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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

webcams and naked people?

maybe ornaments too?
Smile, you’re on hidden webcam Airbnb TV!

BRIEFLY: The rules apply to hosts spying on guests as well as guests spying on hosts, be it through nanny cams, cams hidden in smoke alarms, cams tucked into USB power plugs, cams hiding in lightbulbs, cams hanging out in alarm clocks, in wall clocks, in hooks to hang your clothes (for those who get turned on by viewing garment labels…?), in Teddy bears, in air fresheners, in picture frames, in wall outlets, and, good Lord, where can’t they put these things?

What to do if you detect an undisclosed camera

  1. Take photos of the device for evidence
  2. Take photos of your accommodation so you can prove that you haven’t trashed the place: some hosts have reportedly made such false accusations.
  3. Get your clothes on and get out of there
  4. Report it to police. You want to stop that stream before other people get swept up in it.
  5. If you’re in an Airbnb rental, report it to Airbnb, along with your evidence, before it happens to another victim.

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