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Friday, February 11, 2022

Hopar Glacier of Hunza Valley | 2010 Disaster

 Hopar Glacier​

Hopar Valley situated at the peak of the mountains, Hopar Valley Glacier is the fastest melting glacier in Pakistan. Hopar glacier is connected with Barpu glacier and is the base camp of the trek. Hopar Glacier is covered by beauty of natural.


Hunza River

Hunza River​

In between 1971 and 1980 the government of Pakistan constructed the Karakurum Highway.

Hunza River is the principal river of Hunza (Gilgit Baltistan). It is formed by the confluence of the Khunjerab and Cahpursan Nalas which are full of glaciers. These rivers are joined by the Gilgit River and the Nalter River, before it flows into the Indus River.

The Karakorum Highway runs along with the Hunza River valley, switching to the Khunjerab River at the point of confluence, it reaching the Khujerab Pass at the border with China. The river cuts through the Karakoram range, flowing from the North to South. The river is dammed for part of Hunza Route. Attabad lake is new lake which is happened in land sliding in January 2010. 

Attabad Lake extends 30 Kilometer and rose to a depth of 400 feet. Hunza river is also being changed by climate change.

Attabad Lake Hunza Gilgit

Attabad Lake

Attabad lake is a new lake which happened after a landslide in January 2010. This new lake is also known as Gojal lake. A massive landsliding in attabad village of Hunza take many of life.

Attabad lake reached 21 kilometer long and over 100 meters in depth by the first week of June 2010.




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