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Saturday, January 16, 2016

unsettling paradigm shift - WHY?

worth a read:

Whitley, what you are saying here is totally in line with an article from the March issue of The Atlantic:
This article is so detailed, and well researched and written that I have been sending the link to as many people as possible. We have to come to some understanding of the "why" of all of this before we can even begin to address the problem. And how do we address this challenge that dates back literally hundreds of years? That is a huge question and it will be a trial for our very souls for years to come.
Regarding the young couple that murdered and injured so many people in the tragedy in San Bernardino, I can only say that some kind of cleverly disguised form of duality is going on that allows these people to disassociate their daily lives from the deeply embedded Islamic part of themselves. What strikes me is that a young mother was willing to leave her 6 month-old baby to pursue jihad, knowing she was facing martyrdom for her cause. This is actually an very non-Islamic thing to do for a woman. As the Islamic state seeks to recruit women, it is for traditional reasons and mainly to provide mates to the men, take care of the home, and have more babies to fill the future ranks of the Islamic State. Young women involved in terrorism rarely are 'warriors', and their direct involvement rarely goes beyond being suicide bombers. One of the people involved in the Paris disaster was also a woman, but little has been revealed about her part in it, other than that she died during a blast when the police stormed the building where she and other terrorists were supposedly in hiding.
So, what else is going on? Does anyone else feel that it is more than an odd coincidence that our own military announced in the last few days that women will now be allowed to be actively involved in the battlefield?
There appears to be an unsettling paradigm shift going on regarding the 'sacred' feminine energies. Women are not just seeking equality with men, which is as it should be, but they are also acting like men, and not just the best qualities of men.  As I have posted a few times here at Unknown Country, using the name of ISIS for the Islamic State may be undermining the sacred feminine in a particularly insidious way and altering consciousness in ways that are currently beyond our understanding.
At the risk of sounding ‘New Age’, for years we have been hearing from many out there, including William Henry, of the return of the ‘Sacred Feminine’.  At this point, and maybe it is because I am a woman, I sense that this concept has been hijacked and to no good end for any one. That softer, nurturing energy is slowly but surely being drained from consciousness and on many levels. It is wrong and reflects a reality totally out of balance which is reflected in everything from politics, to religion, culture, and even Nature.
The Sacred Feminine is being systematically murdered via a slow tortuous death.
So, before we start assessing blame and pointing fingers about terrorism, destruction, and Islam, we need to go deep within and discover how each and every one of us have contributed to the state of our world and reality. Words, thoughts,and symbols are software deeply embedded in reality and driving the current ‘program’. ’Soft’ is an adjective that may be considered feminine in nature. Isn’t it interesting that a computer cannot run without ‘software’?
Oddly enough, this posting did not end up going the direction that I planned, and I can only add that the words came from my soul in ways that I don't even fully comprehend in this moment.

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