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Sunday, January 2, 2022

People Of The Sápmi

First Nations BC...

Haisla (Kitamaat) 

Article by Anne-marie Pedersen, John Pritchard |  November 19, 2021 

The Haisla are a First Nation in Canada. The Haisla Nation is made up of two historic bands, the Kitamaat of upper Douglas Channel and Devastation Channel and the Kitlope of upper Princess Royal Channel and Gardner Canal in British Columbia. The Kitamaat call themselves Haisla ("dwellers downriver"); and the Kitlope, Henaaksiala ("dying off slowly"), a reference to their traditional longevity. 

The official designations Kitamaat ("people of the snow") and Kitlope ("people of the rocks") were adopted from the names used by the Tsimshian to refer to their Haisla neighbours.

Haisla Nation Haisla chief Kenny Hall welcoming Sami reindeer-herding representatives from Sweden.


sapmi animals

Finnish drum: World with three layers


The reddish colour is from alder tree (die Erle).

Every Finnish old drum had picture about world with three layers:
The Upper World (Ylinen), the realm of gods and light spirits
The Middle World (Keskinen), spirit side of this mundane world
The Lower World (Alinen), realm of power animals, ancestral spirits, gods of the dead people

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russian sami

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