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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Beauchamp was right


Pasteur and Bechamp

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

For a couple of 100 years ago 2 famous men Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp disagreed on 'Germs cause disease' or 'Dis-ease is from a weaken immune system'.

Pasteur believed kill it, kill it, kill all of the bacteria, kill the virus and kill the parasite. With his focus on bacteria he became the father of pasteurization and industrialized food.

Bechamp questioned his science because as a bacteriologist he stated it's not about the bacteria - it's all about the internal milieu. He provided his point by showing different bacteria growth on different petri dishes. Bechamp further stated that health is totally dependent on the internal flora of the body. That is what gives the individual person his or her strength.

Pasteur opposed Bechamp furiously in public all his life - ridiculing his science of bacteriology. At any given time Pasteur would pull his name out in public to belittle this man. Why? Pasteur felt threatened. Finally, on Pasteur's death bed with a Bishop and famous men in France standing around him the priest asked what is your last wish - Pasteur answered bring Bechamp to me. With resistance Bechamp decided to attend with reservations to Pasteur's motives. Pasteur reached out his hand and asked Bechamp to be forgiven - saying 'all my life I knew I in my heart you were right' but my ego couldn't let it go. Please forgive me. Shortly afterwards Pasteur died.

In spite of those last statements the entire world has decided to Pasteur's way.

Today, with Corona-virus epidemic the world is following Pasteur's way. Instead of building up good healthy internal milieu through good nutrition, mental health habits and going Bechamp's way.

Remember the body operates on electric principals. Fully understand with Bechamp's principals and your own body's Bio-electric system with good nutrition, good mental attitude and good structure there is no way a single COVID-19 can enter your system. Dr. Carl



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