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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Matthew Cusick

Portrait made from maps by Matthew Cusick

Dallas-based artist Matthew Cusick began collecting maps after graduating in 2001. He now uses them to create incredibly detailed collages ranging from portraits and fantastical landscapes to cityscapes and abstract scenes. According to the Pavel Zoubuk gallery, Matthew’s collages address a range of subjects. These include:

…the nihilistic and celebrity driven culture of Hollywood, and the male-dominated worlds of muscle cars and surfing. He is captivated by the geography of American culture. Cars, freeways, golf courses, ocean waves, and infamous icons and archetypes have all been recurrent themes in his work.

See also some of his amazing seascapes, featured previously here.

Detail of art made from maps by paper artist Matthew CusickWaldeinsamkeit (which translates as ‘forest’, ‘solitude’ andloneliness’). This is a 4 x 10ft triptych, based on two photos the artist took in Virginia, whilst on a road trip in the 1990s. He chose to depict this subject because the memory of the moment was so vivid. He describes the changing patterns of light and forest swirling around him as ‘extremely powerful, transcendental and almost hallucinogenic.’

Waldeinsamkeit by Matthew Cusick

Another subject favoured by Cusick is the depiction of dramatic waves inspired by Japanese motifs. Pictured below – Genevieve’s Wave (2014)

Art made from maps by paper artist Matthew Cusick

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