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Saturday, November 11, 2017


It's so cold I'm reading and watching squirrels all weekend!

I'm reading
Untold stories from Election Day 2016. Marvin Gaye and the patriotism of resistance. In Trump country, not much has changed—at least not for the betterThe year in push alerts, which I didn't really experience because the only notifications I get are from actual humans calling/texting me. It's not fake news, it's information disorder. Predators on film setshigh-school locker rooms, Capitol Hill (Anita Hill weighs in), and everywhere. Gay men need a whisper network, too. Harassment can be a career-killer. A fan finds out her fave is a creep, which "means admitting you were duped." Listening to Trump's accusers. How the rich hide their wealth. "For 11 brief minutes, they were God." You can run from "identity politics," but you cannot hide. Reblogging Audre LordeYazidi women, post-captivity. Google's mass-shooting misinformation problem. An app for alcoholism. An a capella hazing scandal. What childbirth really feels like. A dispatch from the front lines of California's rush toward legal weed. Can Ford turn itself into a tech company? Saeed Jones on clarity in the face of overwhelming information. A 13-year-old teen-girl baseball blogger posed as an adult dude. The Japanese rent-a-friend business. The appeal of dressing modestly. For a chill thrill, cancel your plans. Or maybe head to one of the quietest places on earth.

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