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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Strange indeed | You feeling this too?

 Something is happening on an energetic level not just a physical level, and since energy moves in waves, and waves travel at different frequencies, the answer will involve frequency...

You feeling this too?

By Lara Trace

2020: We are OK and under our own quarantine here in Greenfield, MA. The Covid-19 virus is spreading but my husband and I are hunkered down and fine for now. And we have supplies (OMG, toilet tissue hoarding is happening locally too.) I am more worried that we have 5G now. It’s not safe.

I wrote this post in 2015 (5 years ago) and I think it’s more accurate in 2020/21.


I don’t know about you but I’m tired. It’s dark out there.

(BAM) … we see madmen/madwomen scurrying around everywhere, literally everywhere we look – people in panic mode and fear!

I am known as optimistic about everything. I am, actually. Even as an adoptee, even as a traumatized child, even as a journalist who has witnessed some pretty horrific stuff, even as a splitfeather with a foot in two worlds, I’ve never lost my hope for the future.

But I sense a foreboding darkness descending on the planet. We humans are all entering into this. I don’t imagine we have to be “dark” ourselves (as in depressed) but it’s hard not to notice all the upsetting news, arrests and protests, grim predictions, earth changes, as we’re experiencing a tumultuous time of great unrest and change. We all have feelings and those feelings are collectively affecting the weather, the planet and the climate. We are being traumatized by this time period…we truly are.

Imagine if you are “down” how that can travel like a wave – and if many are feeling the same way, it can be seen as a “flow” of sadness/depression/trauma/fear, and with so many humans feeling that same “down”…this can transmit and will travel like a dark wave.

I know and you know that human beings are sensitive. Really sensitive! And what we perceive around us can and does actually affect us. How do we not experience this?

We will experience it. We cannot not experience trauma. We are in touch with this physical realm if we are living and breathing. (Trauma literally cracks you open…)

But but but… it hurts…. how might we avoid it? We don’t. We can’t. And we must not be afraid! (Some do believe that power thrives on collective fear. They use fear to control.)

How we can lift ourselves is truth, with humility. Speak truth to yourself, to your mate, to your kids, to your friends. Be completely truth-full. Be mind-full. Then be kind to yourself and to others!

Look around you. What’s not right for you? Admit what you don’t need and let it go. What can you do to make it better? Feel what you feel – but please don’t bury it or deny it.  See it. Feel it. Release it and let it go…

You don’t have to fix the world. You only have to fix YOU! (and if you do fix you, you can change the world and that wave.)

I tell myself: Be grateful you are feeling. Be glad you are not a psychopath or narcissistic. Be glad you are able to know what is happening and this collective human trauma is necessary to break us free (as in we are birthing a new world). Whatever darkens our path doesn’t need to darken us!

If I could reach through the ethers and hug you, I would. Trust me. It’s gonna be alright. Eventually.

I'm patching up some denim (like this photo) - please make something you can look at and LOVE
I’m patching a wall hanging by upcycling denim (like this photo) – please make something you can look at and LOVE. Trust me! You will feel better when you create…
This is included in my new book WHAT JUST HAPPENED?


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