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Sunday, January 16, 2022

SAMI: Alternative Medicine


BRIDE Norway Sami

Alternative Medicine, Old illustrations and Photos of Sami people - Alternativ Medisin, gamle illustrasjoner og foto av samene

A. © Norsk Folkemuseum. Svensk Lappland om sommeren. “The English Atlas” av Moses Pitt (1639 - 1697) og J. Jansson. Jeg søker fortsatt etter teksten om "Svensk Lappland" som finnes i tilknytning til disse to illustrasjonene i den nevnte boken vil senere legge teksten i dette blogginnlegget. Swedish Lapland in the Summer. I am still searching for the text belonging to these two illustrations.


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- Norval Morrisseau's Prime Period [1970's] "The fish, sacred trout, was the most respected of all fish. The trout gave the Indian life in abundance and according to Ojibwa Indian mythology it represented his soul carrier. The trout carried the Indian soul through transmigration into an other existence in the supernatural or reincarnation. All this belief worked for the betterment of the Indian food in reality - faith in the supernatural."