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Friday, October 27, 2017

we the people

WE -- Internet users and consumers -- can demand new, better design patterns. The Internet of Things can adopt an ethos akin to the early Internet: decentralized, open source and harmonized with privacy.

There are already sobering examples. Consider My Friend Cayla, the Internet-enabled toy that the German government labeled an "illegal espionage apparatus." Cayla is a seemingly innocuous, Barbie-like doll. But Cayla records conversations, hawks products to impressionable youngsters, and is vulnerable to hackers.

COMMENTER to the CNN story:
Misguided reaction. The problem is, if that misinformation says what people want to hear, many don't care. They'll pass it on anyway. That's not the fault of FB, or any foreign elements threatening us. Propaganda can only work if there is no dissenting opinion allowed. We don't have that problem.
Our problem is a mixture of bi go try 
(That is, being intolerant of others opinions,) prejudice, and tribalism causing many people to be more than willing to accept and pass on misinformation if it advances their preconceived notions and/or agenda. Couple that with apathy from most everyone else and you have your root problem. What has to be done is for people to expose misinformation wherever they see it and not pass it on, even if the misinformation seems to agree with their position. If your position is so strong, you shouldn't need misinformation to sell it.

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