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Monday, January 24, 2022

Portraits SAMI


Anthropological Portraits of the Sami People by Roland Bonaparte ca. 1884

Samisk mann. Nomad Salomon Henriksson Pilto, Sweden. Photo Credits: Norsk Folkemuseum
Sami woman. Inga Eriksdatter from Norway, Norge. Photo Credits to: Norsk Folkemuseum
© Foto: Norsk Folkemuseum - 2010. Photographer: Roche, G., 1884. Published by Bonaparte. Sami man Niels Nielsen Valgiaberg (Walkepää) from Karesuando, Sweden. Samisk mann Niels Nielsen Valgiaberg (Walkepää) fra Karesuando i Sverige.
Bonaparte photographed the Sami people in central Sapmi areas of all present 4 national states. You can see more of these portraits in different Saamiblog postings. Bonaparte fotograferte Samer i dagens sentrale Samiske områder og i alle 4 nasjonalstater. Du kan se flere av disse antropologiske portrettene i ulike innlegg av Saamiblog. 
  Nicolas Nilsen (unknown place) and Kristin Mikkelsdatter Hetta from Kvalsund. Her Sami name was Banne Ristin.

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