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Monday, May 9, 2022

Europe's First Civilization - The Minoans Documentary + artifacts


Linear A Texts

b. I-DA-DA
CR(?) Zf 1 (Ayios Nikolaos Mus. 9675) (GORILA IV: 146-147, 162), gold pin (LM IA stylistic date); reverse carries a long, wavy tendril to which are attached opposing clusters of trefoil flowers or leaves (cf. KN Zf 1)


Bronze double axe


On view at The Met Fifth Avenue in Gallery 171

CR Zf 5
(AM 1936.562; Raison-Pope 1994, p. 243), bronze double ax


CR Zg 3 (?) (Hermitage 511; CMS XI, no. 311: burnt amydaloid sealstone).


JGY: doubtful signs

CR Zg 4 (NY Metropolitan Museum; CMS XII 96; (Raison-Pope 1994, p. 242-3, confirmed by del Freo 2012: 14), reel seal of steatite, inscriptions read from the impression.
a. A-RO-TE 
Steatite spindle whorl

Agate Lentoid


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