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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Lycurgus Cup: nanoparticles


1,600-Year-Old Ancient Roman Goblet Shows Evidence of Nanotechnology That Causes Cup to Miraculously Change Color


The Lycurgus Cup, as it is known due to its depiction of a scene involving King Lycurgus of Thrace, is a 1,600-year-old jade-green Roman chalice that changes color depending on the direction of the light falling upon it. The glass chalice had baffled scientists ever since its acquisition by the British Museum in the 1950s. They could not work out why the cup appeared jade green when lit from the front but blood red when lit from behind.

The mystery was solved in 1990 when researchers in England scrutinized broken fragments under a microscope and discovered that the Roman artisans were nanotechnology pioneers: They had impregnated the glass with particles of silver and gold, ground down until they were as small as 50 nanometers in diameter, less than one-thousandth the size of a grain of table salt.

The work was so precise that there is no way that the resulting effect was an accident. In fact, the exact mixture of the previous metals suggests that the Romans had perfected the use of nanoparticles—”an amazing feat,” according to archaeologist Ian Freestone of University College London. When hit with light, electrons belonging to the metal flecks vibrate in ways that alter the color depending on the observer’s position.

Now it seems that this technology, once used by the Romans to produce beautiful art, may have many more applications—the super-sensitive technology might help diagnose human disease or pinpoint biohazards at security checkpoints. Gang Logan Liu is an engineer at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign who has long focused on using nanotechnology to diagnose disease. He and his colleagues realized that this effect offered untapped potential.

They conducted a study in which they created a plastic plate filled with gold or silver nanoparticles, essentially creating an array that was equivalent to the Lycurgus Cup. When they applied different solutions to the plate, such as water, oil, sugar, or salt, the colors changed. The proto­type was 100 times more sensitive to altered levels of salt in solution than current commercial sensors using similar techniques. It may one day make its way into handheld devices for detecting pathogens in samples of saliva or urine, or for thwarting terrorists trying to carry dangerous liquids onto airplanes.

This is not the first time that Roman technology has exceeded that of our modern day. Scientists studying the composition of Roman concrete that had been submerged under the Mediterranean Sea for the last 2,000 years discovered that it was superior to modern-day concrete in terms of durability and being less environmentally damaging.  The knowledge gained is now being used to improve the concrete we use today.  Isn’t it ironic that scientists now turn to the works of our so-called “primitive” ancestors for help in developing new technologies?

Republished with permission from Ancient Origins. Read the original.

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Medieval Dance Mania


Medieval Dance Mania (13th–17th Century)

Dance mania, otherwise known as the Dancing Plague, St. John’s Dance, or the Dance of St. Vitus, gripped mainland Europe between the 13th and 17th centuries. One of the most well-known major outbreaks took place in Aachen, Germany, on June 24, 1374. During this occurrence, afflicted individuals would dance hysterically through the streets for hours, days, and apparently even months, until they collapsed due to exhaustion or died from heart attack or stroke. The number of participants at any one outbreak could reach into the thousands.

A depiction of dancing mania, which occurred on a pilgrimage to the church at Molenbeek, Belgium, by Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1564–1638). (Wikimedia Commons)

The Dancing Plague is known to have occurred numerous times throughout medieval Europe, with outbreaks occurring in Italy, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Holland, and Switzerland. It was initially considered that the dancing mania was a curse sent by a saint, commonly thought to be St. John the Baptist or St. Vitus, hence the alternative names for the condition. People suffering from this condition would therefore proceed to places dedicated to the said saint in order to pray for deliverance from the affliction, a “remedy” that apparently restored many to full health.

HEALERS: Dr. Klinghardt Debrief: Lyme Q&A Part 1

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Monday, December 26, 2022

Scientists Terrifying New Discovery In Egypt Changes Everything (really?)



Archaeologists Found A Person Whose Parents Were Two Different Species (msn.com)

Latest Surprise Discovery at Stonehenge – Plus More Secrets of the Sacred Site (msn.com)

Could This Discovery Bring Archaeologists Closer to Solving an Ancient Mystery? (msn.com)  

The five ancient cities that once ruled North America (msn.com)

I got a bad feeling about this

WE WERE TOLD HAARP was not being used?!? ANOTHER LIE?


NOAA forecasters say that G1-class geomagnetic storms are likely on Dec. 27th when a CME is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. The CME left the sun on Christmas Eve, propelled by the explosion of a magnetic filament: movie. Arctic sky watchers should be alert for auroras tomorrow night. Aurora alerts: SMS Text.

HAARP IS ABOUT TO PING AN ASTEROID: Researchers from NASA and the University of Alaska are about to perform an unusual radar experiment. They're going to ping a near-Earth asteroid using shortwave radio. The target is a 500-ft-wide space rock named "2010 XC15." When it passes by Earth on Tuesday, Dec. 27th, the HAARP array in Alaska will hit it with a pulse of 9.6 MHz radio waves.

The High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) site in Gakona, Alaska

Radio astronomers ping asteroids all the time. What's unusual about this experiment is the frequency: 9.6 MHz is hundreds of times lower than typical S-band and X-band frequencies used by other asteroid radars. The goal is to probe the asteroid's interior.

Lead investigator Mark Haynes of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) explains: "The low frequencies we are using can penetrate the asteroid, unlike S-band or X-band frequencies which reflect mostly off of the surface. Ultimately the idea is to use echoes to form tomographic images of asteroid interiors."

Knowing the internal structure of an asteroid could come in handy -- especially if you need to destroy it. 2010 XC15 poses no threat 770,000 km from Earth. Tomorrow's experiment is proof-of-concept for a scarier object: Asteroid Apophis, which will buzz Earth closer than many satellites on April 13, 2029. If shortwave asteroid radar works for 2010 XC15, it should work for Apophis, too, giving planetary defense experts key data about the asteroid's vulnerabilities.

The OVRO Long Wavelength Array near Bishop, CA, will receive echoes from HAARP's transmission

HAARP will transmit a continually chirping signal to asteroid 2010 XC15 at slightly above and below 9.6 MHz.  The chirp will repeat at two-second intervals.  The University of New Mexico Long Wavelength Array near Socorro, NM, and the Owens Valley Radio Observatory Long Wavelength Array near Bishop, CA, will receive the reflected signal.

"This will be the lowest frequency asteroid radar observation ever attempted," notes Lance Benner, a co-investigator from JPL. If the experiment works it could mark a significant advance in asteroid radar. Stay tuned!


Wednesday, December 21, 2022

winter solstice sprayed with chemicals

woke up to this mess

the lines were motionless a long time, heavy and two planes delivered even more (Dec. 21.2022, 7:30 am)

Sunday, December 18, 2022

FAKE ARTIFACT? Kensington Runestone Alphabet

​The probable origin of the Kensington Runestone's runes has been found: The runic alphabet from the stone, with its distinctive "hooked X," was taught in a mid-19th century Swedish calligraphy school and the textbook its instructor published. It includes "Masonic" characters like those used by the Larsson brothers, whose runic writing had previously been the only other known runic use of the "hooked X." 

Magnus Källström of the National Antiquities Office in Sweden published the results of his investigation last week. The key was in an 1876 textbook published by Eric Ström, an itinerant calligrapher (!):
Through a rave review that was published in Medelpads Allehanda on September 2 of the same year, it is also possible to form an idea of ​​the content of this writing.  In the part devoted to runic learning, Ström is said to have, among other things, reproduced a couple of runic alphabets, one of which, according to the anonymous article author, consisted of "some very strange letters and signs for numbers, which must have been imagined by some scoundrel." be "ancient writing"" This can hardly have been anything other than a reproduction of the Kensington runes and the pentadic numerals that appear on the Kensington Stone.

In addition, there must have been another alphabet, which according to the author of the article only consisted "of squares and parts of squares with one or more dots in them". This must of course have been a reproduction of the so-called Masonic cipher. It is now quite clear where the Larsson brothers in Dala-Floda got their runes from. They have of course attended one of Ström's writing schools or come across a copy of his Regulations . Thus, one of the direct connections to Dalarna also disappears, because we know that they were often out on trips.
Eric Ström was also a Templar--but not the kind you are thinking of. He was a Good Templar, a member of a temperance society.  He had been teaching his various alphabets for a long time, after learning runes (or, rather, an eccentric local approximation of them) from a single person somewhere in the middle of northern Sweden. 
This practice sheet is from 1864:

According to Källström, the alphabets changed over time due to copying errors, so there is an older set from the middle 19th century and a younger set from the late 19th century. "A funny fact is also that the Kensington Stone belongs to this younger group! Since Edward Larsson uses the older variant as late as 1885, we have here an indication that the Kensington Stone is actually not older than that."

And so, it seems likely that this will put to bed the Kensington Runestone "mystery"--or it would if there weren't an industry devoted to exploiting it.

[the handwriting used by Olof Ohman the "discoverer" of the Kensington Runestone in a 1879 letter matches the cursive letters used by Ström. Maybe a coincidence, but another of a plethora of coincidences that surround this fake artifact.]



Eulogy for P-22, A Mountain Lion Who Changed the World

Beth Pratt, a National Wildlife Federation spokesperson, described P-22’s final moments in an online post.

“I sat near him, looking into his eyes for a few minutes, and told him he was a good boy. I told him how much I loved him. How much the world loved him. And I told him I was so sorry that we did not make the world a safer place for him. I apologized that despite all I and others who cared for him did, we failed him.

I don’t have any illusion that my presence or words comforted him. And I left with a great sadness I will carry for the rest of my days.”

Team members from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the team of doctors at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park reviewed P-22’s exams before reaching their decision, Pratt said.

“They showed me a video of P-22’s CT scan, images of the results, and my despair grew as they outlined the list of serious health issues they had uncovered from all their testing: stage two kidney failure, a weight of 90 pounds!!! (he normally weighs about 125), head and eye trauma, a hernia causing abdominal organs to fill his chest cavity, an extensive case of demodex gatoi (a parasitic skin infection likely transmitted from domestic cats), heart disease, and more. The most severe injuries resulted from him being hit by a car last week, and I thought of how terrible it was that this cat, who had managed to evade cars for a decade, in his weakened and desperate condition could not avoid the vehicle strike that sealed his fate.”

A Facebook page dedicated to P-22 indicated the city’s favorite wild animal will be publicly mourned at some unspecified future date. The post read, “P-22’s dedicated team of humans is working behind the scenes to plan a “Celebration of Life” event fit for Hollywood’s biggest and brightest star! We will share details soon.”


Big Tech Spying - Ralph Nader Radio Hour Ep 458

Too many of YOU actually (ARKS)

Transcript 1776 website gone

1776: Alan Watt CTTM (Blurb, i.e. Educational Talk) “Post Democratic World Order Coming Into View: Sustainable Austerity Power Held by the Few,” May 31, 2020.

Hi folks I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May 31, 2020.  I hope you’re all just hanging on, and hanging in, but not hanging yourselves hopefully during all this chaos caused by the reaction to a virus.  As time goes on of course [Alan chuckles.] we’re watching more pandemonium being created as part of this ongoing revolution that we’re living through.

The revolution was written about at the United Nations.  It was written about from the Rockefeller Foundation.  It’s been written about too from the Club of Rome and all the… And the World Economic Forum constantly telling us and telling us that we’d have to go into sustainability for a new world order. And by the way, the United Nations has come out with an article called the “United Nations New World Order”, for those that like to joke about it. But they say it themselves. They always say it themselves from the horses’ mouths.

Just like George Bush senior, and junior, both said the same thing, but everyone else is taught to just laugh at anybody mentioning it. Isn’t it strange how this idea of conspiracy theory works on those of low intellect? They always jump at it, oh that’s a conspiracy theory. Even though you can give them the exact same quotes from, and even the videos in fact, from those who say it and bring it out at the very top. Presidents for instance. 

It doesn’t matter. As I say, facts don’t matter in this system we’re going through right now. But we’re living through it and they keep telling us, you won’t listen to us, you’ve got so many minutes to midnight to stop the world from just going into self-destruct with too many people.  Too many of YOU actually, you see, all of you, you know, the peasant class.  Everybody below a Baron and a Sir and so on is basically a peasant. And that’s most folk. Even the folk who think they’re middle-class, because they can go down just as quickly, believe you me, if they’re not necessary.

Again, you’ve got to look into the past to get to the present and into the future. George Orwell of course summed that whole thing up in 1984.  Because they control the past, and IF YOU CAN CONTROL THE PAST, YOU CAN CONTROL THE FUTURE AND THE PRESENT IN FACT. In the present you can rewrite the past if you want to as well, which they do all the time. 

We’re living through this all, all… In fact, there’s never been a time like right now with this Covid lockdown and the complete censoring across the whole Internet and social media by the new, the new information czars, unelected czars in a totalitarian system naturally. It really, really is. You can watch articles disappearing in real time [Alan chuckles.] when you’re looking them up… if you can even GET to them.  Because they shadow ban and you timeout and all the rest of it trying to get to it, to different articles that have been there for years, and they just disappear eventually.  Rather quickly in real time.  As they go all out with this war on free speech. And free thought. And free exchange of ideas. You can only get their ideas that are authorized at the top from the czars and their teams, but not from anybody else.  Or even from yourself. I’ve looked up stuff I’ve said in the past myself, I can’t find it either. 

But there you go. It’s quite amazing isn’t it, the times we’re living in. It doesn’t surprise me because I’ve been waiting for it for a long, long, long time. Because I did study, and I really did…. I didn’t, not like the person who copies my bio… [Alan chuckles.]   I really did study from a very early age and went to the library and found the old books and so on. Excellent libraries they had in Britain and Scotland, and especially in the old reference libraries. Even in school you could dig up some because we didn’t chuck the books out then. They didn’t have what they call the weeding, the social librarian weeding that they have today where they weed out books that are now politically incorrect.

You had different versions of history that were more in tune with what really happened at the time, when I was in school. Right down to money.  It was fascinating, when you’re about seven years old, or six, and you start thumbing through a school textbook meant for young children, very young, about money, and armies, and empires. Because empires just don’t come out of nowhere. It’s got to have structure and management and organization to manage it all. Right down to quartermasters and so on that dealt supplies for the armies and so on. Now, where did they get the money from? Well, they told you in the book, and it went right back into ancient Rome and before. It was fascinating to see the peoples who went along with the armies and dished out the food and kept accounts, and they went back to the emperors in Rome and so on or the Senate to get all the money paid back to them.

Nothing’s changed. It’s just astonishing.  Life is really rather simple because it all comes down to economics, eh?   And we’ve been living in an economical system, like a monetary economic system for an awful, awful long time. So far removed from any natural little tribal collectivist society.  The collectivist society they’re trying to bring us into today is a global society, but is the socialist type run by, really those who’ve, who are the successors of Marxism, maybe the third or fourth generation of Marxists.  They call themselves progressives now, if you haven’t figured it out. They use all of the techniques that Marx talked about using and then they were refined again by Trotsky.  Then with the revolutionaries in America too, like the Weather Underground and so on, they further restructured how to have revolutions, and fragmented revolutions within society of different groups all combating each other to get to a particular goal, and how you create it and use it. All that kind of stuff is going on right now to an amazing degree across the planet. 

And folk never figure out who’s behind it.  They’ve got little clues where you’ll see certain people’s cropping up all over the place. Just like now, we do, when you look at the CDC. You can see Fauci at the CDC. You can see Fauci too at the Institute of course for Infectious Diseases and Allergies [NIAID] and so on. And we see Fauci again dealing with the World Health Organization, the WHO and so on. It’s the same names cropping up all over the place. And again, it’s Fauci who decides what medications you’re going to get, and he advocates who they’re going to be. And there’s definitely, definitely, um, what you would call it, he’s not impartial. He’s not impartial enough to be advising what we should have since he’s too closely affiliated with these companies, these corporations that are going to churn out the medications and the vaccines and so on.

I mean, at one time you used to call these folk gangs. It was a much better and pleasant term to use. It’s very short, you know, gang, quite easy to understand.  And in the gang, you have the leaders of one part of the gang, but it’s specialized lieutenants that would deal with other facets. Like for instance, vaccinations and so on and big Pharma companies.  Hm?  And then other ones that would deal with the government.  We call them fascism, really when it’s fascism running government, it’s really making sure that governments and agencies work together with the government. Technically to make everything to work together, to make it work. But in reality, it’s to force it upon the public, that’s what fascism really is, when governments are in bed with big private corporations, and the money boys at the top that dish out imaginary money. It’s not even just paper or plastic anymore, it’s just blips on a screen. A good magic act, a really good magic act.  But we’re living through amazing times, through magic, isn’t it?  Because most folk haven’t a clue what’s real anymore, what isn’t real anymore. 

Let’s get back to revolution, right, and the New World Order of the United Nations. And sustainability. And again, the World Economic Forum. All these big groups ALL attend the World Economic Forum.  All the corporations, all the top members of the WHO, the CDC, the Club of Rome and every other group out there that runs our lives, and then the Rockefeller Foundation and so on, they all go to this WEF, you see.  They decide, with the Futurists, how they’re going to run the next part of their agenda. Not our agenda, because we don’t have one. We have to follow their agenda; it’s forced upon us.  And it’s announced to the public just like it comes down from heaven.

Even the idea of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, in Davos, you always think of it in the mountains, you see. You get a picture in your mind of the mountains.  And just like in ancient times in Sumer and so on, and they put food into the caves in the hills and that because that’s where the gods lived, you see.  They put the food up there and ask for the blessings.  It was always up on high, something above you, you see. But today you imagine it too like the Ultima Thule of the high, high Nordic mountains, you see, in Switzerland, and way up yonder they all meet on the top of the world, eh, the World Economic Forum.  The overlords.  That none of them are elected of course.  Because they’ve conned the public that somehow, they’re a natural appendage to government, you know, they graft themselves on. But they go there, and they decide your future.

I…. I’m always astounded of folk that say, we’re Democratic, we’re progressive. Progressing towards what?  Eh?  Whose progression are you progressing towards?  Because you certainly are not told, most folk aren’t told about it. The leaders of all the radical groups are well-paid and funded. I mean, they get salaries that are like CEOs of corporations, a lot of the leaders of these radical groups, you know, if you don’t know that, they get lifelong pensions and everything. Incredibly well organized.  And if you think they’re not part of the Mossad, the CIA and MI6, you’d better think again. Because this strange organization called the CIA has been running the world since the end of World War II really.  And overthrowing countries and nations. And plundering countries too for the rich men in their own countries. This is how empires really work, you see.

But yeah, back to Davos. You’re thinking about them and they’re waay up there having their meeting. And they’re having big, massive, you should see, it’s incredible. Never mind the money that gets them there.  And the money, it’s not meant for the average Joe. It costs a fortune to get a hotel for the night there, apartment, or room, or even a little slum for the night.  [Alan chuckles.]  I suppose you could maybe bribe the person to get his St. Bernard out of the kennel and you can get in there for the night.  But no, it’s for the rich, you see. They don’t want the peasants around there.

But they decide what they’re going to do in the agreements, and they draft… And again by the way, most of these big corporations have got their hands out to governments, for handouts and public-private partnership deals, energy commissions, all these kind of things.  So here we are, the people who are going to pay for it all are the general public of the planet, we’re not allowed to get, we can’t get there, you see, and get a ticket to get in or anything. But these people at the top, that live OFF OF US, like parasites, at the top, with their big think tanks and their big, big bureaucracies, just like civil servants, for each company, that’s what they have, decide how we are going to live. Of course, they always make sure that we are going to be dependent on what they actually have and what they preside over, you see, whatever, like energy supplies and all that kind of stuff.  And we’re supposed to all follow along.

And most folk do. They never think about it at all. They think it’s somehow natural. You know? If you… [Alan chuckles.]  If you… [Alan chuckles.]  If you suddenly noticed a third arm growing out of your chest, would you think that was natural? Well, how come these organizations just appear, you know, and then you’ll hear it repeated on the news and you see important people there, and you think somehow, it’s quite natural that this new appendage to it all is making decisions that we are all going to have to live by or die by.  You see?

And strangely enough, just like Bill Gates, eh, and just like the Lucky Gene Club, I like to call it because that’s what they used to call themselves, their nickname for them when they meet together, the eugenicists, the richest people and all that, and the influencers of society, Oprah was a member of it too.  They influence society, you see. They are persuaders, you see. But here they are, you know, the same people are at the WEF and they have, they are quite open about their agenda.  Too many people, and so what we’ve got to do, then the UN repeats the exact same stuff. Because it’s one clique with a lot of faces, folks.  Like the different departments at the United Nations.  It’s the same group really with different faces.

Forget Janus, you see, Janus is the old God idea, and much more than just that. of the one who looks forward and rules in front of them and sees and rules.  But also behind him, he’s got another face looking backwards as well. If you could imagine just a circle of them, ha, with all different kinds of names, huh, looking outwards and inwards, and you get the WEF and the Club of Rome and you’ve got all the different organizations and all the big foundations there, and you have also the big top Corporations all around it as well, education committees and the UNICEF and blah blah blah blah blah.  This all, it’s just a club with specialized branches, that’s all.

But they all meet. And they’re all on board with the same agenda, too many people, too many of YOU.  And they would like to bring down the population of the planet to fit their goals of a wonderful future for themselves, and their own progeny, you see.  Their progeny is worth it because they have better genes than you. And they know that, if you look into the eugenic societies and how they formulated the better types and the inferior types. 

And the better types, you can’t just join their club. They were quite brazen about what it took to join their club. You had to prove that you, and your mother and your father, had at least seven generations before you of good breeding, you see.  Who’d always interbred with the better families, you know.  And had the proper, they kept on the straight and narrow.  They didn’t go into drugs or booze or whatever.  They kept an even keel in society.  And they had their children.  And they would run the militaries. They would run the armaments companies. They would run the big corporations. All that kind of stuff.  But they’d always marry within their own groups.

And they were very, very, they were sticklers about it, keeping tabs on genealogies and the families to see if they had any bad genes or… Oh, you know, there are, seven generations ago uncle so-and-so was a, great-great uncle so-and-so was a bit of a lush, and things like that, you see.  And they literally talked about that. They actually talked about that in their little meetings, and their little tittle tattle behind each other’s backs. Because there’s always a bit of rivalry amongst them at the top, you see.  But they all knew each other’s family histories. It’s astonishing. That’s how the British upper-class were.  And the British upper-class often had kind of emigrated into the country and married very, very, very broken-down lords and so on who had lost their money through gambling, because they were not fit really to run anything. 

But nothing’s really changed.  You see, that’s how you the eugenic societies were formed. I’ve mentioned before with the histories of Charles Darwin.  He was one of many families, his family was one of many families that were already practicing, practicing especially selective breeding within certain families that they claimed, or they really thought through their constant checking of genealogies, that they had the better chance of a more superior offspring than the general population, that married because they like the shape of some girl’s… ankle, you know, back in those days.  So they’d arrange their marriages. 

There’s many ways to look at it, because psychopaths can also marry psychopaths, or the offspring of psychopaths.  It’s true, they’ve done studies on that too and found out that going way back you could find that really the nobility’s came out of warrior classes that were really families that started to slaughter families round about them. They had a big family, you see, and you start slaughtering, you take them over, and all the peasants underneath them then were yours. And you got a bigger base to draw an army from an you’d build it up and build it up.  But the leaders, then you would marry some other psychopaths daughter, you see, another warlord’s daughter from either your own country or a different country and amalgamate. You see, that’s how they accumulated wealth and so on.

It’s quite an old, old history but that’s how it used to be for many, many centuries. We saw it too going way back into the pharaohs where they often married their sisters for instance, to keep everything, you had the proper blood, right, so you didn’t want to marry inferior blood, so you called yourself a God and you’d marry your sister, the goddess, and have children, little goddesses and gods and stuff. Maybe it was ‘Godlings’, eh, for the little ones. But anyway, it’s interesting to see how it’s always been much the same.

Even when they try to put a scientific spin on it like they did with the Darwins, and the Darwins just married for generations into the Wedgewood family, that are well-known for their ceramics and pottery and so on.  But they kept marrying them, and so much so that I think it was when Charles’s wife died, he then married his wife’s mother or sister or something. But they kept, all they did was marry into the same families over and over and over.  Of course then you end up with unfortunate traits as well that are very predictable. Because all of the Huxleys too, who were also related to the Darwins later on, you’d find they’d all have terrible headaches and things like that.  And depressions.  Even Julian Huxley used to have depressions that came on him.

They got it all from Darwin’s bulldog. Of course that was Thomas Huxley, I think it was, he was called Darwin’s bulldog. He took over when Darwin died and pushed the whole idea of eugenics and superior breeding and giving it a scientific slap instead of the usual blueblood stuff, you know, to make it more scientific.  If things are, if you quote things in science or the terminology of science it seems more real and more genuine, put it that way.  Credible. So that’s what they used for it. 

So right down to today you find the same things going on. The same people, right, you’ve got the same people with the same agendas that they had centuries ago, who now believe it’s time to have their great leap forward and get rid of all the peasant stock that they don’t need anymore.  So much so they say they could even re-create a peasant stock genetically if they need to, if they really had to.  It isn’t just… [Alan chuckles.]  


You’ve heard about the arcs that they have, right?  Back in the 90s I gave talks on this, about the arcs (arks) that they have. They have one in the States, in Louisiana, and another couple inside the States, other ones across the world. But these scientists, and they have scientists in charge of them, lifelong, these arcs.  And it isn’t just seed or plants that they have. They actually have the semen and the ovum of different animals, all animals, and humans by the way, in cold storage. Every so often they take them out of the cold storage and will bring, and actually fertilize them, then insert them into other mammals.  They have all this documentation, it’s fascinating, and they can actually bring whatever mammal it is to term by using a different kind of animal as a mother to bring it to term. And they’ve been awfully successful.

Years ago I put up links on the documentaries that were put out about them, by themselves because they did that back then.  They said it was for a great catastrophe like an end-of-life extinction experience that could happen.  They gave all the different scenarios like nuclear war or again, a disease that would wipe out most of humanity. Where the elite would live underground and blah blah blah, and survive, but then they could come out and then repopulate the planet. Including a working-class stock that they could basically create there from sperm and ovum that was frozen.  It’s just astonishing what they’ve done to make sure that they can survive for themselves, you see.

It wouldn’t, it doesn’t matter if most of the people just perish. In fact, they’d be quite happy in this day and age if most folk perished.  [Alan chuckles.] They’re rather outspoken these days about that. But now, it’s always put under sustainability, it’s for the good of the planet, you know, and for the good of the animals. Just too many folk competing with animals, and yada yada. So it sounds again all scientific. And it’s always for the betterment and the good of something, you see, whatever they do to you, hm, it’s always for the good, the greater good.

They never come out and say, we just want to get rid of you for goodness sake!  So they couch it in nice cozy documentaries and things like that, nice, wonderful, we’re here to help you.  And bring on different university graduates and professors that dedicated their life to helping, you just don’t realize that. No, it wasn’t for the money.  It wasn’t for the power and all the prestige.  And it wasn’t so that they’d get picked for survival for themselves when the rest of us go down the tubes. No, no, no. These professors, they come out openly now saying IT’S TIME THAT THE PEOPLE AROUND THE AGE OF 65 JUST DIED AND TOOK EUTHANASIA like the professor in Australia [Philip Nitschke], they draw him out every few years, you know, to give these talks on television apparently.  I’ve only seen clips that folk have sent me. But he gets all the publicity he wants.  Because he’s a spokesperson for those at the top.

They do their best to persuade you… It’s for the greater good, you know... That you shouldn’t collect that pension.  And you’ve had a good life, you know, you’ve watched lots of television. They gave you lots of good TV programs to watch most of your life, that’s what you did with it.  Then you emulated what you saw on TV and if you didn’t have any children, you’re really good, good, good, you see. But even if you were very good, good, good, they still want you to just self-annihilate at about the age of 65. Leave the pension money because the government then could use it for good scientific endeavors for the future of the planet, and those that are chosen to live on it.

Ian Speaks - Talk To Your Cells and Heal Your Body

THIS Could Mean The End Of The World....

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

THE RE/AL/IGN, Episode One: With Gordon White


Hawk-eye wrote:

That haarp microwave heat dome completely surrounds these hurricanes and directs them to go where evil men send them. High pressure is dry hot air that is a wall to these storms and that is how they steer them.
I just wanted you to know I am OK and survived [H]urricane [I]an that was directly steered in to my island. Ground zero, Pine Island -St. James City, SW FL. I watched it on radar just before it hit and power went down. This was not an act of natural. We are demolished, absolutely not exaggerating. Everyone went under water on all the barrier islands, Pine Island, Sanibel, Captiva and Matlacha a quaint old historic strip island that connects the mainland Cape Coral to Pine Island is gone. Nothing remains. All buildings washed away.
Storm really began Tuesday evening into early a.m. hours. I slept here Tuesday night with plans to get up and go to clubhouse with my cat & dog around 7 or 8 a.m. 
My husband and I separated 5 years ago, never divorced. He came here at 4 a.m. to get me out to go with him to north end of island in another concrete building with some other friends. Good thing because [the] clubhouse was 4 ft under water for 3 hours and people inside were holding their pets up over their heads for 3 hours waiting for [the] water to go down. I never would have made it through that with 2 pets. 
Hubby is a building contractor, he lost his house to the sea, so [he is] homeless. He is bunking with me. We had to get to my place on foot day after storm due to enormous amounts of debris, downed trees, power poles, boats in roads, roofs, all kinds of obstacles, because neither of us had a place to go to to leave Pine Island. Any friends on [the] mainland were damaged too or already took in others, everyone is damaged in some way. No hotels [are] available, no place to go! Fema was evacuating people by military helicopters. It was crazy! Evacuation was to Ft Myers or Cape Coral (mainland) but they had no power or water either and many there had flooding too. So we stayed on island because it was better. Imagine that!?
We lost homes and vehicles and personal possessions, landscape, history! It's all gone. You can't even imagine unless you experience this.

Monday, November 28, 2022

Brain issues? Trouble Paying Attention? Health Issues?

How the FCC Shields Cellphone Companies From Safety Concerns

by Peter Elkind

ProPublica is a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative newsroom. Sign up for The Big Story newsletter to receive stories like this one in your inbox.

The health complaints started rolling in within weeks of the activation of a new cellphone tower in August 2020 in Pittsfield, an old factory town in Massachusetts’ Berkshire Mountains. Seventeen residents reported headaches, dizziness, insomnia or confusion. A few children had to sleep with “vomit buckets” by their beds.

Like many people, Bobbie Orsi had never paid close attention to questions about the health effects of cellphone technology. She mostly viewed it as an issue that had long ago been put to rest. But after becoming the chair of Pittsfield’s Board of Health as the complaints emerged, Orsi, a 66-year-old registered nurse who had spent much of her career in public health, decided to educate herself. She combed through a stack of research studies. She watched webinars. She grilled a dozen scientists and doctors.

Over several months, Orsi went from curious, to concerned, to convinced, first, that radio-frequency emissions from Verizon’s 115-foot 4G tower were to blame for the problems in Pittsfield, and second, that growing evidence of harm from cellphones — everything from effects on fertility and fetal development to associations with cancer — has been downplayed in the United States.

Orsi and the Pittsfield board decided to try to do something about Verizon’s tower. They quickly discovered that they would get no help from federal regulators. The Federal Communications Commission, which has responsibility for protecting Americans from potential radiation hazards generated by wireless transmitters and cellphones, has repeatedly sided with the telecom industry in denying the possibility of virtually any human harm.

Worse, from Orsi’s perspective, federal law and FCC rules are so aligned with the industry that state and local governments are barred from taking action to block cell towers to protect the health of their citizens, even as companies are explicitly empowered to sue any government that tries to take such an action. It turned out that Verizon, in such matters, has more legal rights than the people of Pittsfield.

Still, the lawyers for Orsi and her colleagues thought they saw a long-shot legal opening: They would argue that the FCC’s exclusive oversight role applied only to approving cell tower sites, not to health problems triggered after one was built and its transmitters switched on. In April 2022, the Pittsfield Health Board issued an emergency cease-and-desist order directing Verizon to shut down the tower as a “public nuisance” and “cause of sickness” that “renders dwellings unfit for human habitation.” (Several families had abandoned their homes.) The order was the first of its kind in the country. It was, Orsi said, “a gutsy move — maybe naively gutsy.”

Almost as quickly as the battle began, it ended. On May 10, Verizon sued the city in federal court. The company contended that the Pittsfield residents’ medical complaints were bogus. And, in any case, Verizon argued, the cease-and-desist order was barred because federal law gave the FCC the sole power to regulate wireless-radiation risks. Fearing a hopeless and costly David-and-Goliath battle, Pittsfield’s City Council refused to fund the fight. A month later, the Board of Health withdrew its cease-and-desist order.

But it was a signal of a growing fear — other cities have fought cell sites only to be forced to back down — and evidence of a striking shoulder-to-shoulder partnership between a federal agency and the industry it is supposed to regulate. The build-out of a new generation of wireless networks, known as 5G, is amping up the stakes of this conflict for localities across America. It will require an estimated 800,000 new base stations, including both towers and densely spaced “small cell” transmitters mounted on rooftops and street poles. That means nearly tripling the current number of transmitters, and many of them will be placed close to houses and apartments.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

It threatens our FUTURE


Facial recognition is unlike any other form of surveillance. It enables automated and ubiquitous monitoring of an entire population, and it is nearly impossible to avoid. If we don’t stop it from spreading, it will be used not to keep us safe, but to control and oppress us—just as it is already being used in authoritarian states.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

This Evil is OLD

Tucker Carlson: This is a dangerous cult (Balenciaga child ‘bondage’ ad)

22 Nov 2022

WARNING: Graphic footage: Fox News host Tucker Carlson rips the sexual exploitation of children and the media for ignoring Balenciaga child ‘bondage’ ad controversy on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

This Evil is Old...

This evil is old.
My book FINDING THE INVISIBLES is about this topic...

we were wrong


COVID.. So they’re admitting the WHOLE thing was a lie!

In July 2021, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) quietly disclosed finding an increase in four types of serious adverse events in elderly people who received Pfizer’s COVID-19 jab: acute myocardial infarction, disseminated intravascular coagulation, immune thrombocytopenia and pulmonary embolism. However, more than a year later, that study still has not been published.

The FDA is also hiding other studies. Buried inside a study protocol, the FDA discusses findings from an unpublished “cohort study of the third dose safety in the Medicare population where historical controls were used.” In that Medicare study the FDA found a significant risk for immune thrombocytopenia and acute myocardial infarction among those with prior COVID-19 diagnosis, as well as an increased risk of Bell’s palsy and pulmonary embolism in general.

Analysis of the CDC’s Mortality and Morbidity Weekly Reports (MMWR) reveals the CDC is systematically (and automatically) hiding jab-related deaths, particularly in categories like cancer, cardiac deaths and strokes, to make the shots appear unrelated to excess deaths.

In short, the shots are far more likely to land you in the hospital than COVID-19 itself. For every 800 jab recipients, one person will suffer a serious injury. Meanwhile, some 5,000 must get the Pfizer jab to prevent a single COVID-19 hospitalization.

COVID.. So they’re admitting the WHOLE thing was a lie! – The Free

the cult of the billionaire genius goes BOOM

 it's all a scam anyway...

Two examples, even as big as these, do not a trend make. But there’s another big sign that the American faith in the galaxy-level intelligence of our wealthiest people is being rattled: the dawning realization that many people have exploited this mythology for the purposes of plain old fraud.

Just this past couple of weeks, we’ve seen both former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes sentenced to 11 years in prison and the total career implosion of Sam Bankman-Fried, former CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. In both cases, it should have been obvious that what they were selling to investors was pure nonsense. Holmes’ alleged blood-test technology showed multiple signs of being a smoke-and-mirrors job, and numerous sensible people have been calling cryptocurrency a scam from the very beginning. However you slice it, a heavy dose of skepticism was warranted in both cases.

But both Holmes and Bankman-Fried managed to quash other people’s doubts by leveraging the cult of the billionaire genius. Both expertly played to stereotypes to bamboozle investors. Holmes literally modeled her look and demeanor after Steve Jobs, which was such a weird thing to do that it only reinforced her image as a quirky brainiac. Bankman-Fried hyped himself as a relentless workaholic who slept at the office. Both images are meant to suggest a person too focused on changing the world to care about personal appearance. In reality, these personas were as carefully cultivated as Kim Kardashian’s, and they were highly effective in convincing gullible people to part with their money.

More importantly, a bunch of people who have tricked everyone into thinking that they’re geniuses are finally being revealed as the imposters they always were.

Is America’s infatuation with billionaires finally coming to an end? – Raw Story – Celebrating 18 Years of Independent Journalism



This piece upends how we’d thought about the Vascones

2,100-Year-Old Text By Previously Thought to Be Illiterate Spanish Tribe Found On Bronze Relic

 metal hand

Archaeologists in Spain have made a stunning discovery that could prove a previously thought to be illiterate Spanish tribe had a written language, El Pais reported Monday.

In June 2021, a research team from the Spain-based Aranzadi Science Society uncovered a metal hand-shaped symbol with a hole by the palm while excavating a site in Northern Spain known as Irulegi. The bronze relic was initially thought to be a simple charm hung on a door until this year, when restoration of the piece revealed engraved text. The Hand of Irulegi, as it is now called, is now believed to be the earliest known example of Proto-Basque, a language also known as euskera, that was spoken by a late Iron Age tribe called the Vascones.

“This piece upends how we’d thought about the Vascones and writing until now,” Joaquín Gorrochategui, a professor of Indo-European linguistics at the University of the Basque country, told The Guardian. “We were almost convinced that the ancient Vascones were illiterate and didn’t use writing except when it came to minting coins.”

So far the researchers only understand the meaning of one of the words engraved on the Hand of Irulegi: sorioneku, a proto-form of the Basque word zorioneko, means “good-luck” or “good-omen”.

Up until the recent excavations, the Irulegi site was preserved virtually undisturbed since the Roman times. The village was burned to the ground during the Sertorian War, a Roman civil war fought on the Iberian peninsula fron 80 to 72 BCE. Villagers buried items in the ground before they fled, creating a trove of items for the archaeologists to find, including the Hand of Irulegi.



Between the years 80 BC and 72 BC, the armies of Quintus Sertorius on one side and of the generals Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius and Gnaeus Pompeius Magnus (Pompey) on the other had transformed Hispania into the main battlefield for control of Rome. Indigenous tribes who supported one faction in a conflict known as the Sertorian War faced immediate reprisals from the other side. This was exactly what happened to the inhabitants of the settlement located on Mount Irulegi, near the Valley of Aranguren, around five miles from present-day Pamplona in Spain’s northern Navarre region. Pompey’s troops attacked it, destroyed it and burned it to the ground.

History is crap - remember that... TLH 


PROOF OF THE INVISIBLES (slavery/mass murderers):

‘Puzzling’ archeological find in Spain uncovers objects with Egyptian motifs

Researchers excavating the 2,700-year-old Cerro de San Vicente site unearthed a fragment of a portrait depicting the goddess Hathor, daughter of Ra, god of the sun

Egyptian ‘inlay’ found at the Cerro de San Vicente archeological site in Salamanca, Spain.via



a poetic fuck you

Behind the creation of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” penned by Stevie Nicks: “It’s a poetic fuck-you, but it’s still a fuck-you.” | Lit Hub Music


“It was through rewriting that she was able to imagine not only the darkest possible futures, but how to survive within them.” E. Alex Jung on the spectacular life of Octavia Butler. | Vulture

Magic Mushrooms?

 Sorcery will use anything!

The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity

The Psychedelic Gospels: The Secret History of Hallucinogens in Christianity by Jerry B. Brown ...


There is an old saying: If you want to hide something, put it in plain sight. To our surprise, we learned that this saying is especially true for Christianity, where medieval works of art were created to illustrate the teachings of the Bible for the largely illiterate population. A close look at these religious artworks reveals the presence of psychedelic mushrooms–hidden in plain sight for centuries.

Based on stunning visual evidence of entheogens (plants that generate the divine within) found in cathedrals and churches throughout Europe and the Middle East, we propose the theory of the “Psychedelic Gospels.” By examining the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels through the lens of the Psychedelic Gospels, we reveal the role played by visionary plants in the origins of Christianity.

Astrophysicist Carl Sagan argues that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” The remarkable photographs of entheogenic Amanita muscaria and Psilocybe mushroom images in Christian art, found in frescos, illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and stained-glass windows, provide this “extraordinary evidence.” Here are three examples from our book.

Entheogens in Christian Art

First, this fresco in the Church of Saint Martin de Vicq shows five large psilocybin mushroom caps spread out over the heads of the joyous youth greeting Christ as he enters Jerusalem (upper right-hand corner).

Photo: Julie M. Brown
Christ’s Entry into Jerusalem, Church of Saint Martin de Vicq, France
Fresco on south choir wall, early 12th century

Christ is moving towards the Towers of Jerusalem, depicted in an adjoining fresco which shows a youth using a long knife to cut through the stem of a giant psilocybin mushroom growing on top of the tower. A companion fresco depicts the famous Last Supper with a similar knife on the table along with what appear to be mushroom caps. Note that the artist has cleverly hidden a symmetrical row of mushrooms in the hems of the disciples!

Second, the twelve feet tall bronze Christ Column cast in 1015 by Bishop Bernard depicts the Transfiguration of Jesus, showing the disciples under a tri-fold psilocybin mushroom tree. This mushroom-tree is so realistically rendered in bas-relief that it has been identified as one of the most common European psilocybin mushrooms, Psilocybe semilanceata.

In the Transfiguration, the apostles Peter, James and John, go with Jesus to Mt. Tabor, where the Old Testament prophets Moses and Elias appear. There Jesus transforms before their eyes so that “his face did shine as the sun.” According to Matthew (17:5), “While he [Peter] yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

Bernward’s portrayal of the sacred mushroom-tree in the Transfiguration of Jesus is of particular significance. Unlike other miracles, which were performed by Jesus, this one happens to Jesus, reaffirming, as did the baptism by John, his divinely chosen role as the “Son of God.” The Transfiguration is the pivotal moment of the New Testament where humanity first intersects with God. As Bernward implies artistically, access to the divine is mediated through the sacred sacrament of psychoactive mushrooms.

It is worth noting that in most cases we do not know who placed these mushroom images in Christian art: the artist, the church fathers who commissioned the artist, or the church patrons who funded the frescoes? Or all three collaborating? However, in the case of the Christ Column, we know it was cast by the eminent Bishop Bernward, who was named a saint of the Catholic Church in 1193, some 150 years after his death.

God Creates Psychedelic Mushrooms

Third, the cover image of our book comes from the Great Canterbury Psalter, an illuminated prayer book that originated in the scriptorium of Canterbury Cathedral in England around 1180. The Psalter begins with eight stunning folios, each containing twelve lavishly colored, gold-embellished miniature paintings. These opening folios depict the history of the world according to Scripture, from Genesis to the life of Jesus. While the biblical narrative is traditional, offering psalms, songs and prayers, the illustrations are remarkable.

Numerous red, blue, orange, and tan stylized mushrooms dot the first 100 pages, including this image showing God as the Creator of Plants; or, more specifically, as Creator of Sacred Plants. The red mushroom on the right with white speckles is Amanita muscaria. The next to appear is blue, attesting to Psilocybe mushrooms. While several authors have identified the following plant as a Syrian Rue (Peganum harmala) pod, careful inspection reveals that it bears no resemblance. Rather the color, shape, and fringes of the eight tiny mushroom images embedded in the cap suggest Panaeolus, a psilocybin-containing mushroom found in England and northern Europe. While others have described the plant on the far left as “an Opium Poppy in the shape of a mushroom,” again, there is little resemblance either to the flower or the pod of the opium plant. Instead, this appears to be another mushroom of the genus Psilocybe.

The presence of psychedelic mushroom images in the high holy places of England (Canterbury Cathedral), France (Chartres Cathedral) and Germany (St. Michael’s Church) suggest that the use of entheogens was widespread among the Catholic religious elite during the Middle Ages. This dispels the claim, made by author Brian Muraresku in The Immortality Key, that psychedelics had been systematically suppressed by religious authorities from the fourth century on, stamped out “beneath the jackboots of the Roman Catholic Church.” This argument is presented in Jerry B. Brown’s Review of The Immortality Key, found here.


Via https://grahamhancock.com/brownjj1/

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