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Friday, March 4, 2016

Get this poison out of your water before it’s too late

If you’re age 70 or younger, you might not be able to remember a time when fluoride wasn’t added to the drinking water.  We were promised it was good for our teeth… that there wouldn’t be any ill health effects.  But now we know that water fluoridation is a dangerous health scam that’s been endangering millions of Americans for years.

And one public health researcher has found all the proof we need that it’s time to get fluoride out of our water for good.

Stephen Peckham, a professor and director of health policy at England’s prestigious Kent University, told The Guardian newspaper that despite DECADES of fluoridation programs, there is literally NO EVIDENCE to prove it’s safe…or even effective in protecting your teeth.

He joins a growing chorus of mainstream voices questioning fluoride — like a Harvard research team that in 2012 found fluoridation makes kids DUMBER.

Along with rotting the brain, fluoride can weaken bone, increasing the risk of crippling breaks and fractures. Fluoride has even been linked to bone cancer.

So how can something that’s supposed to be good for you be so dangerous? Because fluoride — although it can occur naturally in the groundwater in trace to abundant amounts — is a toxic, manmade metal compound, NOT a natural mineral.

It’s produced as an industrial byproduct from the manufacture of fertilizer, electronics, and solar panels. And governmental regulations allow for it to carry a certain amount of impurities…like ARSENIC…and LEAD…and RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL.

And they’re not only adding it to your drinking water, but also your toothpaste, mouthwash, and baby formula.
You can keep fluoride out of your body by following two simple steps:
  1. Switch to fluoride-free dental products. Better yet, make your own from baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, which costs just pennies a day. You can rinse with that same peroxide.
  2. Install a reverse-osmosis water filtration system, where the water enters your home.
U.S. drinking water also routinely tests positive for chemical waste, traces of drugs, hormones, and even rocket fuel. You don’t want ANY of this in your body — and with reverse osmosis, you can keep it all out. -

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