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Friday, March 25, 2016

Magic Lake

Once this young Cherokee boy was walking in the woods, and he saw drops of blood on the leaves and he began to follow them. He was worried that something was hurt, because all the animals were so important to him.
He followed the blood trail and finally spotted a small bear cub that's leg was bleeding. And up the hill he went, following it. The cub would stumble and fall and make its way to his feet again.
The small bear was going one direction, to the great mountain the Cherokee call, "Shakonige", or today Clingman's Dome. To us this mountain was a very special place. 
The cub finally made it to the top of the mountains and jumped into the fog. All of a sudden the fog turned to water and the little bear began to swim.
He swims out a ways and then comes back. When he got out of the water this bear was completely healed. The boy could not understand what was going on. He looked back and a duck swims in the water with a broken wing, and his wing was made well. 

And animals were coming from all directions to the water to also be healed. 
I have been taught that when our Creator shaped the world and stood back to see the beauty that He had made, He was so touched that teardrops began to fall from the Creators eyes. They formed the magic lake on that very spot. 
This was a sacred place of healing and comfort for those in need. 
The lake allowed the peoples spirit to see clearly the way things really are. 
As a young man I found myself on many occasions trying to find the magic lake, but to no avail was I ever successful. 
Now in my old age I believe that maybe we all are searching for the magic lake in our own way. Maybe we have gotten a glimpse of it and did not know it. 
Maybe it's a refection that shines in every living being. This is the continuing process of life in which we are invited to learn and grow and shine brighter than before - Grey Hawk

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