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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Allied (2016) - Brad Pitt

VANITY FAIR: You are not wrong to sense some faint Mr. & Mrs. Smith vibes from the first Allied trailer. It is a sexy spy thriller starring Brad Pitt and a love interest who provides a serious security threat. The pivotal difference, though, is that Allied has the kind of pedigree—sumptuous period costumes, World War II backdrop, and Oscar-winning director Robert Zemeckis (Forrest Gump)—to launch this drama to the forefront of awards consideration come 2017.

Set in 1942 Casablanca, Allied stars Pitt as a spy assassin who falls for a French spy (Marion Cotillard) during their mission to kill a German officer. Co-stars include Lizzy Caplan, Matthew Goode, and Jared Harris. And the screenplay for the sweeping romantic drama, by Steven Knight (Locke), is said to be inspired by a true story he heard when he was about 21 years old. (The words “Inspired by a true story” automatically add another douse of awards credibility.)

“This is a very odd story,” Knight admitted last August, to Collider. “I was in Texas working as a dishwasher and doing all sorts of weird things. I was going out with an English girl at the time and her auntie lived in Texas, and she got talking about her brother who had been in the S.O.E., the British Secret Service if you like, and she told me this story that just stayed with me. I’ve always known it would be a film, and now it’s gonna be the ultimate. I can’t believe the cast we’ve got, I can’t believe the director we’ve got, it’s just a dream.”

Allied opens in theaters on November 23, 2016.

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