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Sunday, December 18, 2016


Check this cool chick out!
First links to her poems/lyrics...
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  • Who the hell is Marissa Bergen?

    Marissa Bergen, Rock and Roll Supermom. Los Angeles!

    Driving With My Blinker On Again

    Driving in my car in the middle of the day
    Hoping that I’m able to remember my way
    I start and stop can’t recall is it left or right
    So I pull the switch and there goes on my signal light

    I’m driving with my blinker on again
    You never know how this will end
    Will I make a right or left or even turn you’ll never guess
    I’m driving with my blinker on again
    Well at one point I’m sure I did intend to turn
    Now you’re asking me where my driving I did learn
    Well I’m pretty sure it was the school for the crazy
    Directionally challenged and curmudgeonly old ladies


    You were getting pretty hopeful down on Ave B
    But now that we’re on M you’ve nearly given up on me
    That light is winking at you and it’s driving you insane
    You’d try to get around me too bad it’s a single lane
    Well it’s finally time to lose me at any cost
    Might go mile out or you could end up getting lost
    Try to turn right but suddenly out of the blue
    I decide to make that right, right in front of you


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