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Saturday, May 29, 2021

weekend reads | what on earth

can you guess what this is?

I'm reading
Samaria Rice is the mother of Tamir, not a "mother of the movement." A change has yet to come. The lies cops tell—and the lies we tell about cops. Eavesdropping on $5,000 "antiracist dinner parties" in New York. Brown Asians are Asian, too. "I am ready to stop chasing after those who need to see your deepest wounds on display before they will even contemplate believing your words." There is a full-on revolt against American democracy afoot. Everything—and everyone—is a subscription now. How social media is helping white women and people of color identify possible symptoms of ADHD. A profile of the Linda Lindas. Running with a small group of elite Ethiopian runners in the Bronx. When artists fall in love with other artists. The slow decline of the gay bar, and Sarah Schulman on the lessons we can learn from AIDS activists. Finding the perfect book club at the public library. The case for letting go of college and marriage as milestones toward adulthood, and how Gen X sold out, as every generation does. Are celebrities ruining podcasting? How millennials learned fatphobia. On breaking up with your houseplants. The pandemic's effect on the fast food industry and impossible-reservation restaurants. Journey to the center of the bowling ball. Summer moods: On hickeys, sexy necks, and the perfect jean jacket. A press conference about what happened this morning, when I was supposed to get so much done.
Answer: ocean currents on WHAT ON EARTH tv show...

here's a sample

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- Norval Morrisseau's Prime Period [1970's] "The fish, sacred trout, was the most respected of all fish. The trout gave the Indian life in abundance and according to Ojibwa Indian mythology it represented his soul carrier. The trout carried the Indian soul through transmigration into an other existence in the supernatural or reincarnation. All this belief worked for the betterment of the Indian food in reality - faith in the supernatural."