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Sunday, June 19, 2022

I was born . on my way home


from WHAT JUST HAPPENED? My latest book

We could be collaborating with each other and with our ecosystem to create a beautiful, awesome, healthy world. Instead we're all competing with each other working meaningless jobs creating pieces of landfill which serve no purpose besides turning millionaires into billionaires. Author Caitlin Johnstone,  Woke: A Field Guide for Utopia Preppers.

my prose from the book WHAT JUST HAPPENED

 All I want to do is cross that wall

And leave this place

I’ll pick vegetables, slaughter pigs, feed chickens, clean toilets, watch kids

To escape the poverty of this place

But no one told me THE MAN is on the other side of the wall too

There will always be someone waiting to exploit my labor

And rob me of a living wage and destroy a simple dream.




The bottom line was redlining

You truly cannot succeed

Since they won’t let you

You cannot buy that house

In that neighborhood

No one has bootstraps for this

All I want is to cross that line out

And build community

Heal hearts

End frustration

Live well

© 2017



This This This This This This… but then WHAT? (2021)



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