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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

i may apply

Thank you so much to everyone who applied this year, and congratulations to this year’s Residents! Theresa Bloise, Keith Carollo, Erin Dorney, Marc Drumwright, Carmen Maria Machado, Zora O’Neill, Eleanor Wilson, and JooHee Yun!

The short version:

Six artists. One week each. Free stay. No strings attached.

The little bit longer version:

Each year, from January through March, six selected artists will be awarded a no-cost, week-long residency at The Spruceton Inn to spend creating.
As artists ourselves, we understand the need for solitude, the need to get away from your everyday surroundings so you can escape into the world you are summoning without the usual distractions. This residency provides exactly that.
Residents are chosen through an open call by me (Casey Scieszka) and my husband, Steven Weinberg. The application consists of two parts which can be filled out and submitted here. Applications are accepted during the month of October. You will be notified either way by November 15th.
Currently the program is open only to writers and 2D visual artists (21 and over) because these are the artistic realms with which Steven and I are personally involved. Collaborations will not be accepted at this time.
If the selected artists wish, we will have some of their work available to read/look at around the inn’s communal spaces for everyone to enjoy.
We will be accepting applications online during the month of Ocotber 2016 for Winter 2017.

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