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Monday, March 7, 2016

overrunning the asylum?

I have no respect for fundamentalist of any religion. The old white guy who shot up the PP building in Colorado. Fundamentalist are dragging and kicking into the 21st Century. I suggest RV to weed them out. time to put the PSI agents to work. It is simply to easy and extremely dangerous in our modern world to kill in mass.
Problem number 1..... 7,2 billion on a planet that can not sustain that number if we live like Americans.
This is a problem never talked about. Want to know why? Fundamentalist get furious over the abortion issue.
Though the thinking is a bit muddy and the grammar and typing skills are wanting, I generally must agree with "Tenacious D". Fundamentalists/extremists of various stripes -- political, religious, what have you -- are fighting desperately to impose their rigid and paranoid views upon the "rest of us." (See "Barefoot Boy"'s post.) Violence being the last resort of the stupid and the first resort of the psychotic, it is not difficult to understand the current human condition -- especially when greed is thrown into the mix. "Civilization" has traditionally been run, or at least afflicted, by people who are willing to commit murder to get what they want.  With all the noble propaganda stripped away, that's all war is, right? -- people murdering "others" to get the world that they want.  Until we ALL learn, really KNOW, that there IS, in truth, no "other" (as Whitley has often pointed out, even the "visitors" may be "us") some level of carnage will continue to be our lot on this strange, beautiful planet. The problem, of course, is what do we do until then?  How do the sane keep the insane from overrunning the asylum?  And who determines which is which?

Read the original source: http://www.unknowncountry.com/journal/why-islamic-terrorism#ixzz3xQOh3FcF

Whitley's response:
I think that the core of all fundamentalist rage is that their ideas and cherished beliefs are being outstripped by the modern world. 
Who can really believe any of that stuff anymore, the strange, scientifically impossible stories, the jealous, slightly crazy gods like Yahweh, all the strictures of Islam, the huge crowd of Hindu deities? I would be what I pretty much was before I had my close encounters in 1985 if they and all that followed had never happened: a secular individual with a spiritual bias and a sentimental attachment to Catholicism.
However, my life has taught me two things: there is such a thing as nonphysical consciousness, and we are embedded in a vividly alive energetic world. The past knew this, too, and tried to make sense of it through the medium of religions that were grounded in their understanding of nature and reality.
Their understanding was limited and their gods don't exist. But the world they attempted to touch with their ideas does.
It's time to turn to the tools we now possess to see if they can enable us to understand more.
By this I mean scientific and academic tools of observation and analysis.
We're at a level of sophistication that can enable us to use these tools to reach a much more objective understanding of this other world, of which we are a small, confused and frightened part.
Jeff Kripal and I go into this quite deeply in Super Natural. Hopefully, it will be the spark for a new conversation. We shall see. (It's out in February.)

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