous and complex structured information, with side channels and semantics that has to be learned over time. It is “Esoteric Communications 101”, and teaches us to become aware of the enemy’s methods.

It doesn’t really matter whether anyone accepts this or not; reality is not contingent on the popularity of belief in it. The lesson for me is that the esoteric plays a vast and unacknowledged part in shaping our society, and by its nature it is not taught in school! The assumption that your elite education gave you the tools to identify unaccountable power is laughably foolish; it serves our rulers for you to be an arrogant and prideful technocrat (and I should know…).

Magnetic North Pole Shift in 10,520 BCE

Earth's magnetic field drops the ball! During the early hours of the 7th of July 2022, Earth's magnetic field cracked open for 14 hours allowing solar wind to pour through the gap causing a G1-class geomagnetic storm. According to Spaceweather.com, the crack was opened by a co-rotating interaction region (CIR), which hit Earth's magnetic field. CIRs are transition zones between fast- and slow-moving streams of solar wind. They contain shock waves that often cause geomagnetic storms. NOAA analysts think a CME might have been embedded in the solar wind just ahead of the CIR, thus delivering a double blow.

Planetwide cataclysms that resulted from the Magnetic North Pole Shift in 10,520 BCE buried the home of the attackers under 2km of ice and 'disrupted' the reconstruction by other PWC members, between 1500 years (Kemit, Saaba, Canaan, Sumer, Indus Kush, Hongshan, etc.) to 7000 years (Olmec, Chavin, Moche, Anu-Sazi, etc.). - Asar Kush



Earth's Magnetic North Pole Has Shifted So Much We've Had to Update GPS

Magnetic north is not where it used to be.

Since 2015, the place to which a compass points has been sprinting toward Siberia at a pace of more than 30 miles (48 kilometres) a year. And this week, after a delay caused by the month-long partial government shutdown in the United States, humans have finally caught up.

Scientists on Monday released an emergency update to the World Magnetic Model, which cellphone GPS systems and military navigators use to orient themselves.

It's a minor change for most of us - noticeable only to people who are attempting to navigate very precisely very close to the Arctic.

But the north magnetic pole's inexorable drift suggests that something strange - and potentially powerful - is taking place deep within Earth. Only by tracking it, said University of Leeds geophysicist Phil Livermore, can scientists hope to understand what's going on.

The planet's magnetic field is generated nearly 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometres) beneath our feet, in the swirling, spinning ball of molten metal that forms Earth's core.

Changes in that underground flow can alter Earth's magnetic field lines - and the poles where they converge.

Consequently, magnetic north doesn't align with geographic north (the end point of Earth's rotational axis), and it's constantly on the move. Records of ancient magnetic fields from extremely old rocks show that the poles can even flip - an event that has occurred an average of three times every million years.

The first expedition to find magnetic north, in 1831, pinpointed it in the Canadian Arctic. By the time the US Army went looking for the pole in the late 1940s, it had shifted 250 miles (400 kilometres) to the northwest.

Since 1990, it has moved a whopping 600 miles (970 kilometres), and it can be found in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, 4 degrees south of geographic north - for the moment.

Curiously, the south magnetic pole hasn't mirrored the peregrinations of its northern counterpart. Since 1990, its location has remained relatively stable, off the coast of eastern Antarctica.

Livermore's research suggests that the North Pole's location is controlled by two patches of magnetic field beneath Canada and Siberia. In 2017, he reported that the Canadian patch seems to be weakening, the result of a liquid iron sloshing through Earth's stormy core.

Speaking at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in December, he suggested that the tumult far below the Arctic may explain the movement of magnetic field lines above it.

Scientists for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British Geological Survey collaborate to produce a new World Magnetic Model - a mathematical representation of the field - every five years. The next update wasn't scheduled until 2020.

But Earth had other plans. Fluctuations in the Arctic were occurring faster than predicted.

By the summer, the discrepancy between the World Magnetic Model and the real-time location of the north magnetic pole had nearly exceeded the threshold needed for accurate navigation, said William Brown, a geomagnetic field modeler for the BGS.

He and his US counterparts worked on a new model, which was nearly ready to be released when much of the US federal government ran out of funding.

Though the British agency was able to publish elements of the new model on its site, NOAA was responsible for hosting the model and making it available for public use. This portion of the model didn't become available until Monday, a week after most NOAA employees were able to go back to work.

Some have speculated that Earth is overdue for another magnetic field reversal - an event that hasn't happened for 780,000 years - and the North Pole's recent restlessness may be a sign of a cataclysm to come.

Livermore was skeptical. "There's no evidence" that the localized changes in the Arctic are a sign of something bigger, he said.

Anyway, magnetic field reversals have typically unfolded over the course of 1,000 years or so - giving plenty of time for even the US federal government to adjust.

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This article was originally published by The Washington Post.

Monday, July 11, 2022

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post-atlantean evil

 ‘What people of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch must learn to recognise is the fully conscious struggle against the evil rising up in the evolution of humanity.’ ~Rudolf Steiner, 18 November 1917

By Kingsley L. Dennis

Source: Waking Times


According to Austrian metaphysician Rudolf Steiner, the task of humanity in this epoch is to comprehend the relation of good and evil; especially, the human choice between good and evil, and the challenge of evil to make humanity more aware of spirit-consciousness. In our present age, we are to experience the negative counterforces in order to move through to greater development. 

Steiner stated that the ‘forces of evil’ exist in the world so that humanity might, at the appropriate time, break through into a ‘life of the spirit.’[1]

The presence of the counterforces gives humanity an opportunity to gain insight into the human condition, as well as the life conditions in this earthly domain. By having some understanding of the intention of opposing forces, a person is better prepared for continuing their own journey. That is, we each can learn from our encounters with negating forces; we can take these encounters as an opportunity to connect more strongly with our own force of will. In the words of philosopher Sergei O. Prokofieff:

In addition to working intensely on oneself, especially with regard to eradicating falsehood of any kind and all aspects of fear, together with all overt and secret inclinations towards materialism – something different is required, namely, a working together of human beings in the social realm that is based on spiritual principles.[2]

In advocating the coming together of spiritually minded people, it is not our responsibility to be concerned with those who Steiner called the ‘soulless’ ones. Rather than being pulled into the influence of such people (with their lower vibrational energies), it is more beneficial for a person to transform their immediate environment into a more harmonious energy. Another way of saying this is that the presence of negativity is to be transmuted into that which is not negative or counterproductive. 

This is akin to an alchemical procedure.

The 21st century is a transformatory epoch, where we shall have to face our shadows and deal with them. Without this acknowledgement, and cleansing, we will be dominated by the forces of stagnation. Later, when this catharsis or ‘cleansing’ has been achieved, we may collectively move into a stage of transmutation where the negative is transmuted into constructive forces. The spirit of our times, therefore, is one of transmutation and transformation. And until counterforces are transmuted, there is no real or lasting transformation. This ‘transmutation of the negative/shadow’ is the leitmotif of our epoch, and it cannot be done without passing through ‘the valley of the shadow of death;’[3] experiencing and, above all, understanding both the forces of negation and those of development. As author Terry Broadman writes:

In saying that, we immediately meet a paradox, because we need to recognise that without the resistance posed to our development by these counterforces, there would be no human freedom possible and therefore, ultimately no possibility for love either. No great drama, especially the great drama of the story of mankind, is possible without the challenge from forces of darkness within us.[4]

By casting light upon those forces that oppose human freedom, we may also see that, somewhat paradoxically, it is these same forces that make freedom possible. And yet, we need to gain this realization so we can know what we are up against.

Entropic counterforces attempt to control and manage human thinking and cultural narratives through arid materialism – the forces of limitation, indifference, rational logic, and consumption, for example. Such arid forces seek to constrain and contain human thinking by limiting it to the physical domain. That is, by negation and denial of the metaphysical background to life; a worldview that recognises no spirit-consciousness or genuine inspiration from beyond the material realm. It can be said that such counter-evolutionary forces wish to ensure that humanity remains at the level of the ‘lower ego;’ that is, our base level ‘everyday’ selves, ruled by passions, possessions, promises, and pseudo-truths. We have already seen how modern life is rife with the self-centred materialist concerned only for their physical pleasures and gains.

This is the false-polished underbelly of a capitalist-fed globalist agenda. This is the sphere where the tightly controlled culture industry provides ultimate dissonance through glamour-distraction. Cacophonous music, jarring rhythms, and discordant lyrics appeal to the basest impulses within the tranced modern listener. It is little wonder then that there is resistance to those people who wish to develop their inner senses and modes of perception. The everyday environment is not conducive to the development of spirit-consciousness. And yet, it is the role of awakened individuals to assist the unconscious in becoming conscious.

Entropic forces can be regarded as forces of hindrance. For various reasons, they have not fulfilled their developmental potentials; they have faltered in their path, and thus ‘fallen by the wayside.’ And as wayside creatures, they hinder and disrupt all other wanderers and walkers upon the path. It can be said that they belong to our realm but are no longer upon our developmental path. Such counterforces are not creative; that is, they are not a creative principle in the universe, and so they need to make use of – or usurp – existing impulses to be able to act in the physical world. Such forces operate by distorting, and demonising, other processes and/or vessels in order to function.

We need to be aware of those beliefs, idealisms, organizations, groupings, etc, that show a deliberate antipathy and hostility towards aspects of spirit-consciousness and the metaphysical. These may be collective, and/or concealed, forces aiming to divert humanity’s path of growth. The materialistic route is a caricature of what now needs to be the human being’s present state. Total materialization, including the digital-virtual domains (such as the Metaverse) represent a paralysis of growth in spirit-consciousness. A total materialization of human consciousness is taking place across the world and is especially dominant within the technologically advanced nations.

Modern life has been turned upon itself to become a parody. Nothing can be taken at face value for the outer expressions have become corrupted. Pseudo-truths are the caricature of relative truths; deep fakes are the travesty of genuine selves; and the lines between knowing and unknowing have been deliberately smeared. The outer life, on its own, exists as a tarnished kingdom. The only thing to do is to extract oneself from this polluting sphere and to re-wire one’s alignments, attachments, and allegiances. In previous epochs, the human being’s inner authority was undermined by subjugating it to exterior bodies of authority – such as institutionalized religions.

When the masses moved out of illiteracy and became educated enough to read, research, and learn for themselves, the exterior forms of authority shifted from the sacred to the secular. Secular institutions came to regulate social norms, thinking patterns, and modes of accepted behaviour. In present times, as conscious awareness and perceptive understanding expands rapidly, the exterior bodies of authority are attempting to gain leverage by gaining interior access to our bodies and minds – what I have referred to as the new forms of biopower. These interventions into the physical integrity of the human being have serious consequences for the natural expression of spirit-consciousness. If the human vessel is unbalanced, or bio-chemically – or even genetically – interfered with, then the incarnated spirit-consciousness will have trouble in manifesting within the physical.

This intervention can be taken to the extreme through advancements in the biological-genetic sciences. The process of human cloning is a further step in this domain. If a physical body is cloned, then it is basically manufactured – it has not been brought into life through an organic birthing process (regardless of how the fertilized egg was delivered into the female body). In a metaphysical sense, it can be said that the physical body is not capable of receiving spirit-consciousness for it is not vibrationally aligned. It is an empty vessel, in a spiritual sense. From this, it may be inferred that other entities or forces could inhabit such a physical vessel. Why is human science increasingly moving towards the automation, the techno-hybrid, the slicing and dicing with DNA and human genetics? In this, there is a shift toward splintering the human being from its metaphysical origins and from the domain of spirit. If anything, this is the definition of evil – the isolation of the physical from its metaphysical source.

The counter-developmental forces are acting against the human mind (psyche), the heart (emotions), and the body (will). These three aspects can be related to imagination, inspiration, and intuition. And these three aspects have been targets for manipulation for quite some time. In our current age, the imagination is targeted through the media, video games, propaganda, digital life, and augmented reality, for example. The faculties of inspiration are being distorted through a controlled culture-industry (music, literature, art). And the intuition is deadened through a weakening of the human will as well as interventions and violations against the physical body. All these forces aim to press down upon the human being in a way that increases its immersion in materiality whilst bringing forth more animalistic, or primitive drives. How much more difficult it is for spirit-consciousness to come into a life experience, only to find that everything is subordinated to a material perspective – a world that is almost oblivious to the reality of the spirit.

The more a person comes under the powers of this world, under the laws set within this materiality, the less a person can act from an inner place of personal and spiritual will. A human being can no longer truly become their essential self if they are wholly invested in a consensus reality that is averse to metaphysical truths. As Christ famously stated: ‘My Kingdom is not of this world.’ (John 18:36) Although not of this world, it must work in this world. Our point of interaction – participation and action – are within this world, yet our foundation does not originate from within this world. And this combination, this merger, is what creates a strength to be in this world and not to be worn down by it.

The expression of spirit-consciousness is a fusion – and the human being is the vessel (the receptor as well as the carrier). Being the carrier for that which is also beyond the physical means also that the person needs to strengthen their interior world – their inner environment. A fully exteriorized person is too much attached with events and influences of the material world, and this can become a hindrance. There needs to be enough capacity within each person to exercise internal creative imaginations so that received inspirations have a vessel, a protected space, in which to gestate before outward expression. A ‘new world’ can come into being, yet it must come through the human being and not to be forced upon it. This is why it is said that a new world is birthed rather than built. The outer actions may be that of building, yet the initial impulses are birthed from within. It is in this way that metaphysical influences can enter into the domain of the physical – through receptive individuals.

The act of transmuting counteractive forces into constructive ones requires that humanity shifts from a place of outward dominance, under the sway of external influences, and into spaces of inward receptivity to inspirational impulses. In this, it can be said that the transformative process is one of the unconscious becoming conscious.


THE GREAT EXPERIMENT - The replacement of Homo Sapien genes, with Neanderthal genes, on all Homo Sapien/Neanderthal hybrid Y and chromosomes 2, 3, 4, 9, 11, 12, 15, and possibly 7. These Neanderthal gene 'insertions', make up between 2 to 8% (not 1-2%) of the total Homo Sapien/Neanderthal hybrid genome. ALL PEOPLE on the planet, who are NOT 100% Homo Sapien (unmixed African), carry these Neanderthal, misleadingly called "Asian Steppe land" genes. -AK


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