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Friday, November 11, 2016

i'm reading ann

and she's reading...
Whiteness won this election, which means white progressives need to step up. Foolish gay hope, where to find hope, and the audacity of hopelessness. If you're newly scared for your rights and safety, welcome to what it's long felt like to be black in America. How America incentivizes racism in working class white people. "Neo-fascist responses to rampant insecurity and inequality are not going to go away." Empathy for the devil. The real bubble is rural America. When truth falls apart. Ivanka voters and the new evangelical woman. A letter to *some* men. The election, through the eyes of teenage girls. Underestimate Celia Vargas at your risk. Rules for surviving in an autocracy. Rereading Zadie Smith's Brexit diary. The story behind a protest photo of a screaming mother. RIP, Leonard Cohen.

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- Norval Morrisseau's Prime Period [1970's] "The fish, sacred trout, was the most respected of all fish. The trout gave the Indian life in abundance and according to Ojibwa Indian mythology it represented his soul carrier. The trout carried the Indian soul through transmigration into an other existence in the supernatural or reincarnation. All this belief worked for the betterment of the Indian food in reality - faith in the supernatural."