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Thursday, July 25, 2019


Just when you think you're floating through life, Sara Wong's illustration reminds us to watch out for falls ahead...

Burnout became a seriously hot topic a few months back, thanks to this Buzzfeed article.
I wrote a piece about how to resist Amazon Prime.
Facebook was fined $5b. And Mark Z is now personally responsible for privacy.
The utopian portrayal of moms who surf. This article made Jen cringe.
Please tell me you read about this professor talking to white men about privilege?

Two years ago, our fabulous Radiotopia colleague Helen Zaltzman and her husband, Martin Austwick, gave up their London apartment to travel the world. They paid their bills by continuing to produce her two podcasts, The Allusionist and Answer Me This, from the road.

Things were going well until a visit to Tasmania, when Helen got a serious infection in her neck and had to be hospitalized. After nearly a month in intensive care, she was finally released and was, of course, relieved to be alive. But Helen soon discovered that her brain no longer functioned the same way…and her work habits needed to change.... listen

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