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Friday, December 10, 2021

Tzar Lech Ten | The meaning of life = The fine game of nil

my anagram: tracelhentz is... Tzar Lech Ten

(what is a czar)czar  (zär, tsär


  1. A male monarch or emperor, especially one of the emperors who ruled Russia until the revolution of 1917.
  2. A person having great power or authority.
  3. An emperor; a king; specifically, the common title of the Emperor of Russia.


Tracer Hazel Ant (that will be my next blog in 2o22) (using tracelarahentz)

take a look at these:

Dormitory = Dirty Room

Eleven plus two = Twelve plus one
(BTW, this anagram has 13 letters!)

Dictionary = Indicatory

Schoolmaster = The classroom

Elvis = Lives

Listen = Silent

Clint Eastwood = Old West Action

Conversationalists = Conservationalists  (the longest one-word anagram in English - 18 letters)

Anagram of London Tube map
London Tube map, anagrammed by Barry Heck
Madam Curie = Radium came

A telephone girl = Repeating "Hello"

Western Union = No Wire Unsent

The countryside = No city dust here

Evangelist = Evil's Agent

Astronomers = Moon starers = No more stars

Postmaster = Stamp Store

A telescope = To see place

The eyes = They see

The ears = Hear set

The cockroach = Cook, catch her

Waitress = A stew, Sir?

The centenarians = I can hear ten "tens"

Desperation = A rope ends it

I run to escape ~ a persecution

The Morse code = Here come dots

The meaning of life = The fine game of nil

Slot Machines = Cash lost in 'em

Conversation = Voices rant on

Disraeli = I lead, Sir

Clothespins = So let's pinch

Mr. Mojo risin' = Jim Morrison (From the Doors song, "L.A. Woman")

The Great New York Rapid Transit Tunnel = Giant work in street, partly underneath

Florence Nightingale = Flit on Cheering Angel = Nigel, Fetch an Iron Leg

MacDonalds = Clam and sod

Butterfly = Flutter-by

Heavy Rain? = Hire a navy!

Tom Cruise = So I'm cuter

Animosity = Is no amity

Mother-in-law = Woman Hitler

Father-in-law = Near halfwit

Funeral = Real fun

Protectionism = Cite no imports = Nice to imports

A domesticated animal = Docile, as a man tamed it

The railroad train = Hi! I rattle and roar

The Hilton = Hint: Hotel

A rolling stone gathers no moss = Stroller on go, amasses nothing

Sunshine and Shadow = Show in sun and shade

The check is in the mail = Claim "Heck, I sent it (heh)"

The United States Bureau of Fisheries = I raise the bass to feed us in the future

Snooze alarms = Alas! No more Zs

Vacation times = I'm not as active

Software = Swear oft

Metathesis = It's the same

Sycophant = Acts phony


anagrams: trace lara hentz

but there were more:

Tracheal Rat Zen
Tracheal Tar Zen
Tracheal Art Zen
Tracheal Tzar En
Catarrh Tale Zen
Catarrh Teal Zen
Catarrh Late Zen
Catarrh Zeal Ten
Catarrh Zeal Net
Catarrh Laze Ten
Catarrh Laze Net
Canal Tear Hertz
Canal Rate Hertz
Canal Tare Hertz
Canal Tzar Three
Canal Tzar There
Canal Tzar Ether
Carnal Tea Hertz
Carnal Eta Hertz
Carnal Eat Hertz
Carnal Ate Hertz
Carnal Tzar Thee
Carat Halter Zen
Carat Lather Zen
Carat Hazel Tern
Carat Hazel Rent
Carat Hazer Lent
Carat Lane Hertz
Carat Lean Hertz
Carat Elan Hertz
Areal Cant Hertz
Areal Czar Tenth
Arena Talc Hertz
Errata Latch Zen
Aha Tzar Lectern
Anal Carte Hertz
Anal Trace Hertz
Anal Cater Hertz
Anal Caret Hertz
Anal Crate Hertz
Anal Recta Hertz
Anal React Hertz
Anal Czar Tether
Anal Tzar Etcher
Natal Care Hertz
Natal Race Hertz
Natal Acre Hertz
Natal Czar Three
Natal Czar There
Natal Czar Ether
Natal Raze Retch
Natal Raze Chert
Natal Tzar Cheer
Altar Cane Hertz
Altar Acne Hertz
Altar Craze Then
Altar Hazer Cent
Altar Tzar Hence
Arrant Latch Zee
Arrant Zeal Tech
Arrant Zeal Etch
Arrant Laze Tech
Arrant Laze Etch
Arrant Zeta Lech
Tartan Larch Zee
Tartan Czar Heel
Tartan Hazel Rec
Tartan Raze Lech
Tantra Larch Zee
Tantra Czar Heel
Tantra Hazel Rec
Tantra Raze Lech
Rattan Larch Zee
Rattan Czar Heel
Rattan Hazel Rec
Rattan Raze Lech
Tartar Leach Zen
Ace Enthral Tzar
Cleaner Hat Tzar
Cereal Than Tzar
Careen Lath Tzar
Careen Halt Tzar
Each Rental Tzar
Each Antler Tzar
Each Learnt Tzar
Ache Rental Tzar
Ache Antler Tzar
Ache Learnt Tzar
Chalet Near Tzar
Chalet Earn Tzar
Chalet Raze Rant
Chalet Raze Tarn
Chattel Raze Ran
Rancher Zeal Tat
Rancher Laze Tat
Chanter Ale Tzar
Chanter Lea Tzar
Chanter Zeal Rat
Chanter Zeal Tar
Chanter Zeal Art
Chanter Laze Rat
Chanter Laze Tar
Chanter Laze Art
Reach Leant Tzar
Charter Zeal Tan
Charter Zeal Ant
Charter Laze Tan
Charter Laze Ant
Chatter Zeal Ran
Chatter Laze Ran
Ratchet Zeal Ran
Ratchet Laze Ran
Teach Learn Tzar
Teach Renal Tzar
Cheat Learn Tzar
Cheat Renal Tzar
Lace Anther Tzar
Clean Hater Tzar
Clean Heart Tzar
Clean Earth Tzar
Clean Hazer Tart
Lance Hater Tzar
Lance Heart Tzar
Lance Earth Tzar
Lance Hazer Tart
Lancer Hazer Tat
Lancer Hate Tzar
Lancer Heat Tzar
Lancer Haze Tart
Lancer Raze That
Lancer Zeta Hart
Central Hazer At
Central Haze Rat
Central Haze Tar
Central Haze Art
Central Raze Hat
Central Zeta Rah
Lancet Rhea Tzar
Lancet Hare Tzar
Lancet Hear Tzar
Lancet Hazer Rat
Lancet Hazer Tar
Lancet Hazer Art
Lancet Raze Hart
Clear Thane Tzar
Clear Neath Tzar
Carrel Zeta Than
Claret Hazer Tan
Claret Hazer Ant
Claret Haze Rant
Claret Haze Tarn
Claret Raze Than
Cartel Hazer Tan
Cartel Hazer Ant
Cartel Haze Rant
Cartel Haze Tarn
Cartel Raze Than
Rectal Hazer Tan
Rectal Hazer Ant
Rectal Haze Rant
Rectal Haze Tarn
Rectal Raze Than
Clatter Hazer An
Clatter Haze Ran
Eclat Hazer Rant
Eclat Hazer Tarn
Cleat Hazer Rant
Cleat Hazer Tarn
Cattle Hazer Ran
Cane Halter Tzar
Cane Lather Tzar
Acne Halter Tzar
Acne Lather Tzar
Crane Lathe Tzar
Crane Hazel Tart
Caner Lathe Tzar
Caner Hazel Tart
Nacre Lathe Tzar
Nacre Hazel Tart
Nectar Heal Tzar
Nectar Hale Tzar
Nectar Hazel Rat
Nectar Hazel Tar
Nectar Hazel Art
Nectar Zeal Hart
Nectar Laze Hart
Nectar Raze Lath
Nectar Raze Halt
Recant Heal Tzar
Recant Hale Tzar
Recant Hazel Rat
Recant Hazel Tar
Recant Hazel Art
Recant Zeal Hart
Recant Laze Hart
Recant Raze Lath
Recant Raze Halt
Canter Heal Tzar
Canter Hale Tzar
Canter Hazel Rat
Canter Hazel Tar
Canter Hazel Art
Canter Zeal Hart
Canter Laze Hart
Canter Raze Lath
Canter Raze Halt
Trance Heal Tzar
Trance Hale Tzar
Trance Hazel Rat
Trance Hazel Tar
Trance Hazel Art
Trance Zeal Hart
Trance Laze Hart
Trance Raze Lath
Trance Raze Halt
Enact Haler Tzar
Tracer Hazel Tan
Tracer Hazel Ant
Tracer Zeal Than
Tracer Laze Than
Crater Hazel Tan
Crater Hazel Ant
Crater Zeal Than
Crater Laze Than
Carter Hazel Tan
Carter Hazel Ant
Carter Zeal Than
Carter Laze Than
Retract Hazel An
Carte Hazel Rant
Carte Hazel Tarn
Trace Hazel Rant
Trace Hazel Tarn
Cater Hazel Rant
Cater Hazel Tarn
Caret Hazel Rant
Caret Hazel Tarn
Crate Hazel Rant
Crate Hazel Tarn
Recta Hazel Rant
Recta Hazel Tarn
React Hazel Rant
React Hazel Tarn
Craze Enthral At
Craze Halter Tan
Craze Halter Ant
Craze Lather Tan
Craze Lather Ant
Craze Lathe Rant
Craze Lathe Tarn
Craze Learn That
Craze Renal That
Craze Rental Hat
Craze Antler Hat
Craze Learnt Hat
Craze Leant Hart
Craze Latent Rah
Craze Talent Rah
Craze Later Than
Craze Alert Than
Craze Alter Than
Larch Eaten Tzar
Latch Ranee Tzar
Latch Reran Zeta
Ranch Elate Tzar
Ranch Later Zeta
Ranch Alert Zeta
Ranch Alter Zeta
Ranch Latte Raze
Ranch Zeal Tetra
Ranch Zeal Tater
Ranch Zeal Treat
Ranch Laze Tetra
Ranch Laze Tater
Ranch Laze Treat
Chant Later Raze
Chant Alert Raze
Chant Alter Raze
Chant Zeal Terra
Chant Zeal Rater
Chant Laze Terra
Chant Laze Rater
Natch Later Raze
Natch Alert Raze
Natch Alter Raze
Natch Zeal Terra
Natch Zeal Rater
Natch Laze Terra
Natch Laze Rater
Char Rental Zeta
Char Antler Zeta
Char Learnt Zeta
Char Latent Raze
Char Talent Raze
Char Zeal Natter
Char Laze Natter
Arch Rental Zeta
Arch Antler Zeta
Arch Learnt Zeta
Arch Latent Raze
Arch Talent Raze
Arch Zeal Natter
Arch Laze Natter
Chart Learn Zeta
Chart Renal Zeta
Chart Leant Raze
Chat Leaner Tzar
Chat Rental Raze
Chat Antler Raze
Chat Learnt Raze
Chat Zeal Errant
Chat Zeal Ranter
Chat Laze Errant
Chat Laze Ranter
Lac Earthen Tzar
Lac Hearten Tzar
Lac Hazer Natter
Clan Reheat Tzar
Clan Heater Tzar
Clan Rather Zeta
Clan Hatter Raze
Clan Threat Raze
Clan Hazer Tetra
Clan Hazer Tater
Clan Hazer Treat
Clan Haze Tarter
Clan Haze Ratter
Talc Anther Raze
Talc Haze Errant
Talc Haze Ranter
Can Leather Tzar
Can Hazel Tarter
Can Hazel Ratter
Can Hazer Rattle
Can Hazer Latter
Can Haze Rattler
Narc Halter Zeta
Narc Lather Zeta
Narc Hazel Tetra
Narc Hazel Tater
Narc Hazel Treat
Narc Hatter Zeal
Narc Hatter Laze
Narc Threat Zeal
Narc Threat Laze
Narc Hazer Latte
Narc Haze Rattle
Narc Haze Latter
Cant Healer Tzar
Cant Halter Raze
Cant Lather Raze
Cant Hazel Terra
Cant Hazel Rater
Cant Rather Zeal
Cant Rather Laze
Cant Hazer Later
Cant Hazer Alert
Cant Hazer Alter
Arc Enthral Zeta
Arc Hazel Natter
Arc Hazer Latent
Arc Hazer Talent
Car Enthral Zeta
Car Hazel Natter
Car Hazer Latent
Car Hazer Talent
Cart Helena Tzar
Cart Anther Zeal
Cart Anther Laze
Cart Hazer Leant
Cart Haze Rental
Cart Haze Antler
Cart Haze Learnt
Tract Hazel Near
Tract Hazel Earn
Tract Hazer Lane
Tract Hazer Lean
Tract Hazer Elan
Tract Haze Learn
Tract Haze Renal
Czar Helena Tart
Czar Leather Tan
Czar Leather Ant
Czar Athlete Ran
Czar Threaten La
Czar Leaner That
Czar Eternal Hat
Czar Relate Than
Czar Neater Lath
Czar Neater Halt
Czar Heal Natter
Czar Hale Natter
Czar Enthral Tea
Czar Enthral Eta
Czar Enthral Eat
Czar Enthral Ate
Czar Halter Neat
Czar Halter Ante
Czar Lather Neat
Czar Lather Ante
Czar Anther Tale
Czar Anther Teal
Czar Anther Late
Czar Thane Later
Czar Thane Alert
Czar Thane Alter
Czar Neath Later
Czar Neath Alert
Czar Neath Alter
Czar Rhea Latent
Czar Rhea Talent
Czar Hare Latent
Czar Hare Talent
Czar Hear Latent
Czar Hear Talent
Czar Hater Leant
Czar Heart Leant
Czar Earth Leant
Czar Hatter Lane
Czar Hatter Lean
Czar Hatter Elan
Czar Threat Lane
Czar Threat Lean
Czar Threat Elan
Czar Hate Rental
Czar Hate Antler
Czar Hate Learnt
Czar Heat Rental
Czar Heat Antler
Czar Heat Learnt
Czar Theta Learn
Czar Theta Renal
Cat Enthral Raze
Cat Hazel Errant
Cat Hazel Ranter
Cat Hazer Rental
Cat Hazer Antler
Cat Hazer Learnt
Act Enthral Raze
Act Hazel Errant
Act Hazel Ranter
Act Hazer Rental
Act Hazer Antler
Act Hazer Learnt
Tact Hazel Reran
Tact Hazer Learn
Tact Hazer Renal
A Catarrh Let Zen
A Natal Rec Hertz
A Altar Retch Zen
A Altar Chert Zen
A Tartar Lech Zen
A Cereal Tzar Nth
A Leach Tzar Tern
A Leach Tzar Rent
A Chanter Tzar El
A Reach Tzar Lent
A Lace Rant Hertz
A Lace Tarn Hertz
A Clean Rat Hertz
A Clean Tar Hertz
A Clean Art Hertz
A Lance Rat Hertz
A Lance Tar Hertz
A Lance Art Hertz
A Lancer Tzar The
A Lancer At Hertz
A Central Tzar Eh
A Central Tzar He
A Lancet Tzar Her
A Clear Tan Hertz
A Clear Ant Hertz
A Clear Tzar Then
A Carrel Zeta Nth
A Carrel That Zen
A Claret Raze Nth
A Claret Hart Zen
A Claret An Hertz
A Claret Tzar Hen
A Cartel Raze Nth
A Cartel Hart Zen
A Cartel An Hertz
A Cartel Tzar Hen
A Rectal Raze Nth
A Rectal Hart Zen
A Rectal An Hertz
A Rectal Tzar Hen
A Clatter Rah Zen
A Eclat Ran Hertz
A Cleat Ran Hertz
A Nectar La Hertz
A Recant La Hertz
A Canter La Hertz
A Trance La Hertz
A Tracer Zeal Nth
A Tracer Laze Nth
A Tracer Lath Zen
A Tracer Halt Zen
A Crater Zeal Nth
A Crater Laze Nth

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