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Monday, May 31, 2021

The Forgotten Number System - Numberphile

a long long time ago #podcasts

WAY way back in 2012, I created a blog for my GCC class called BLOG SCOUTS!

And it was in the very early days of podcasts. I mean there was one guy writing about podcasts. ONE!

I knew more were coming.

But then celebrities got involved:

Of the two million or so podcast series in existence (that’s 48m episodes and counting), a large proportion is made up of groups of men talking about themselves and laughing at their own jokes. READ

I loved this BLOG (and I saved it somewhere on a disk)

I thought about doing a podcast called ARMY OF ONE, the meaning of my alias Laramie Harlow.

SO, there you have it... that is what happened...

Sunday, May 30, 2021

What Just Happened?


Meanwhile, the U.S. military is engaged in war in some eighty countries — or nearly half the nations on the planet — and most Americans have no idea what kind of fighting is being done on their behalf or why.  via

Did you Know? 


The largest employer in the US is the federal government.

The US drops 46 bombs a day on average.

The USA spends $1.7 trillion on weapons.

The US has 150 hydrogen bombs (B61s) based in Europe.

World Military Expenditure grew to $1.8 Trillion in 2018.

(It was reported that the USA stopped nuclear tests in 1992. Did they?)

Number of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq  (War Casualties)


Read my latest book WHAT JUST HAPPENED and find out even more


predictions from 2019


                                   pre-COVID fashion show photos in 2019, predicting???

I call him BONO

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Did you see BLOOD SIMPLE?

I completely missed it but plan to see it - Frances McDormand is in it!

Uncovering the real Gangs of New York | 5 Points New York

Five Points was the most economically downtrodden neighborhood of all of New York. When starving Irish fleeing the Famine washed up in New York in 1848, it was a short walk to the miserable overcrowded dwellings in the neighborhood.  The weak, sick refugees were cast into a slum that was built on a landfilled pond on whose shores the city’s slaughterhouses stood.  When the buildings began to sag as they settled in the soft ground, anyone who could afford to live somewhere else moved. Filling in the abandoned space were immigrants and blacks. 


Arlo Parks HURT


Find My Way Home by Mister Wives


Texas - Say What You Want | Mr. Haze

weekend reads | what on earth

can you guess what this is?

I'm reading
Samaria Rice is the mother of Tamir, not a "mother of the movement." A change has yet to come. The lies cops tell—and the lies we tell about cops. Eavesdropping on $5,000 "antiracist dinner parties" in New York. Brown Asians are Asian, too. "I am ready to stop chasing after those who need to see your deepest wounds on display before they will even contemplate believing your words." There is a full-on revolt against American democracy afoot. Everything—and everyone—is a subscription now. How social media is helping white women and people of color identify possible symptoms of ADHD. A profile of the Linda Lindas. Running with a small group of elite Ethiopian runners in the Bronx. When artists fall in love with other artists. The slow decline of the gay bar, and Sarah Schulman on the lessons we can learn from AIDS activists. Finding the perfect book club at the public library. The case for letting go of college and marriage as milestones toward adulthood, and how Gen X sold out, as every generation does. Are celebrities ruining podcasting? How millennials learned fatphobia. On breaking up with your houseplants. The pandemic's effect on the fast food industry and impossible-reservation restaurants. Journey to the center of the bowling ball. Summer moods: On hickeys, sexy necks, and the perfect jean jacket. A press conference about what happened this morning, when I was supposed to get so much done.
Answer: ocean currents on WHAT ON EARTH tv show...

here's a sample

Friday, May 28, 2021

xox - new domain (and book) WHAT JUST HAPPENED


What Just Happened?

(we bought a new domain name: www.whatjusthappened.xyz)


 poll/ 23% of Republicans agree that “the government, media, and financial worlds in the U.S. are controlled by a group of Satan-worshipping pedophiles who run a global child sex trafficking operation,” 28% agree that “there is a storm coming soon that will sweep away the elites in power and restore the rightful leaders,” and 28% agree that “because things have gotten so far off track, true American patriots may have to resort to violence in order to save our country.” Among all Americans, fewer than 20% agree with those statements. (PRRI / CNN)

Civil War?
I like this guy: https://whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.com/today/

USS Russell? UFO? Moving FAST

UFO filmmaker releases 46-second video allegedly showing swarm of objects hovering near Navy ship

Dustin Barnes | USA TODAY

A UFO filmmaker shared a video clip on Thursday depicting radar footage he claimed shows a swarm of unidentified flying objects near a Navy ship off the coast of San Diego almost two years ago.

Jeremy Corbell posted the 46-second clip on Twitter, saying it was taken from the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019. Corbell, a UFO enthusiast and filmmaker behind the 2018 documentary "Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers," said the footage showed a "significant UFO event series."

In the clip, a radar screen is shown with several objects moving around the ship. At one point, an unidentified man is heard saying, "Holy (expletive)! They're moving fast. ... They're turning around."

This isn't the first time Corbell has shared footage claiming to prove the existence of UFOs.

An 18-second clip he shared showing three UFOs hovering over the USS Russell in 2019 was confirmed by the Navy as authentic earlier this year, according to the New York Post.

'Sightings all over the world':Another former federal official discusses UFOs, upcoming congressional report

Expected June 1:Upcoming UFO report will be 'difficult to explain,' former national intelligence official says

Thursday's shared footage comes a few days before a government-sanctioned report on unidentified aerial phenomena is expected to be sent to Congress.

Some former federal officials have teased that the unclassified June 1 report will include unexplainable events.

Swimming Out Till The Sea Turns Blue (official trailer) #BloodLand


From master director Jia Zhang-Ke (Ash Is Purest White, A Touch of Sin) comes a vital document of Chinese society since 1949. Jia interviews three prominent authors—Jia Pingwa, Yu Hua, and Liang Hong—born in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, respectively, and all from the same Shanxi province where Jia also grew up. In their stories, we hear of the dire circumstances they faced in their rural villages and small towns, and the substantial political effort undertaken to address it, from the social revolution of the 1950s through the unrest of the late 1980s. In their faces, we see full volumes left unsaid. Jia weaves it all together with his usual brilliance. SWIMMING OUT TILL THE SEA TURNS BLUE is an indispensable account of a changing China from one of the country's foremost cinematic storytellers. 




Tuesday, May 25, 2021

my addiction

 rag rugs - yup... but I need to learn to repair them NOW


The Real Scoop


being married to a fisherman is so good - he cooks them too!

Fishermen? This is The Real Scoop

By Joe Bucher

Full Moon or Dark Moon? Major and minor solunar periods? Which is best?

Does any of this moon mumbo jumbo make any real sense nor does it actually work? These are legitimate questions asked by thousands of anglers each year, and they deserve concrete answers backed up by some bona-fide data. Yet as much as pro anglers endorse the effectiveness of moon charts and outdoor publications of every niche' continue to print them, rarely does either source validate these solunar claims with data.

 It's not hard to find a solunar table of some kind. Nearly every fishing publication today publishes some kind of monthly solunar table, moon chart, activity calendar, action graph, or other similar version. All of these tables, charts, and calendars claim to predict daily feeding activity of fish with accordance to moon and solar influences. Yet, I, like so many other anglers, rarely find any consistent correlation with most of these references.

Finally, back in 1976, when I got into the fishing guide business full time, I really made it a point to compare my fishing catches to a number of solunar charts. Once I started logging my catches on a daily basis I developed a good data base. This finally put me in a position to compare hundreds of muskies, and thousands of bass and walleyes on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis to any printed solar/lunar reference. One of my key entries was the time of day. I figured a daily entry of fish activity would finally give me a mound of fishing data to compare with the various solar/lunar references on a given day to day basis. What followed convinced me that certain solar/lunar criteria simply had little or no daily influence.

 Basically, I became so frustrated and disappointed with the lack of any real consistent correlation to most of the popular magazine charts today that I gave up on them completely. They simply did not work. I actually caught far more fish when they weren't supposed to bite. And when good fish and game activity did coincide, which was less than 10% of the time, it was plainly obvious that it actually had much more to do with the local weather changes than any predicted major or minor solunar period.


You would have thought that my accumulated research would have cured me from ever looking at a solunar chart again, but it did just the opposite. Why? Because I ended up discovering a certain solar/lunar influence that really did work. In fact, it worked so well that it was hard to believe at first. My daily fishing logs had surely disputed the commonly accepted correlations, but they just as surely pointed to indisputable evidence that a "certain" solar/lunar factor was really important.


Yes, I had flipped 180 degrees on the entire solar/lunar deal. I went from totally disbelieving to being totally convinced. In fact, I eventually got to the point where I myself began to predict the most probable daily, monthly and even yearly times when the biggest fish were most apt to bite. And what's even more incredible, was that I was right almost every single time! But perhaps what was even more unbelievable to me was that everyone else had missed this simple but really absolutely true key.


The real secret, I discovered, to solar/lunar influences on a daily basis was nothing more than knowing when the sun and moon rose and set on a 24 hour basis. That's right, it was simply a matter of knowing, to the minute, when the sun came up and went down, and when the moon came up and went down each and every day. My 21 year old fishing log revealed without question that fish were active during a 90 minute window surrounding each one of these four daily influences.

Now, I realize this sounds overly obvious, but I told you it would. Most of the solar/lunar charts, tables and graphs you see depicted in today's publications do not reveal nor coincide with these four vital factors. 1) sun rise, 2) sun set, 3) moon rise, and 4) moon set. Yet it doesn't take an astrologist to figure out how important the rise and set of the sun and moon has to be.


It's certainly no secret that feeding movements of both fish and game have been traditionally accepted as key during dawn and dusk -- this correlates with sun rise and sun set. Moon rise and set is a bit more tricky to key in on though since they can often occur at mid day or mid night. Overcast weather can also make it impossible to see a moon rise or set, and of course a dark/new moon is not visible to begin with.


The other "super secret" my logs revealed was the predictable frequency of big fish catches during the peak moon phases of full and new moon. Specifically, a lot more big muskies, walleyes, and bass were taken right on the scheduled calendar day of both the full or new (dark) moon peak, and continued for a three to five day stretch afterwards. In other words, if the full moon peak is on June 10th, June 10 thru 15 have great potential for trophies.

Backing up a bit, the four daily factors previously discussed (the rise and set of both the sun and moon) inside each one of these predictable monthly moon peaks (four days on the back side of the full or new moon) further nails it down. In other words, you want to plan your fishing trips to hit the peak of the full or new moon. Then you want to be on your favorite big fish spots during the daily rise and set of both the sun and the moon.

Finally, my logs revealed a third factor that really adds impact to this entire solunar secret. That unpredictable third influence is local weather. Whenever a local weather change coincides with the daily rise or set of either the sun or the moon, during a peak monthly moon period, big things happen in bunches. Big things meaning big fish. For example, give me a severe summer T-storm right at sunset, and just before moon rise during the new moon period and it's almost a sure bet that that I'm going to bag big muskies or the year's biggest catch of lunker walleyes.


Or just as good -- put me on a steep rocky shoreline with some spawning ciscoes right at the start of a snow storm in the late fall just after sunrise and right before moon set during a full moon period. Big muskies, big pike, big walleyes and big lakers will be snappin'.


Could there be a fourth factor? Absolutely. In fact, there might even be a 5th or 6th. However, an easy-to-detect 4th factor of influence that adds even more impact to an already good situation is a change in the photoperiod, or laymen's terms -- a change in season.


Photoperiodism is actually the measured ratio of daylight to darkness. The most drastic changes in the photoperiod occur in the spring and fall, but mini-differences are detected inside all seasons which are quickly detected thru their eyes and transmitted to their pituitary gland. The responses to these changes in the photoperiod trigger sexual responses such as reproduction and the development of eggs. This, in turn, also triggers increased movement and feeding binges by normally less active trophy fish.

I do realize how controversial my comments on solunar table validity may seem to some, but the facts speak for themselves. My data clearly points to sun rise, sun set, moon rise and moon set as the most important factors. The simple rise and set of both the sun and moon has far more impact than any other daily sun or moon position. That is, bar none, the single most important daily triggering factor of both fish and game.


Monthly peaks in both the full and new moon are a second factor definitely worth considering. When fish of all sizes are feeding infrequently due to a prolonged streak of bad local weather conditions, that small "window" of three to four days right after the actual moon peaks, full or new, may be the only time that the largest fish of any species is truly catchable. Fishing during the daily rise or set of the sun and moon during these key monthly moon phases is paramount.

Weather is also a legitimate third factor, and helps to elevate the impact of the daily rise and set of the sun or moon. It further elevates the entire realm of big fish possibilities when all three factors happen at relatively the same time. A changing weather pattern combined with a good monthly moon phase and rise or set of either sun or moon can activate some major movement from big fish.

If all of these things happen during a good photoperiod, look out! This is when the biggest fish of the year are generally caught. If you are serious about taking such a fish, I'd suggest you start really paying attention to the real scoop on moon phases!

 Trust me -- thousands of entries in my fishing logs can't be wrong. This stuff really works!

Friday, May 21, 2021

1954 - Ellie, Eisenhower, and Alien Encounters


1954 - Ellie, Eisenhower, and Alien Encounters

In early April 1954 when I was 11 - I was taken on a UFO in the Nevada desert which is where my story begins and has brought me to this point in the equation. One of the things I later discovered in my years of UFO research is - six weeks earlier on Feb. 20, 1954 - President Dwight Eisenhower allegedly interrupted his vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., to make a secret nocturnal trip to a nearby Air Force base to meet two extraterrestrial aliens.

This scenario has been around for years - be it true or false. I never would not have paid much attention to it ... yet when I read about the encounter something connected for/to me. Today when I look at that timeline - the story does not follow for me other than there was an alien presence in that area at that time. Whether or not there were political implications we probably will never know but we do know that since the Roswell Incident agreements were made and technology advanced exponentially through reverse engineering. Read more from the Washington Post


Wild Edible Plants: Pine Needle Tea

Thursday, May 20, 2021

FDR and UFOs and Foo Fighters


WWII, Foo Fighters and UFOs

There does exist an international conspiracy that includes world leaders - past and present - as well as the Vatican who fear the truth as it conflicts with their agendas, teachings, and power. Aliens in any form - including humans as we are not from here - have always been part of the human experiment.

The current insert entered the simulation during WWII with Foo Fighters and other sightings which would take us to Hitler's agendas of biogenetic experiments (as a mirror of our reality) and time travel (time holds the illusion in place) during FDR's administration.

The 2002 TV miniseries Taken by Steven Spielberg gave a very strong chronology of events to that end without mentioning Presidents directly. 


The OTARD Emergency

JFK's final speech revisited - Beware the rise of the Military Industrial Complex...

Agent of Change: #CodedBias #EquitableAI #AccountableAI #InclusiveAI #ResponsibleAI #Ethicalai #AIbias #AIharms #MachineBias #ArtificialIntelligence #InclusiveTech #AJL #AlgorithmicJusticeLeague

I just finished watching the film CODED BIAS for the third time and each time I get even more enraged and engaged.

BECOME AN AGENT OF CHANGE... before it's too late. GO HERE

If you have a face, you have a place in the conversation about how AI shapes our lives. The film Coded Bias reminds us of the power of  individual voices coming together to spark collective action to resist harmful uses of tech. If you’re aware (as an employee, creator, consumer, or in any role) of AI harms or biases, we want to hear from you.

 HASHTAGS:#CodedBias #EquitableAI #AccountableAI #InclusiveAI #ResponsibleAI #Ethicalai #AIbias #AIharms #MachineBias #ArtificialIntelligence #InclusiveTech #AJL #AlgorithmicJusticeLeague 


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Is there anything hemp can’t do?

 WELL WELL WELL, John Trudell told us!

Hemp Batteries are Eight Times More Powerful than Lithium, Scientists Discover

Waste fibers from hemp crops out-perform graphene for a thousandth of the cost, according to new research

Is there anything hemp can’t do? A year after hemp became legal to grow in the United States, we’ve seen its power to make better clothing, better buildings and better medicine.

Now, there’s something else hemp appears to be better at – making batteries.

Most auto batteries today are made from lithium-ion, an expensive, quickly disappearing material.

A team of American and Canadian researchers have developed a battery that could be used in cars and power tools using hemp bast fiber – the inner bark of the plant that usually ends up in landfill.

They “cooked” the woody pulp and processed them into carbon nanosheets, which they used to build supercapacitors “on a par with or better than graphene” – the industry gold standard.

Graphene is a synthetic carbon material lighter than foil yet bulletproof, but it is prohibitively expensive to make.

“People ask me: why hemp? I say, why not?” inventor David Mitlin tells the BBC.

“We’re making graphene-like materials for a thousandth of the price – and we’re doing it with waste.”

Mitlin, a professor of chemical engineering at Clarkson University in New York, first published a description of his team’s battery in the journal ACS Nano in 2014.

More recently, a YouTuber named Robert Murray Smith, whose channel is all about batteries and put the hemp battery to the test against a lithium-ion battery and found it to be 8 times more powerful!

Tesla’s new million-mile battery is made from lithium-iron phosphate, which is supposed to last twice as long as conventional lithium-ion batteries.

While more abundant and cheaper than lithium-ion, lithium-iron-phosphate still can’t compete with the apparently far-more-powerful (and renewable) hemp! sOURCE

Monday, May 17, 2021

Where is it? The never-mentioned Broadband Scandal

 2017: The Book Of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal And Free The Net


“Imagine if you could say anything or do anything, with the odds of getting caught being almost nil. Even if you are apprehended, there would be little, if any, repercussions.”


Welcome to The Book of Broken Promises: $400 Billion Broadband Scandal & Free the Net“. It is being pre-released as a PDF version because these are critical times in communications.

It is the third book in a trilogy that started in 1998 and it details some of the largest scandals in American telecommunications history.

So let me tell you a story, which is told in all of its gory details in the book.

$400 Billion Broadband Scandal

By the end of 2014, America will have been charged about $400 billion by the local phone incumbents, Verizon, AT&T and CenturyLink, for a fiber optic future that never showed up. And though it varies by state, counting the taxes, fees and surcharges that you have paid every month (many of these fees are actually revenues to the company or taxes on the company that you paid), it comes to about $4000-$5000.00 per household from 1992-2014, and that’s the low number.

You were also charged about nine times to wire the schools and libraries via state and federal plans designed to help the phone and cable companies.

And if that doesn’t bother you, by year-end of 2010, and based on the commitments made by the phone companies in their press statements, filings on the state and federal level, and the state-based ‘alternative regulation’ plans that were put in place to charge you for broadband upgrades of the telephone company wire in your home, business, as well as the schools and libraries — America, should have been the world’s first fully fibered, leading edge broadband nation.

In fact, in 1992, the speed of broadband, as detailed in state laws, was 45 Mbps in both directions — by 2014, all of us should have been enjoying gigabit speeds (1000 Mbps).

Instead, America is not number 1 or 2 or 5 or even 10th in the world in broadband. 

As of Monday, September 15th, 2014, one of the standard testing companies of the speed of broadband, worldwide, Net Index by Ookla, pegged America at 25th in the world in download speeds and 40th in upload speeds. Though this accounting varies daily, America’s download speeds are never in the top 20 countries. 



The Information Superhighway to Nowhere (1991-2004)

Starting in 1991, the Clinton-Gore ticket proposed a visionary plan which Al Gore dubbed the “Information Superhighway”: Simply put:

  • There is a wire that goes into your home, school or office as everyone in America is entitled to phone service. This was based on a copper wire that was put in as part of the state-based utility and most of them are controlled by what are now AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink. And these networks were aging as almost all of America had been wired for phone service by the 1960’s.
  • Starting in 1990s, (though it varies by state), this copper wire was supposed to be replaced with a fiber optic wire, which would allow for new innovative services, not to mention cable TV and video. And it was always supposed to be an upgrade of the state-based utility known as the “PSTN”, the “Public Switched Telephone Networks”.
  • It was also supposed to be open to all manner of competition. You, the customer, would choose who offered you Internet, cable, broadband and even phone service over that wire.
  • And like fresh blood in shark infested waters, what are now AT&T, Verizon and Centurylink claimed that if they were given more money, they would use it, state-by-state, to wire whole states, not to mention the schools and libraries, or both.

    NOTE: At the time, there were seven ‘Baby Bells’, which were created in 1984, when Ma Bell, the original AT&T, was broken up. These included Ameritech, Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, NYNEX, Pacific Telesis, Southwestern Bell (renamed SBC) and US West. There were also some independent companies, like GTE and SNET (Connecticut). But, by 2007, the companies had all merged to what we have today, and the original AT&T was eaten by its own children.

    By the 1990s, the ‘Era of Say Anything’ was in full swing with grandiose plans. In 1993, Pacific Bell, California, said it would spend $16 billion by 2000 and have 5.5 million homes wired with fiber optics. Bell Atlantic controlled the East Coast states from New Jersey through Virginia and claimed it would spend $11 billion on 8.75 million homes by 2000, while Ameritech (which included Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin) stated it would have 6 million fiber optic lines by 2000. Some states, like New Jersey, would have 100% of Verizon New Jersey’s territory completed by 2010 with 45 Mbps services in both directions, while SNET (Connecticut) said it would spend $4.5 billion and have 100% completed by 2007. Ohio Bell, (now AT&T Ohio) claimed that 100% of schools and libraries would be upgraded to fiber by 2000. And US West, (now Centurylink) which controls many western states, like Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado or North Dakota, told the public, regulators and investors that it would start a major deployment of fiber optic services, adding ½ million households a year.

    Alongside of this, the companies filed with the FCC to offer something called “Video-Dialtone”, which was to be able to use the phone networks to offer cable and video services. And almost every company filed to offer millions of customers services by 2000. And these deployments matched the state-based commitments.

    And all of these announcements were in the companies’ annual reports, statements to the press, or in state and federal filings; and it was always fiber optics and it would deliver broadband with speeds of 45 Mbps in both directions, and it included a cornucopia of new services, from interactive video and 500 channels of cable TV, to tele-medicine and tele-commuting (but would end up being ‘tell-them-whatever-they-wanted-to-hear’).

    But there was a catch... Who would pay for it? Well, you, your business, your school, libraries — anyone with phone service would be paying for these upgrades over and over and over.

    Starting in 1991, there were discussions of whether the government should build these networks, but the phone companies who controlled the state-based utilities in every state, saw this as a new mountain of money and said — just give us a little more profit via deregulation (known as ‘alternative regulations’), and we will, of course, upgrade these networks. At this time, the companies’ wires were still monopoly controlled and the networks were closed to competition, so their profits were constrained to 12-14% a year. But, within literally a year after the laws were changed, the profits more than doubled to about 30%, (though it varied by state and phone company).

    broadband vs. wifi

    We paid for broadband for YEARS on our cable bills... where is it? What happened? WIFI is dangerous and not what we need. It's bad for our health... TLH

    What is the difference between broadband and wifi:

    Broadband and Wi-Fi are two terms that have been used interchangeably more often than not. However, these are two separate things and need to be understood clearly so that you get your internet basics right.

    To put it simply, Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies and signals to transfer data without wires and broadband is transmission of data with the use of high speed internet.

    What is a Broadband Connection?

    Broadband refers to wide bandwidth data transmission. Think of the internet as data that's being transmitted between two devices. Broadband, in this case, is the passway on which that data is moving. There are various types of broadband connections - ASL, DSL, Cable, Fiber, etc. All of the technologies aim at offering high-speed internet to their users. For instance, fiber optic cables are by far the best technology that offers its user symmetrical speeds and high bandwidth.

    How does a broadband connection work?

    Broadband provides the internet by using many lines to transmit a lot of data rather than a single line used by old dial-up connections. Broadband term here means using more than one band to transfer data.

    In simple terms, you can assume a dial-up as a one way street where only one vehicle can move at a time whereas broadband is a highway with multiple lanes where multiple vehicles can move together. Here each vehicle is the data packet transmitted to you or vice versa.

    Parallel transfer of multiple data packets at a time increases the speed of the internet via broadband.

    What is Wi-Fi?

    Wi-Fi technology is basically using radio frequencies and signals to receive and send information wirelessly between two devices. Wi-Fi can be understood as the means by which broadband can be accessed wirelessly. All Wi-Fi connections work on two frequency bands - 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. 2.4Ghz frequency band is used for longer distances and lower bandwidth, whereas 5Ghz frequency band is used for a shorter distance and larger bandwidth.

    The below table summarizes the speed and range best suited for both frequency bands.

    IEEE StandardFrequencySpeedRange
    802.112.4GHz RF (Radio Frequency)1 to 2Mbps20 feet indoors.
    802.11a5GHzUp to 54Mbps25 to 75 feet
    802.11b2.4GHzUp to 11MbpsUp to 150 feet
    802.11g2.4GHzUp to 54MbpsUp to 150 feet (Walls and other objects affect the range)
    802.11n2.4GHz & 5GHzUp to 600Mbps175+ feet (Walls and other objects affect the range)

    How does a Wi-Fi connection work?

    All Wi-Fi connections work on two frequency bands - 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz in two simple steps - sending data and receiving data. First, a request is sent to your router and modem to access the internet for information. Then, the desired response is sent back to the router via the modem. The router further sends the information back to the device wirelessly.

    What’s the difference between broadband and Wi-Fi?

    Broadband is a type of internet connection given by your internet service provider

    Wi-Fi is a technology and one of the means of connecting to the broadband to access the internet. Your broadband can be accessed via a LAN cable directly connecting your router and device. However, the advantage of a Wi-Fi connection is the ability to access information without a physical connection between two devices.


    Sunday, May 16, 2021

    The Problem Isn’t Human Nature, The Problem Is A Few Manipulative Sociopaths

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with humanity itself that is making a mess of things. The problem is that we’re swimming in lies that we’ve been indoctrinated into by liars who benefit from our remaining deceived. All our problems can be solved by moving from lies to truth. 

    : The Problem Isn’t Human Nature, The Problem Is A Few Manipulative Sociopaths



    The cops are out of control... via INTERCEPT


    For decades, we’ve been told that the violent crackdowns on protesters were the result of a few “bad apples.” The NYPD training documents paint a different picture, revealing how police are taught to abuse protesters and get around their constitutional rights.

    The latest revelations include how the NYPD trains its most heavily militarized unit — the Strategic Response Group, widely known as the “goon squad” — to gather intelligence on protest organizers, make mass arrests by trapping peaceful protesters in “kettles,” and use their bicycles as weapons.

    We uncovered how NYPD’s regular officers, the overwhelming majority of the force, only get a few hours of training on policing protests in the Academy — training focused on how to make arrests without raising thorny legal issues over protesters’ rights.

    “The tools you walk out of that training room with, as an officer, are all geared towards finding ways to justify the arrest of protesters, rather than finding practical ways to facilitate peaceful protests and the exercise of free speech rights,” a public defender told us.

    Junk science lie detector tests. Routine disregard for civil liberties. Blatant racism and just plain stupidity. All these and more are rampant in U.S. policing.

    The NYPD training documents expand the public’s understanding of U.S. police violence and abuse — and could have an impact in a series of civil rights lawsuits and official investigations into NYPD conduct during the George Floyd protests.


    How to See Palestine Whole (reblog)

    Louis Haghe after a drawing by David Roberts, “Gaza”(1839) lithograph, From The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt, & Nubia vol. 2, (1843) pl. 15; Royal Subscription edition (image courtesy Library of Congress Digital Collections)

    To observe that images distort reality is nothing new. (John Berger and his collaborators reminded us of this in Ways of Seeing nearly 50 years ago.) What is more interesting and important is to see how and why this is done in European and, eventually, American images of Palestine.

    READ: https://hyperallergic.com/514154/how-to-see-palestine-whole/

    first published on 9/4/19

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    let's grow hemp

    let's grow hemp

    Get it?

    Get it?

    from the new book FINDING THE INVISIBLES

    from the new book FINDING THE INVISIBLES
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