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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Africa, pay attention


The facts show the truth but they do not want us to see them? Are they thinking about all the money the World Bank will save if they kill off Africa? As they have not been able to disarm America do they feel they can skirt the problem of those people by having them get the JAB, yep kill the American with no shots fired?
I look at this and as wonder is this a classic case of wag the dog? Well lets all have a super panic because the older brother cares for us and will take care of us, all you have to do is sell your soul to him and get the poison.
Just my thoughts and again thank you for your excellent sounding of the alarm from the top of the wall, may you be blessed!!
Just me in Alaska, Bill Laughing-Bear 


Hawkeye said... I saw info yesterday that said Australia (I think that was the country) has pre-paid orders for covid vac's for 7 years forward at a rate of 2 jabs per year totaling 14 more boosters to be administered! Can you imagine, first it was 8 boosters planned, now they are saying 14. OMG. I dont know how so many are still standing after 3, what in the world will 14 look like!!?
They are seemingly pushing get the jab cause a new monster spike ball is coming.....but in the same sentence is "scientists are working to make new serum for the new varry". So get a booster that doesnt work? Why dont people ask that question? Weird! In the grocery store this weekend the lady check out proudly said she was "good", got all 3 shots as she spoke through her mask. I asked her when is this store going to release you guys from those masks? (Only mandatory for employee's, 95% of patrons are without masks here).
She said, oh probably never, but I'm good, got all 3 shots. So I said, then what did you get them for if you still cant ditch that mask? She did not answer me and looked as if she had trouble understanding that question. No kidding it was very weird!

I try so hard to keep an open mind and be very aware of brainwashing news, but with each passing day this pandy continues to look more and more sinister and suspicious. I'm sorry, but it just does.
Seems fishy to me that a country with one of the lowest case data numbers for covid illness is now where a new scariant has emerged from......right after a new shot is "approved", once again.

Trying to see patterns to discern what is truth.
Gee, shortly after jabbing a new wave always hits the world....? Hmmmm.
What else fits? Well, africa is poor-er then most nations, so techno is behind there. Think 5g. They have next to none and they have next to no covid. Hmmm. Many have pointed that out and yes that is the case, but is it related? Hmmm.
My good friend is experiencing blood clotting issues, she just got her 3rd jab that I begged her not to get. She has pre-existing heart problems and auto immune disorders. After 2 jabs she took a fall and messed up her knee. One month now and still her knee is swollen terribly and hard as a rock. She saw her dr for it, had blood tests done too. Numbers say her blood is clotting, dr said he never saw anything like what was occurring in her knee. Cause, clotted blood hard as a rock in her knee. She was complaing about it, on the phone with dr., she said the test results must be worse because she had been eating a lot of salad lately! It must be that damn vitamin k from too much spinach doing this to her blood! What!? I told her it is also a said side effect from the vac, she got mad and said NO it isnt! It's the vitamins.
Do you see the thinking here, how do you break through that to help your friends? Well it told me her news choices have never mentioned these now stated facts of adverse reactions to this snake oil vac.

Reasons why suspicions fly!

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