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Wednesday, December 14, 2016



“I’ve succeeded in business because I’ve employed people
with dedication, motivation and persistence. When I met
some apprentices recently, I was really impressed by their
attitude. They’re ambitious, they’re doers - they make
things happen; … Success is down to finding people like
this. People that make businesses grow”. - Sir Alan Sugar, TV advert for apprentices, 2009.

You’ll note in ‘The Apprentice’ that’s,
On TV now each week;
The entrants are a motley crew,
Exuding wind and cheek.
And when one of these chinless twerps,
Has the good luck to win;
They usually last a year or two,
Before they chuck it in. (1)
Back in the real world if they make,
Lord Sugar’s business grow;
Why isn’t it apprentices,
Who earn most of the dough?
If his success is really down,
To people just like this;
How come his pay is way beyond,
The dreams of avarice?
If they’re the “doers” and they make,
Things happen every day;
How come that he’s got all the wealth,
And they their piddling pay?
They do not get what they create,
Their pickings are quite slim;
How come they earn a thousandth of,
The total paid to him?
(1) Under the old format where the Apprentice worked for
one of Lord Sugar’s companies, all six Apprentices left.
© Richard Layton

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