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Friday, June 11, 2021

Crazy Chief of The Podface Tree People

aka 'Anthropomorphism' 


My friend Sim found this pod under an African Flame Tree in the Botanical Gardens but the seed pod seems to be the wrong shape for a Flame Tree.. (Reminds me of a Maori design :) The seeds seem to be Abrus precatorius (thanks Umbertoboni & Emilia!) but the pod shape is very odd..)

Hmm.. it seems that nature was warning me not to eat the seeds! 

Pay attention because abrine one of the components of this seed is one of the most toxic substances in nature. If it reach the blood few micrograms (1/1000000 g) is enough to die. It is similar to ricin (from castor oil plant) used to kill a soviet spy in London by an umbrella. Ciao, Umberto




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