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Friday, June 28, 2019

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette on Pregnancy at 45, Childbirth, Postpartum Depression, and #MeToo

“I talk about this with my kids a lot, the four boundaries being: You can't tell me what I'm thinking, you can't tell me what I'm feeling, you can't fucking touch my body/you can't do anything with my body, and don't touch my stuff,” Alanis told me.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

If I Had a Rocket Launcher - Bruce Cockburn

"If I Had a Rocket Launcher" is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn, from his 1984 album Stealing Fire.
 The song was inspired by Cockburn's visit, sponsored by Oxfam, to Guatemalan refugee camps in Mexico following the counterinsurgency campaign of dictator Efraín Ríos Montt.[1]
Although Cockburn had occasionally touched on political themes in his earlier songs, "If I Had a Rocket Launcher" was his first explicitly political song to be released as a single, and earned him a new reputation as an outspoken musical activist.
In the song, Cockburn despairs of waiting for a political solution to the crisis, and expresses the desire to take matters into his own hands.
Each verse ends with a line stating what Cockburn would do if he had a rocket launcher: in the first verse, "I'd make somebody pay". In the second, "I would retaliate". In the third, "I would not hesitate". The fourth and final verse ends with the song's most famous and controversial lyric: "If I had a rocket launcher, some son-of-a-bitch would die".
In a later interview, Cockburn stated that the song "is not a call to arms; this is a cry."[1]
In 2009, Cockburn performed the song for Canadian troops in Afghanistan; he was subsequently presented (temporarily) with a rocket launcher.[2] wiki
Here comes the helicopter -- second time today
Everybody scatters and hopes it goes away
How many kids they've murdered
only God can say
If I had a rocket launcher...I'd make somebody pay
I don't believe in guarded borders and I don't believe in hate
I don't believe in generals or their stinking torture states
And when I talk with the survivors of things
too sickening to relate
If I had a rocket launcher...
I would retaliate
On the Rio Lacantun, one hundred thousand wait
To fall down from starvation --
or some less humane fate
Cry for Guatemala,
with a corpse in every gate
If I had a rocket launcher...
I would not hesitate
I want to raise every voice --
at least I've got to try
Every time I think about it
water rises to my eyes.
Situation desperate,
echoes of the victims cry
If I had a rocket launcher...
Some son of a bitch would die

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

"Beds Are Burning”

Out where the river broke
The bloodwood and the desert oak
Holden wrecks and boiling diesel
Steam in forty-five degrees

The time has come
To say fair's fair
To pay the rent
To pay our share

The time has come
A fact's a fact
It belongs to them
Let's give it back

How can we dance
When our earth is turning
How do we sleep
While our beds are burning

How can we dance
When our earth is turning
How do we sleep
While our beds are burning

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Monday, June 3, 2019

Midnight Shine - Heart of Gold (Cover) @midnightshineon

there is this

The International Year of Indigenous Languages is a United Nations observance in 2019 that aims to raise awareness of the consequences of the endangerment of Indigenous languages across the world, with an aim to establish a link between language, development, peace, and reconciliation.

To bring awareness to this important cause students at Allison Bernard Memorial High School in Eskasoni, Cape Breton recorded Paul McCartney's Blackbird in their native Mi'kmaq language.

Songwriter: Paul McCartney Translation: Katani Julian and Albert "Golydada"Julian Music Production: Carter Chiasson
Audio Production: Jamie Foulds (Soundpark Studios)
Video Production: Matthew Ingraham and Multimedia 12 students from ABMHS Project Lead/Music Teacher: Carter Chiasson Pu’tliskiej – Kime’sk //

LYRICS: Pu’tliskiej wapinintoq Kina’masi telayja’timk tel pitawsin eskimatimu’sipnek nike’ mnja’sin Pu’tliskiej wapinintoq Ewlapin nike’ nmiteke tel pkitawsin eskimatimu’sipnek nike’ seya’sin Pu’tliskiej…layja’si ta’n wasatek poqnitpa’qiktuk Pu’tliskiej…layja’si ta’n wasatek poqnitpa’qiktuk Pu’tliskiej wapinintoq Kina’masi telayja’timk tel pitawsin eskimatimu’sipnek nike’ mnja’sin eskimatimu’sipnek nike’ mnja’sin eskimatimu’sipnek nike’ mnja’sin -------------------------------------------------------- Boo-dull-ees-kee-edge wobbin-in-toq Kee-na-ma-see dell-I-jaw-dimk dell-bit-ow-sin ess-gum-mud-dum-oo-sup-neg nike’ mn-jaw-sin Boo-dull-ees-kee-edge wobbin-in-toq ew-la-bin nike’ num-mid-deh-geh dell-bit-ow-sin ess-gum-mud-dum-oo-sup-neg say-ya-sin Boo-dull-ees-kee-edge, lie-jaw-see don wassa-deg poq-nit-ba’q-ik-tuk Boo-dull-ees-kee-edge, lie-jaw-see don wassa-deg poq-nit-ba’q-ik-tuk Boo-dull-ees-kee-edge wobbin-in-toq Kee-na-ma-see dell-I-jaw-dimk dell-bit-ow-sin ess-gum-mud-dum-oo-sup-neg nike’ mn-jaw-sin ess-gum-mud-dum-oo-sup-neg nike’ mn-jaw-sin ess-gum-mud-dum-oo-sup-neg nike’ mn-jaw-sin

Sunday, June 2, 2019

'Star Stories of The Dreaming'

Star Stories of The Dreaming - 90m from Eleanor Gilbert on Vimeo.

When ancient knowledge held by the oldest culture on earth meets modern astrophysics and new concept is born – cultural astronomy.
'Star Stories of The Dreaming' reveals the oldest knowledge on the planet. Increasingly Aboriginal people in Australia are being recognised as the first astronomers and we are transported into this ethereal world of humanity's heritage.
“When I listen to my grandmother ... she was taught by her grandmother who was an old woman when the whiteman first come into our Country and she taught my grandmother. In our way of teaching we skip a generation. That's how we compress knowledge and that's how we keep that knowledge pretty much intact." Ghillar, Michael Anderson

In the meeting of minds between Ghillar and Professor Ray Norris, Australia's leading astrophysicist responsible for EMU – Evolutionary Mapping of the Universe, extraordinary parallels emerge in the two cultures - such as 'wormholes' and the pathway to Bullima, the Euahlayi Sky Camp, via the hollow Coolabah tree, which lives on the riverbank in the Milky Way.
PLEASE NOTE: Streaming and Downloads of Enlightning titles through Vimeo-on-Demand
are for private home use only. For use by educational institutions or for public screenings
(whether commercial or non-commercial), please contact Enlightning Productions on enlightning.productions@gmail.com or +61 421 795 639 or visit our website enlightning.com.au.

Under big skies Ghillar relays 'Star Stories of The Dreaming' for:
Wurrum-boorrool Big river in the sky (Milky Way)
Mil-Mulliyan Eye of the Creator – Venus – Evening star
Mulliyan-gar Eye of the Creator - Morning Star - Mars
Goolee-bhar Coolabah tree hollow, way to Bullima, the Sky Camp – Coalsack Dark nebula
Moo-dthe-gar White cockatoos – 5 Stars of Southern Cross
Goomar-why Sacred Fire near coolibah tree– Alpha Centauri Pointer of Southern Cross
Birringooloo Mother Nature – Bhiamie's wife
Gunumbielie 2nd wife of Bhiaime. The Caterer who now lives at Goomar-why, Sacred Fire
Wunnargudjilwon 3rd wife of Bhiaime - Large Magellanic Cloud
Gwaimudthun & Gweeghular – Night & Day– Dark & Light - moieties – 19 mile plain, Brewarrina
Garwaar-ghoo - Featherless Emu - Dark nebulae in Milky Way, Dust lanes and Galactic bulge
Bahloo - Moon, Waan – crow; Oolah – wood geckco
Yhi – sun
Mei Mei – Seven Sisters – Pleiades – Narran Lake and surrounding lakes;
Bigoon – water rat; Gayadharri – platypus, Ghay-gharn - wood duck
Birray Birray – Brothers – Orion's Belt
Womba Womba yiraay Crazy Old Man at his camp - Aldebran
Wirrawilbaarru – Whirly wind – Bad spirits travels inside the whirlywinds – they live behind Scorpio and enter in and out is through black holes in Scorpio;
Star maps/astral navigational waypoints – two chains of waterholes – Beta Sagittarii to Gamma

Classification exempt (for educational use). Enlightning recommends General Exhibition.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Mr. Mister "Healing Waters"

THIS! The second single from Mr. Mister's "Go On..." album. It was nominated for a Grammy in 1987.

Yellow moon, face of a prophet, shooting star, light of the heavens
Shine down, shine down on our tiny enterprise
Where do we go when all our time's been wasted
Just keeping score on who is right or wrong - there's no reason

Follow the road, the road that leads us where the healing waters flow
Where do we go when the world forsakes us, where the healing waters flow

Silent god moving in my heart, telling me not much I understand
But I - but I need to know, so I fight on
Here every beast must feed upon the other, oh
When will the lion lie down with the lamb - there's no reason

There is a river running deep into my soul
Rushing like a vision over me, it flows
Where do we go when all our time's been wasted
 Just keeping score on who is right or wrong - there's no reason

Mr. Mister - Pull /Album - 1989

last night I had crazy dream

The wind blows hard
Against this mountainside
Across the sea into my soul
It reaches into where I cannot hide
Setting my feet upon the road
My heart is old
It holds my memories
My body burns a gemlike flame
Somewhere between
The soul and soft machine
Is where I find myself again
Kyrie eleison
Down the road that I must travel
Kyrie eleison
Through the darkness of the night
Kyrie eleison
Where I'm going, will you follow
Kyrie eleison

"Kyrie" was a #1 hit song by the 1980s pop/rock band Mr. Mister, from their 1985 album "Welcome to the Real World. "
(Kyrie Eleison, is Greek translation for "Lord have mercy").

Released in late 1985, it hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in March 1986, where it was #1 for two weeks.
Mr. Mister is an American pop rock band most popular in the 1980s.
The band's name came from an inside joke about a Weather Report album called Mr. Gone where they referred to each other as "Mister This" or "Mister That", and eventually selected "Mr. Mister." Mr. Mister may be considered as representative of the melodic sound of 1980s pop rock.
The band consisted of Richard Page on vocals and bass guitar, Steve George on keyboards, Pat Mastelotto on acoustic and electronic drums and Steve Farris on guitars.

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